Wednesday, May 17, 2017

1000 most influential people in London!

Go through these lists every year!  You will find your dream charming here.  My friend, i.e. a retired nurse.  Her son is listed as one of the most influential people in London.  His aunt is the Chief Judge in Malaysia High Court who is a big fan of Jaguar.  I met her at CIMB Classic Golf Tournament when I was a volunteer there.

Of course, RISE Hong Kong might open for volunteers invitation.  Stay tune!  All these places are for you to meet your dream charming.  Start traveling, start to attend sports tournaments such as Olympics and etc.

I met the rich and powerful man who requested me to have sex with him when I was in London in year 2007 if I am not wrong.  I rejected him.  He is a white.  He is willing to give me 20 million Ringgit Malaysia and not marrying me.  Of course, I am amazed.  Rich and powerful must be white.  Let's go to London.  Remember to take train while you are traveling.  Do not drive.  Visit to many states and countries with friends or alone to attract your prince charming.  Buy, buy, buy, buy and buy!  You must use your credit card else people will not be able to know who you are.  Do not use cash!  Credit, credit and credit card!

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