Saturday, May 20, 2017

Freedom is gained from trust and respect!

I am growing up with a strong and extremely confident character, successful and fully satisfy about my life until recently after I was bullied and being sabotouched mainly because these people would want to support their admirers to marry my man.  Of course, they might make it since I withdraw in these unfair competition because I am sure that I deserve a better life with a better man.

These people are using the social stigma to degrade my supports and trust from the public and part of my family members.  With the healthy mind and body from good diet, food and nutrients, I do not mind their bad treatments to me.  Normally, I will teach them and tell them what should they behave from the Moral Knowledge perspective patiently.  However, due to the unethical pharmaceutical manufacturers or workers, they are working on the level of nutrients in my food and beverage, I am no longer healthy in all perspective.  For example, COKE from Mc Donald in Subang Jaya.  The sugar level in the COKE is so artificial and polluted.  I want COKE with high sugar content as what I have previously in everywhere in the world.  By drinking good quality COKE, I feel happy and satisfy.  My favorite fish, Salmon or Sashimi.  My favorite meat, beef Wellington.  Nutrilite supplements from AMWAY.  These food and supplements are no longer having the quality which I am expected.

I need to find good source of food and beverage.          

I always have a lot of freedom to do many things since I was a child until recently.  A lot of ambitious start-up in the world, they use their credit card money to start.  I am not sure why some people are so busy body, they used the banking computer system to manipulate the total usage of my credit cards.  I did not pay on time because I am aware of the terms that if I pay the monthly credit card debts means I agree the balance of the debts are correct.  Of course, I sent an appeal.  No one border me.  Later, the system was automatically transferred RM 7000++ from my bank account to pay my credit card debts.  Soon, my credit cards are cancelled by the bank with no permission from me.  I am so frustrated with these people because they do not know that credit cards are a type of facilities for dreamers and a source of income for banks.  I do not see why they want to control my spending power and the way how I think.  I am sure that I do not know them.

I need freedom!  I need trust and I need respect!  So that, I can have so many thoughts and ideas to write my books and novels.  You may find that I am very creative and innovative mainly because I am growing up with a very supportive family and independent life with my highly respect father who never say no to all my requests since I am a child until now.  I am a highly educated individual with so many medals and awards from recognized education tracks worldwide.  I hold a few scholarship.  I deserve the trust and respect which I have gained so far.

These bad people said that buying and spending like Queen by using credit cards is a type of mental health.  Eating a super giant crab by paying RM 1200 is a type of mental health.  Buying a handbag for RM 3000-RM 10,000 is a type of mental health.  These people also said that not sleeping before 12.00 mid night Malaysia time is a type of mental health.  These people also said that creativity and innovation with crazy cum ambitious thinking or dream is a type of mental health.  These people also said that you have no right to yell and no right to be angry even though you are in pain and feel extremely sad about the uncomfortably when you talk to them because the intelligence level are not compatible is a type of mental health.

I do all those above while I am sure that I deserve to have the freedom, trust and respect to do so.  I am definitely not a mental health patient.  I am confident.  Why should I eat medicine and receive treatments?  Who should I seek help from to avoid these people who keep on asking me to eat medicine like Lilian Danielle Khoo, Ling Siew Woei, Wong Hui Chun, Wong Siew Yann and many others.

Please respect and trust my ability.  Do not take away my freedom because you have no rights!  I deserve a better pay job, fortune and "rezeki".  Help!  Help!  Help!  Even though I might not have cash or money which it could be more than you while I am definitely richer than you with a globally thinking skill.  You can go through my resume, my blog, my photos in my facebook, my Quora, my twitter and many others to know me more.  You do not know me because you are only observing me physically by judging that one who is fat is not discipline.  While I was always slim and sexy for more than 36 years only until recently some people work on my food and body hormone.  When one is fat, you must know why?  If it is the body hormone problem, no matter how hard you work out, you are not able to slim down.  Thus, you must select good diet, food and beverage, so that you are fully cured and healthy with good hormone again.  It is not because I do not trust the pharmaceutical products, it is because I feel more safe by having natural healing rather than eating manipulated and polluted pharmaceutical products or medicine.  I trust GOD and I am a Christian now because I believe that GOD can heal me without medical doctors and any medicine.    
Medical doctors!  If you are saying that I am a mental health individual or patient, then, please justify your diagnosis.  Please state that when I was behave as such!!  Why I was diagnose as a mental health patient even though I was so healthy in all sense which include my financial health?  Just recently, some bad people created a lot of bad and fake stories to manipulate the low and shallow thinking skill people to work on me and surprisingly these people are 99% of the population of the world.  These bad people are jealous because my start-up, is projected to be able to accumulate a yearly gross income of 3 trillion USD worldwide and I was announced in my facebook and blog that I was going to marry Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong with affirmation last year before I meet Boris and Ricci.  At that time, the most qualify individual who can be my husband candidate is Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong while he chose another woman and not me mainly because he think that the woman whom he is choosing now is more suitable for him.

