Friday, May 5, 2017

The best mother in the world!

Due to my health condition, I have consumed some so called very impressive and deep researched well drugs/ medication.  I am going to be the super mom because most likely I will get a special child, i.e. an autism child.  Autism child is 70% slower than a normal child and what we call the child as stupid.  Again, GOD is so good to me and giving me a chance to show the world that I am the most patient, toleration and good mom.  I never choose to be one while the GOD plan my life as such.  I just got this information about my child this morning and I am ready for this if there is any.  Of course, I am sad to know that my child is a "STUPID".  Am I the best mother in the world?

I wonder how my husband will react and convince me about my coming pregnancy.  My husband must be doing really good and have the patient and readiness about our "STUPID" child.

One of my friends, Yap Sui Lin is being called as a "STUPID" when she was a child.  With one of the best mothers in the world, Yap Sui Lin is able to study in Harvard University under her mother's good care.  Yap is in United States of America now.

Stephen Hawking, was an extremely slow child when he was young.  Her mother need to spend 100% of her time to take care of her.

I am going to be one of the best mothers in the world.  I am sure.  Are you one of the best fathers in the world?

I do not know Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong face to face while I did chat with him through facebook.  Of course, he is definitely a husband candidate of mine while let's see!  He definitely do not want a "STUPID" child because he is not one of the best fathers in the world.  Proof me wrong!

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