Friday, May 26, 2017

Stupidity VS Human Memory Lack-Of

A lot of people who are not the straight-A or First Class Honor students are genius too due to their ability to do research in a distinct field, the ability to tolerate, willingness to help those who are weak/ poor/ unfortunate and the ability to work hard in order to excel in a skill.

Some people might not be genius, however, with her or his hard working attitude, with the right tracks of education and training, he or she is able to score straight-A or First Class Honor as his or her achievements.

People who have memory lack-off might not a stupid.  With Food Science, these people can have a very good memory.  The most important is the assignments from GOD on her or him.  I hope that those who believe in GOD will help those who are weak, a bit slow, unfortunate, being bullied, sick, however, with all his/ her good characters and personality by helping others and willing to share with good intention/ good heart.     

The word of STUPID is created by LATIN during the ROME EMPIRE in year 1535-1545,  Thus, every part of the word might follow blindly to use such word since ROMAN EMPIRE is really influential and powerful at those days even now.  All these negative words such as stupid, fat, poor, insane, ugly and etc. are actually hurt and degrade the level of confident of an individual.  Thus, my book, "A Letter to Sir James Murray" will illustrates the needs to revise the words existence in Oxford Dictionary with the explanation under the questions of why, what, where, which and how in many situation and the ways to improve and leverage the confident levels of individuals by offering the right education tracks with proposed syllabus when these negative words are being introduced to children/ students.  This is how we equip one to be grown into a very supportive and positive environment.  

I never shout at people stupid until very recently.  I am 37 years old now and I am going to be 38 years old on this September 2017.  A lot of people might be shouting that I am sinful or a bad individual by calling or shouting people stupid, however, I have my own justification to call one or a group of people STUPID.  It is not my fault because I have learned about this word from the Oxford Dictionary.  As a Chinese Malaysian, we will practice what we have learned (学 yu3 zhe4 用).  I have the idea to write this book, "A Letter to Sir James Murray" because a lot of victim need the protection.  Thus, I will go through all the words in the Oxford Dictionary by having a survey to identify what are the offended words, what are the inferior words, what are the degraded words and etc. based on developing and poor countries individuals' perspective and research output.  Later, a new version of Oxford Dictionary will be proposed and introduced by drafting a proposal on how to improve the level of confident on each and every individuals.  Of course, there are more.  Stay tune!  A Letter to Sir James Murray!        
Some words worth to treasure!  If you are being shouted as a stupid in a group or an individual, do not feel bad about yourself because you are a genius to your boss if you are working for someone or you are a genius for your husband, parents or children.  Do not feel sad, talk to the GOD and let GOD help you.  You can improve your mental ability through FOOD SCIENCE, i.e. the food supplement like AMWAY NUTRILTE.  If you are not wealthy to get all these supplement, then, eat well, sleep well and work hard in your job with the hope that one day you are getting promoted and getting pay raise.  Genius here means you are valuable in the people who have you in your eyes.    
Try to avoid them who called you as a stupid if you deny it.  If you did something funny to hurt people and being called as a stupid, then, you deserve it because your stupidity act kill yourself.  Find out the solution on how to become a better person.  I am sure your jealousy and the extremely strong willing to win a game "kill" you the most by having you to work on dirty tricks to harm people so that you will be the winner and ease your frustration of being jealous.  Be honest to talk to the GOD that you are jealous and tell them your reasoning.  One day, you will get the answers for sure why you should be jealous and compete in a fair scale or a fair competition.    

You might be shouted as a FAT lady or FAT man, however, with your ability to learn by looking for the solution on how to lose weight and your hard working and dedicated attitude, you are able to slim down with proper diet and exercises.  Do not blame yourself if it is the medical side effects.  The medical research team is working extremely hard to find out the solution to reduce the medical side effects.  Of course, you have the human rights to choose not to continue the medical treatments if you find that the advantages of the medical treatments are far less than the disadvantages of the medical treatments.  Believe in yourself!  You are smart enough to make a decision and knowing what is comfortable for you and what is not.  Of course, you may and are allowed to be curious in something new to you, however, you must always remember not to hurt yourself or being hurt in order for you to try something new, a new invention, a new products or some new acts from other people on you.  For example, a man at the Mc Donald's use his hand to pat on my butt while I am curious to find out why he is acting as such by saying hello to him.  It is not that I do not have the emotion to be angry, it is just that my Anger Management is at tip-top condition and I am very curious to find out why he is acting as such and why he choose to pat on me.  I am sure all these are my values, personality and characters to be accepted in a research degree in OX-BRIDGE and IVY-LEAGUE UNIVERSITIES.  With curiousity and the intention to find out, you can make a different for the research industry.  

Welcome!  Remember, do not hurt yourself or being hurt when your right of curiosity is not being recognized and certified.  Some people are drug addicts mainly because they are curious on something new which they have never tried before.  I am sure GOD will help all these people with fair justification and reasoning.

You can not judge one's stupidity base on their human memory space or capability.  At the same time, you can not judge one's intelligence base on their human memory space and capability.  There are many ways to judge intelligence and stupidity.

It is the role of a billionaire/ millionaire to work on the talent acquisition and talent appreciation on this issue.  When one is found stupid in an organization or a group of individuals, these billionaire/ millionaire will use their power to relocate these stupid to any group or any organization which is having the same intelligence level like him/ her.  If your intelligence is an average, do not think about marrying extremely rich because these people are only interested in a woman with good conversation/ communication skill from many domain knowledge.  Seducing or SEX might be interesting to them while it will not last long.  You will be ended up a divorce eventually when these RICH and POWERFUL people meet the liked minded individual such as Prince Alwaleed ( divorced a few times (Look at Princess Ameera (!  She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.  Are you more sexy and beautiful than her?  Show me!!), Prince Harry and many others.  I know about an American couple, they do not have SEX for more than 40 years while they are still happily living together as husband and wife with children.  They enjoy their conversation and the things which they have done together such as cooking, gardening, skiing, swimming, playing tennis and many others.

This is the photo of Princess Ameera, former wife of Prince Alwaleed.

This is the photo of Meghan Markle, current girl friend/ partner of Prince Harry/ Henry.

These are the photos of Deborah Priya Henry/ Deborah Henry Priya, former girl friend/ partner of Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong.

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