Thursday, May 11, 2017

Satellite Technology and Frequency

Voice can be traced by its frequency recorded by satellite.  And, everything in this world meaning the earth is monitoring by satellite.  If you are a virgin, those technology engineers for satellites will know about that because you never have a committed relationship.  Also, it is the ways on how one evaluate and think about the values of virginity and sexual seduction.  If you are bullied, report to the police or write in the social media because these satellite engineers are very free to do the verification and you might get a relocation if the influential or rich people in your countries can not help you.

I am a very obedient person and I do not want quarreling.  I want peace and happiness in all situation and cases.  Thus, when one ask me to see a psychiatrist, I just go to see one while I was not sure why they want to do that as I was curious about what is a psychiatrist and who are the doctors and how is the local hospitals are running.  Well!  The doctors do not have facts while just simply listening to some local influential people in their network and trust them to jeopardize them while they do not know that the medication is actually very harmful for single and brain construction for logic.  After one consume the medication, they will no longer a leader because they do not know how to talk wisely in long run.  My friend, Ir. Gan Chun Chet said that I am a spoiled child while I told him that I am not.  His evaluation and thinking about me and my activities are wrong and I am definitely a very independent child and not a spoiled child.  He is sinful and being jealous on what I have done too.  Being jealous is sinful.  He is asked to see a psychiatric doctor when he was at job while he had taken years of medication due to his obedient behavior as an Asian.  He is not confident about himself while he told me that it is the idea of bad people tends to degrade his influential and capability and same thing go to me.  He said I annoyed some so called local powerful people and these people asked me to see a psychiatric while I do not know that what I did wrong and how they diagnose a mental health patient mainly because they do not give the right of the people to shout when they are extremely angry with emotion.  This is called bipolar.  When you have a big dream to become a billionaire or trillionaire like me, you are called delusion or Schizophrenic.  I ignored these type of people.  These doctors degraded my happiness life and body healthy mainly because of their low and wrong judgement.  I am fat because of the medication side effects while I have stopped them for 5 times.  I managed to loss my weight for 5 times.  I am very confident that I can do it again, i.e. losing my weight and become beautiful, hot and sexy again.            

I am really successful until now since I am super confident about myself while I cried recently because Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong choose another woman and not me as his wife.  Well, just a night of sadness and crying with recovery on the next day since Ricci M. is going after me and of course, Daniel T. and Boris Z. too on the next day.  Ricci M. straight away propose a marriage to me.  Oh my!  I am so happy and so surprise! videos announced that Prince Henry or Harry is going to marry a divorcee from America just yesterday.  She is a mixed blood with her mother is an African American.  The news might not be true since it is not being announced from recognized public media.  Thus, Prince Henry might not be taken or taken.  Again, Prince Henry or Harry's wife is not me too if he is getting married soon.  Google "Prince Harry's Girl Friend".  Just a normal quality while she is extremely hot and sexy.  News also said that she has Prince Henry or Harry's baby.

Do not lie to harm and accuse others because satellite is able to trace what you talked if you are healthy with no medical history which will harm your brain like what I had was more than 10 times of ECTs to cause memory lose.  Of course, when you lie, you must have an objective if you are healthy as you said.  If you are wise enough, you will accept that mental health is a type of sickness just like fever.  It can be cured naturally with nutritious food and fruits or medication.  It is your intelligence to justify if one is wise, sickless or intelligence.  Do not judge only base on papers without personal evaluation on one individual or certain cases.  Papers here might refer to social media or email content or corresponding.  Of course, you need to take note of the violation of data like Database Administrator are acting bad to chance all your conversation or the hackers have done so.  All these are recorded and it is easily found by some specialists because each of these are backing up from various databases in different servers in the world.  I will take more about this on bridging the gap of IT-Savvy and non IT-Savvy individuals.      

If you are not being punished by GOD yet mainly because the Satellite Engineers need to take time to evaluate, analyse and look for the proof to punish one.  Satellite Engineers or analysts are working for GOD missionaries.  Of course, they might be jealous too because they are human beings.

Click here to know more about Satellite Technology,  A GOLF Tournament will need satellite technology because it is the evidence to overseas the golf balls location.  An instant news can be announced by the Emcee of the event by using the Satellite Technology.  The golf ball is so small while the satellite is able to locate them with the exact location.  Is the satellite powerful?  Am I making sense?  While satellite is able to go through hard objects like things in the buildings because of the atom and molecules of the objects.  This is Physics.  If you are not a science student, you might think that I am crazy or a mental health patient by simply create story again.  Well, if you are saying so, our intelligence level is just not compatible.  DO NOT AIM TO MARRY RICH MAN IF YOU ARE SAYING THAT I AM A CRAZY WOMAN.  If you are rich now, you will be poor one day due to your capability of being wise.

Judge by yourself if you think that I am sick and need help.  Talk to me and let's see if you are sick or I am sick, if you are a mental health patient or I am a mental health patient.  Of course, some people are being used or being ordered to shout at the people to degrade their confident of the people being shouted.

You must see time of the news.  One might not make a mistake in year 2014 while some bad people accused them.  Then, these bad people will try to make it happen so that you will make a mistake in year 2017 and accusing you again that you have done a mistake after being punished when you are innocent and pure to justify that they are right.  Who are these people?  GOD will know.

A lot of time, I just ignored these bad people instead of being angry if it will not cause big harmful to me.  I can report a police or having a fair trial with him or her while I want to talk to the one who is the leader of the accusing and doing bad while not talking to those people who are working under them.  Look for the leader and find out why is it the intention of bullying me until I become a jobless and in debts by spreading and telling the world that not to trust me because I am a jobless individual and in debts.  What a world?  

When one is in debts, provide higher pay job or business opportunities for him or her to earn more to spend.  This is the art of economic.  If one is jobless, provide compatible job opportunity to his or her intelligence and capability and not degrading her or him by asking her to work in a lower pay job by saying that the world economy is not doing well.  Of course, the art of economy might say so while I am sure capable individual deserve good living and high pay just like me.  When you have no choice, then, you just accept what you have and look for the opportunity at the same time.  I have so many jobs at the same time because I am a highly wanted individual with good rapor.  All these employers want me to work with them because I am a very and highly responsible individual and I am a good employee.        

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