Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How do differentiate a good leadership?

A good leader is very informative and he or she is really helpful to his or her supporters or fans.  A lecturer is a leader of more than 250 students in a class because I am giving information and guide to all my students in a particular class.  A good leader will not jealous, however, they will continuously work hard to improve themselves, so that they are compatible to the trend or the latest technology.  United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia are the leaders for so many countries in the world.  They invested a huge money in research and helping cum bringing up the levels of the poor to be decent and rich as an individual and country.

Massachusetts Institute Technology (MIT), Boston, USA had a collaborative Master of Science programs with Malaysia University of Science and Technology as well as they offer their first class consultation and collaboration to Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation, Shah Alam on Supply Change Degree Program.  The program will educate a group of degree graduates or experts to be more aware about the supply and demand knowledge and strategy in Malaysia.  When you are getting ready to start a business, the supply and demand awareness of the business are really important.  The supply and demand will go through all your connection and must be identified that you are the demand is there before your venture to a successful business venture.  You must pay the consultation fees to the Supply and Demand experts from MIT or local trained graduates in order for you to ensure your successful in a business venture.  For example, if you want to become a real estate developer, you must know that the demand is there or your networks are able or afford to buy your developed property.  In order for you to know about this information, you must seek for consultation to investigate your networks by accessing their buying power and debts responsibilities.  Good leaders will apply "See, Think, Enlighten, then Follow!" while bad leaders will only follow blindly.  Bad leaders know about being a real estate property developer will earn a lot of money, thus, they do not investigates more and think after getting some opinions or feedback, they are just build tremendous property and ended up over supply with low demand mainly because they do not hire experts to work on the Supply and Demand or your business.               

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