Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Small Investor, are you one?

There are many types of investors.  Today, I am going to talk about small investors like us to buy Telekom shares, Genting shares, GAMUDA shares and etc.  If you have extra money, you just need to go to Bursa Malaysia to look for registered shares brokers to buy your intended shares.  Wait for every year end, your shares will give dividend or we can call it as bonus to you if they earn money.  For example, you know that Genting Highland is doing very well.  Their hotel business is collecting half a million a day, then, you may decide to buy Genting shares to become one of the small investors in Genting Highland.  During the year end, it will announce their dividend or bonus to the share holders.  Telekom and Maxis shares will never go down as well.  The dividend or bonus can give you a living if you are thinking not to work any more.             

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