Friday, May 5, 2017

A fair system

A while ago, I complained that a lady who is not qualify to become a professor.  A reputable professor from Stanford University let me know that it is the fair system in the world in each of the field.  We must have the representative of male and female professor, also, we must have the professor representative from each of the country as well as the representative professor with disability.  It is the game of statistic and a fair system in the world.  I am not one of the professor yet or no chance to become a professor mainly because I am much younger than her and my capability is much strongly, thus, my job assignments are much difficult than her.  It is a fair system too.  She is in lower capability, thus, her job scope is very much earlier than what I am having now.  To her, what I am doing now is impossible mission.

Let's respect a fair system in the world.  If you are good, just proof to the people around you that you are super good or good.  If you do not have anyone around you, no worry.  Just start a blog and write what ever you are thinking and you have achieved so far.  

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