Monday, May 8, 2017

Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong is getting married

Part of these write-up are imaginative writing.

Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong bring a news to me.  He said he is getting married in Bangkok, Thailand with a Thai billionaire's daughter on 19th May 2017.  Congratulations!  He also say that he can easily to become a billionaire in Thailand by doing hotels business because Thailand is famous in tourism.  He would gather all investors to support him.  He need money to build hotels.  If you have money and want to earn more, you can contact him or contact me.  Let's build hotels in Thailand.

He is jobless since years ago and now he is rich again.  Marrying a super rich girl.  They share the wealth.

I am jobless since years ago and soon I am going to be rich again.  I do not have the luck to marry a billionaire's son while I am going to marry a IT professional and his pay is good enough for a living in Malaysia.  He is Ricci from Spain.  He proposed a marriage to me yesterday.  Currently, he is based in Malaysia with a contract of 3 years.  Of course, we are planning to have children as soon as possible since I am 37 years old now.  I am just looking for a job because his pay here in Malaysia is only reasonable.  To have children in Malaysia is expensive.

Sue me or report to the police if all these information are not truth.  Let the police handle me rather asking or shouting at me to eat medicine or going to see a mental health doctor.  You just can't accept the fact that most of my friends are multi millionaire or billionaire's daughters or sons especially those from South Africa and developing countries like India, Egypt, Indonesia and many others.  I know them when I was a Malaysian representative to the youth camp and summer camp in Korea, United Kingdom and United States of America.  None of them are billionaire's sons and daughters in volunteering programs.  Volunteers are all employees from various places.  If you want to know billionaire's sons and daughters, send your children to summer camp or youth camp during their young age.  Young age means 10 years old, 12 years old, 15 years old or etc.  Of course, you can send your children to Royale Oxford Academy in Oxford University when they are a child or teenager.  I am one of the recruiters in Asia Pacific.  Of course, it is not cheap.  You must be rich too if you are sending your child to all these programs.  I never ask my father a single cents to go to all these summer camp and youth camp because I know how hard working my parents are since they are farmers.  Of course, we are running big farming and we have plenty of lands.  Those days are very easy to get the production and now a days, the organic farming concept ensure no fruits and low production deal to high insects attacks.  Everything is difficult now.  Low income even though you have so many lands.  Billionaire can be string down to debts and an Amway distributor for a living because high insects attacks with low yield.  I worked a lot of part-time jobs when I was a student.  My salary per month is really attractive enough to ensure me to have a good life style like traveling to Thailand for days, scuba diving every week, marathon running, martial art learning, Red Cross courses learning, traveling to Korea for summer camp and many others.  I never ask for a cent from my parents because I know how hardworking they are and how difficult their jobs are as a farmer.  I am a super independent child and I am used to take the public transportation.  I drove a Toyota Corolla 1.6 L when I am not reaching 20 years old.  And, I drove a 1,8 L Nissan when I am 25 years old.  Of course, my good friends is driving a Porsche, Jaguar and some German imported cars while non of my friends are driving a Proton during their school time.  No one tell me that I must get a first class honest degree in order to have a good job in big or giant company.  If I know that I will working fully on my study to get a first class honest degree.

After I graduated with a good professional job as a Software Development Engineer, I also worked many jobs at the same time because I need a lot of money for my luxurious lifestyle and shopping.  I like to buy beautiful dresses and shoes.  I buy all these myself.  I never have a gift from men because they just never buy me anything and I am so independent and wealthy with no request for anything from them.  I am sure I have a successful life with a lot of hard work by working many jobs at the same time.  I managed to bought a condominium in year 2005 and I managed to sell it because I want to travel.  I used RM 300,000 to work on my passion, read books and travel the world, and at the same time open many businesses related to my passion, read and travel the world.  I am poor now with another two studio.  Luckily, they are rented out.  I never ask a single cent from a man because I work a lot of part-time job without taxation knowledge.  Well, being a tutor or tuition teacher earn a good living.  I buy so many clothes, bags and shoes and they are never cheap because I want quality and beauty.  Of course, I am into vintage.  I bought so many clothes and shoes from vintage.  Vintage means second hand garments or another words, used garments.  Just like your mother used to wear the dress and later, she give it to me.  All my vintage are from flea market worldwide.  I could buy a Chanel handbag for only RM 10.  So, let's support VINTAGE.          

You have the human right to do that for filing a police report.  Just like you choose to try and not receiving the treatment from the hospital because it is a burden for your family to pay such a high medical fees.  It is a human right.  We must respect one's human right.  Respect my human right and my choice to choose a really focus and firm man.  Ricci proposed a marriage to me during the second day he got to know me and we are looking for the marriage procedure as a foreigner with a Malaysian on the second day he got to know me.  We found that we should register our official marriage at Immigration Department.  We know each other through a dating application.  I am sorry that I can not let you know about this dating application because it is only for highly intelligence people.  I am one, thus, I am invited.

Also, it is important to know which billionaire will have sex before marriage.  If they have sex, they will marry the woman and man later because they are truely in love with the man or the woman then, they have sex before married.  Of course, I know the rules of getting rich to become a billionaire.  Thus, if you are not a non virgin single, don't dream about marrying rich man or a billionaire related because they are not welcome unnecessary troubles unless you are seduced by her.  If you are the women who know how to seduce men, then, you will have a job to seduce men to bed.  A lot of men are not worth to be wealthy then, they used these sexy women to seduce them, so that they are out from billionaire list.  How?  Sexy lingerie!!!  This is a good business, i.e. a billion dollar business, Victoria Secret!!!

I am definitely a virgin and I am willing to let go my virginity to focus and firm individual who are willing to marry me.  Thus, men or women who sleep with a lot of men are deserving to be good employee.  Give them a job.  A good job in fact because they are a minority only in every part of the world.  A lot of men received their calls to seduce me to bed while they void their jobs by not bringing me to sex because they know that I am a very good woman when they get to know me.  I never ask for a any luxurious garments and I never ask for money from them.  I am only have good conversation with them during meals.  They enjoy my accompany.  I never seduce them too even though they let me know that they are very rich while they never know that I have billionaire's friend like Mr. Goh from Silverlake and many other friends in United States of America are billionaires.  I might know Mark Zukerberg.  Well, when your wife is jealous about a woman like me, you will stop communicating with me because you respect your wife.  No forever friendship while we have good friends gathering in talks, conferences and etc.

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