Tuesday, April 11, 2017

When Everything at the First Time, It leads to Curiosity!

Asian are very obedient and curious.  When everything they never hear about it and everything they have experienced it at the first time, they will just follow and being an obedient.  If one day, you have met a more westernize and self-initiative girl friend, she started to kiss you and give you instruction on how to respond to kisses.  Slowly, you will follow the instruction because this is your first time and you are an obedient.  Then, she tried to take out your clothes and you allow so due to you do not know what to respond and curious to know more.  If you are a religious person, then, until a stage, you will shout a "STOP" to your girl friend for not to continue because you do not want to have sex before marriage!  I am sure only small portion of people in Asia will experience such and this is a good study for the nature of human beings.  Of course, there must be a Ph.D. study in Human Behaviour,  All these are stated research journals and it is very normal if you are as such in the situation which I have mentioned.  If the situation change to a man who have initiated that, majority of the Asian women will respond as such.  They do not know how to call for a STOP.  All right!

My good friend, Adeline Jenkins told me that she practice sex during her boy-girl relationship while their situation are some sorts like within a marriage just that they wish to know more about each other and taking time to accumulate wealth to have a grand wedding.  Their families know each others and they are not living together due to career barrier.  Adeline is an American and she is very confident that she will marry his boy friend while she decides to have sex with his boy friend.  

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When I meet Boris, straight away, I know he is the type of man whom I am looking for life partner.  When I watch the talking session video of Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong, the content of his talk amazed me and I have the same view with him.  At that moment, I have not meeting Boris and I fall on Justin due to his point of view on the worldwide economy towards Malaysia's growth.  I like a leader.  You must observe our conversation, I mean Boris and I.  The conversation is variety and interesting.  

Boris is not looking for a marriage because he wants single life!  Thus, I am still looking for a good and compatible man!  Who is the lucky guy?  

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