Tuesday, May 16, 2017

History of GAMBLING!

Check from BBC History!  A transaction is done by agreeing to buy and download a copy of BBC History Magazine in my KINDLE.  Check what is KINDLE in google.  You can buy one in www.amazon.com.  With KINDLE, you can read a lot of books with the cheapest price.  Oh yes, you can download it to your computer or cell phone.  I bought my KINDLE when I was in California in year 2012 as the Linda Latham Scholar.  I am the only Asian of the year and the rest of the recipients are mainly a graduate from Johns Hopkins University.

Why satellite??  I am a bit special in my growing up process with highly confident build because I can complete all my works fast and perfect.  I was "child labor" who used to work in Rice or Paddy fields to help my parents since you all know that my parents are farmers.  Satellite are monitoring fruits or food yield in agricultural.  They spotted me since I was a child since they have detected such a short length individual in Rice or Paddy fields.  I was given a chance to know about Australian Royal Chemistry Institute when I was in my high school in Ipoh because they have detected me as a genius in Chemistry because I scored 100% in my examination.  And, also, I was given a chance to learn programming when I was 14 years old in Ipoh, Perak.  My computer teacher is Nobert Chan.  My Computer Architecture knowledge is extremely good too because I score 98% in my examination.  I only study a night before I am going to attend my examination because I never know that I should score all A's in all my examination.

The next CNN and BBC news title would be, "A Malaysian "Child Labor", Wong Hui Shin turns her fortune to become a Worldwide Billionaire or Trilionaire!"  Let's join me in all my start-up!  I need investors for sure.  To me, to be a billionaire or a trillionaire is just a job.  I am sure that my business ideas are good enough to become billions and trillion with good people to work in a team.  Welcome to www.solemmi.com, The-Joy!, I have a Dream and many more.  I deserve and I am a "billionaire" with all my capability.  Before I get a team and investors to join me, I would want to look for a high pay job to be continuously to become an advertisement platform.  You all know that I am capable for that.  My fund is running out.  I NEED A JOB.

I am not related to Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong and family since he chose to marry a Thai woman and not me.  If you want to know why GAMBLING is still exist since you all say that GAMBLING is not good, then, STUDY the history.  I can not tell you because it is a business secret and a form of games and job opportunities provider in social economy.  You must be remember that GAMBLING is only for RICH people.  If you are RICH, then, please gamble.  If you are not, then, you can enjoy it by watching other people gamble.
Part of the history is to eliminate poor people being bullied by nonsense.  Thus, by having gambling, let's GOD decide if the poor people who are good will win the money and become rich.  If you believe in GOD, then, pray hard.

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