Of course, I am sure that GOD will do the arrangement and I deeply believe that my coming husband will be very confident that he is much more better than Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong and he is well deserve to be my husband with happy life together.

The key of marriage is TRUST, RESPECT, HAPPY, FREEDOM and COMFORTABLE.  
"Amore, Dinero, Salute: 24 horas positivas un día!"

If I do not have trust and respect from my family members, friends and students, how am I going to travel to so many places in the world with proven track records.  The recent trips which are not stated in my book, Sunshine Little Kitchen are listed below.

1.  17th March 2017 - Visit London, United Kingdom for DevOps Conference and seeking for investors for  I need more than USD 500 million as the initiate start-up operation fund.

2.  11st March 2017 - Visit Singapore.  I met Boris Z. on this trip.  He is teaching Economics in one of the universities in United States of America.

3.  15th October 2016 - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America.  I was there with the initiative to join the crowds from Money2020 Conference cum shopping trips at ROSS Dress For Less.  I paid using my credit cards.  I have more than one credit card and they are always being changed by the bank by sending me a new card, I do not know why.  I started to have my credit cards in year 2002.  I got a Platinum Credit Card when I joined Multimedia University (MMU) as a lecturer in year 2005.  When I was in The Venetian| The Palazzo Resort - Hotel - Casinos in Las Vegas Strip, an Indian lady and a nonsense white thin and not that tall man did something funny to me.  The CCTV must be able to have a record because it was happened when I was in the reception after I asked for some information about the conference venue.  I handle them with highest emotion and mental strength because they want to create some bad traveling experience to me, so that I can stop traveling mainly because I make a lot of people angry due to their incapability to travel due to security reasons, job commitments and financial reasons.  Of course, there were many "make me surprised" incidents too when I was in Las Vegas.  For your information, this trip was my second trip to Las Vegas in my life.  My first trip to Las Vegas was in year 2005 when I did a back-packing tour in United States of America for one month which is almost 11 years ago.  Take note about the size or the height of a qualify policeman or police woman in United States of America.  She can't me be my size or my height to be a Police woman, i.e. the Indian woman with a hand craft. is not acting professionally by sending me the voucher and these people in the restaurant asked me to key in my username and password for my Groupon account which I dis not do so.  It was a voucher which I bought for USD 39 for a wine and beef dinner for two in a restaurant in Las Vegas Strip.  I bought GROUPON before in Malaysia.  It sent the vouchers to my email account.  What an experience?  Who should I report to when I face such a bad treatment when I purchase online and travel the places?  
4.  July 2016 - My first trip in Hong Kong in my life.  The shopping mall and the hotel decoration amazed me.  They decorated with golds and crystals or diamond.  I was there for RISE Hong Kong 2016.  I was there to meet potential and suitable investors for  Most of my meals are in Grand Hyatt Hong Kong restaurants because it is convenient and near to the conference venue.

5.  03rd May 2016 - Visited Singapore for a training in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  I met the most racist or inferior Singaporean woman towards me who is a Columbia University Singapore Campus graduate who hold a directorship in the company by insulted me.  I just ignored her because she is meaningless to me.  Her name is Ng Puay San.  I do not see how good she is with children since she said that she has a childhood education qualification.  She is still single, I guess.  She was driving a new four wheel drive AUDI and she said she own a condominium in Singapore.  Such a low quality individual who can have so much in Singapore!  Go after her if you want a "rich" Singapore woman.  Of course, I was trying to be nice and find out why is she acting as such, i.e. a STUPID.  I am sure the recruitment rate for most of the universities are not doing well, else, they will not simply recruit any TOM, CAT and HARRY whom is no values in  helping the poor or talking to ugly.

