Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What my father teach me when I was a child?

Even though my father is only have primary school education standard while along his career, he did joined a lot of youth activities promoted by MCA.  The two things I remembered my father taught me and giving me a very strong influential in my life are 1)  Ask without feeling shy; 2) Be good manner, must be official, must be honest, must have the feeling of being ashame if we make a mistake.  These two things are Chinese Proverb which is BU4 Che3 Xia4 Wen4 and Li3 Yi4 Lian2 Che2.  I will write them in Chinese words when I have the software to do so.  All these are good values of Asian Chinese.

I respect my father very much and he is definitely a good father since all my growing up experience indicated so.       

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