Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Your right and what you suppose to have in your mind!

My friend, Daniel T. from United Kingdom told me that you are sinful when you are born.  I never agree that I have sin when I did bubble study when I was 19 years old and recently with Madam Ling Siew Woei and group.  Now, I am sinful because my brain structure and condition is not enough sugar and nutrients to be as smart and wise like who I am previously.  I cursed one after I did not achieve what I want in life and I cursed one after I got all the bullies which I am not supposed to be receiving while I was acting like a JESUS to receive all punishment because of your sin.

I am sinful because I cursed one after I was bullied by nonsense and receiving all punishments like Jesus mainly because other people's sin.  I am almost 38 years old soon while this is my first time in life doing the cursing with emotion.  I am bad without any wise and judgmental critical thinking skill and logic because my ability is not able to cause them as such which I have cursed in some ways, thus, it is not a logic and sensible speech.  Also, when you claim that one of bad, you must know about one's medical history and treatments.  Hospital might alter the medical history and treatments of some individuals while they must have reasons why they want to do so, perhaps the hospital or doctors are not doing the right jobs on patients and they wish to jeopardize and kill one due to their inferior and stupidity.  

When someone curse you or you receive some information which annoy you or make you angry, you have the right to say, "Completing Nonsense!", "It is totally created!  It is a story!", "He or she is not telling the true!" and "He or she is telling lie!".  Do not harm one who has dream and big ambition like marrying a rich man or becoming one of the rich and profiling person in the world with so many bad behaviors or action because of your sinful acts.    

We should not shout at people are having mental health by reading or hearing what they have in mind because we need to respect INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (IP).  All the content in my blog, social media, email response and my speech are IP.

When you shout at people are having mental health, then, you are sinful or you are from a very small place or town which is not well developed in communication skill from your perspective.

I am surprised that a lot of people from the city are doing so, i.e. shouting people who have big dream and confident to tell his or her future in the public as MENTAL HEALTH PATIENT or using their power to convince these people to see a mental health doctor or psychiatric doctor or manipulating their family's concern to ask them to see a mental health doctor or psychiatric doctor.          

Vision 2020 kill talent mainly because you are taking action after you heard the created news or stories while you do not apply a FAIR TRIAL or taking the role of the GOD to publish the sinful person as you said!  Am I right?  If these your so called sinful people die for your sin or some sinful people's sin, how the GOD will help all these people to allocate the fair punishment and achievement or success in this life.

Is one has the right to curse?  I think the rights to curse is only apply to those developing countries and poor countries individuals who do not have enough good food since they are young until now from their countries.  I am very sure that GOD will not punish them because it is a type of healthy condition and brain reform.  I am sinful when I curse or lie because I am from a very decent family with some staying period in United Kingdom and United States of America if I am as healthy as previous when you know me when I was in United States, Hong Kong and United Kingdom.    

To be continued!

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