If you are claiming that I am a mental health patient for years, then, why am I achieve so much in recently years after I left MMU in 5th December 2014 with the renewal of teaching permit from Ministry of Higher Education or Education and I am able to handle these nonsense well without fear because all those were not my faults?  I deserve to be a treated like King or Queen because I am a tourist or foreigner to all these countries.  Learn from me!  Travel the world!  I started to travel the world in year 2001.  How about you?  Should you start traveling in year 2017, i.e. now?  Those people from poor and developing countries who are able to travel the world are extremely wealthy in their countries such as Sri Lankan, Indonesian, Indian, Bangladesh people and many others.  Do not show your anger to the tourists because they are welcome to Malaysia.  They are here to spend their money, it is one source of income to Malaysia.    

Do not compare dollar to dollar in each of the country because the living standard is different.  Also, do not compare dollar to dollar in each of the city or states in the country because their standard living is different too.  The rental is different.  The food price is different.

If you are claiming that I am a mental health patient, then, ask all my students in my tutorial classes or lab session from ENG1003 Mobile Engineering Application in Monash University Malaysia Campus.  Were I acting as a mental health patient in the classes and tutorials since I never take any medication or medicine?  All these session were recorded because in each of the lab, we have high density CCTV.  If I shouted at an individual, then, the expression of my face must be different, I am sure.  If you were saying mental health, then, you must find out what type of mental health?  There were so many types of diagnosis and symptoms and named mental health.

If I am really a mental health patient, then, should you look down at me?  Or, should you be sympathizing and not criticizing a disable person, i.e. a mental health patient like me for example?  Again TRUST!!  You must get multiple consultation and diagnosis and not listening to the local doctors only.  You can seek for second opinion in Singapore, Hong Kong and United States of America for medical consultation since you believe that you are healthy.  I believe that I am healthy and do not need to receive any medical treatments.  Medical records can be created in 5 mins by an IT specialist with database knowledge.  The content of the medicine can be altered by wide network people in just less than 1 day with the same packaging.  The material of the clothes and anything like jewelries can be altered or changed by wide network people too.  All these wide network means those people who are very good and familiar in the whole supply chain management in pharmaceutical, garments, food and beverage and many others.  Why should you claim one is insane or a mental health individual when she or he is extremely smart and intelligence like me with multiple research and industrial background?  Should you find out who are the culprits to do so?  I am sure this is an interesting and challenge for you since you like challenge and high risk!  I am definitely a treasure of Malaysia since I bring proud and my love about Malaysia to anyone whom I have met in my traveling trips.  I never talk bad about Malaysia since I love it so much, just until recently because I do not feel safe to stay in Malaysia anymore and I decided to move to London if I have an opportunity.  Proof me wrong that no one were actually harm and they are on their ways to protect me!  Get the culprits!  Let them be a bankruptcy and a prisoner!    

Welcome to!  You can seek consultation online too.  Do not simply listen to the local medical degree graduates.  Of course, overseas graduates might be wrong too.  Thus, multiple consultation and multiple opinion from different experts in the world.  If I have money, Dr. Wong Foundation is going to help and sponsor those who are sick to seek for multiple opinion and consultation in the world.  Of course, Chan Zukerberg Initiative is able to do so.

Sensible and wise person will not force sick people to eat medicine when they refuse it because they said that they are not sick.  Sensible and wise person will ask the sick people to seek for second opinion and consultation rather than just listen to one directional opinion and consultation.  Also, wise and sensible person will go for detail.  Wise and sensible person will check how the doctor diagnose the sickness and when she or he is actually started the sickness and what are the history records and etc. with fair trial and not only listen to one directional.

I am sure that I was invited to Founder Institute, California program in year 2014 to do the start-up,

The next BBC and CNN news tagline would be, "A Malaysia diagnosed mental health patient make her fortune as a billionaire".

You may ask those members in PROMUDA TOASTMASTER CLUB, I have completed my speeches with confident, charm and grow.  Just that, I do not understand why Zarina Abu Bakar did not submit my profile and speech completion to TOASTMASTER INTERNATIONAL, so that I can get a certification of completion to move forward.  I was invited to the club in year 2003 when I was a student in Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST).

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