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My soul mate/ man/ husband candidate criteria!

You might wonder why I am so popular with the ability to attract so many RICH and POWERFUL men.  It is because I am writing a blog with my honest and trustworthy opinion and insights.  I stated all my man's criterias in my blog in year November 2008 after a call from my friend, Mr. Lee Jin Song whom is an INCOVARIAN, MUST graduate and MMU graduate.  I am an INCOVARIAN, MUST graduate and MMU graduate too.  I can say he is one of my best friends.  These RICH and POWERFUL people are attracted to me because they know that I am very focus and knowing myself the most by knowing exactly what I want in life by working hard on them one by one which is including the type of man I am looking for.  I am not the type of woman who like to grab others belongings while I will work hard to show my ability and interest to own one without any jealousy as well as trusting the GOD that the world is fair and full of justice.  Also, I am a very professional individual by treating all mankind equally.

After a few years of meeting so many men who are interested in me and I called it as dating even though all those were just normal meetings in the restaurants, sports or volunteering activities.  Later, I have some add-on about the criterias of my soul mate on March 2014 and April 2014 in my blog.  Now, I have the latest add-on on 27th May 2017.

November 2008:

March 2014:

April 2014 (A):

April 2014 (B):

May 2017:

A lot of men did not go after me or marry me because I never into sex.

Today, I would declare that sexual attraction is the number one criteria which I am emphasizing on at my age now after I watched more than 10 sex videos which sent by some friends, strangers and online friends.  Previously, I never meet one whom can trigger my sexual urge and need.  Until these recent months, I want sex.  Of course, Dr. Daniel T.  has given me the analytical conversation and he did highlight about the important of being a virgin until the wedding night.  I agreed eventually while I can not promise my ability to stand the lust because I am curious and I want to try sex if I meet the right and liked minded man.  Thus, I would urge that those who are really keen to have a marriage with me to connect to me in all ways, so that we can get married as soon as possible if we find that we are a match.  Of course, I agreed to marry Ricci on phone even though we have not meeting each other yet a while ago, however, recently, he is extremely busy and not responding to all my messages for many days already.  I am wonder if he is no longer in me or he is not keeping his promises or he has a better choice like Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong.

The only Chinese who trigger my sexual urge and my instant love on him is Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong, an Oxford University degree and master graduate.  I would say that he is a charm to me because I agree on what he said on the public talks and I found that he is a leader with insights and goals.  He can forsee the economical grow and future of the world.  The ways he answer the public questions attracted me too.  He deserve to become my husband.

The American who has attracted me recently is Dr. Boris Z..  We are not sexually attracted or I would say that we are sexually respectful to each other, i.e. sleeping side by side but nothing happen (we only want to save cost), however, we have the common interests to go for outdoor activities, traveling and being an entrepreneur and researcher.  After we have numerous dates on phone as well as through the social media, we have decided not to move on because we have too many arguments on the science theories, our entrepreneur tracks, social economic views, social science theory, perspective and solution, my intention to help in worldwide social problem and etc..  We just argued non-stop and I have enough with him even though he is a billionaire in a few year time.  His business projection will go up to billions after the IPO according to some reliable profit estimation agencies in United States of America.  I am very tired to justify because I am working very hard in Malaysia and I feel tired after my work.  I just keep quiet after I have argued with him for so many times.      

The English man who has attracted me is Dr. Daniel T..  His ways of protection and reasoning give me a very warm and secure feeling.  And, we have an agreement.  If one day, I really want to let go my virginity to have sex with a man, then, he will be the man who is waiting for me.  He said that I will give my virginity to him and at the same time, he is giving his virginity to me too.  He told me that he is in love with me, however, he feel that I should marry a man into business and entrepreneurship.  He told me that he is only a community service doctor who will never be able to earn a big fortune like Justin and Boris because the advancement of FOOD SCIENCE is protecting people to fall sick.

The Spanish who is most focus, honest and knowing what he want in life at the first sight is Ricci M.  He proposed a marriage to me after he look at my photos.  We did not have a chance to meet each other yet.  Also, he respect my view for no sex before marriage.  We discuss about the intimacy of relationship through phone and I am very satisfied on his level of understanding and communication skill.  He ask first before he act.  He is able to illustrate what he want in life and what he want in a relationship, he is definitely a smart guy with certain intelligence.  I do not like shy man.  I like the man who is brave enough and honest enough to tell me what he has in his mind and what he wish to do with me together in a bed or a traveling trip in advance.  I enjoy discussion.  Of course, we can give and talk.  Ricci M. is a professional Network Engineer.  A professional expatriate in Malaysia can have a decent life.  Marrying him, why not?  Ricci M., I am waiting for you to date me!

Meanwhile, I would welcome all my admirers to become my friends or business partners or my business investors.  At this moment, I am waiting for Ricci M. to discard our marriage engagement if he find that another woman is more suitable for him or he think that he is not the right type of man for me just like Daniel T..

Admirers, let's keep in touch and be friends first!  I need your patience.  I am recovering fast.  Trust me!  I will be as attractive as previous in a very short time.  I am working hard on weight management now.

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