Tuesday, April 11, 2017


The products in the shop or retail outlets must be having the fair price to everybody.  You can not sell a product to rich people with higher price and selling the product to ordinary people with lower price while you may promote the products to the rich people so that they can buy more than one unit of the products.  The rich people can buy for their family members, relative and friends.  Be equal to everyone!  Apply equality!  Of course, you can have discount fair once a month to ensure that ordinary people can have at least one set of the product sold.

Only extremely good quality service and products are deserve to sell in a high price and all these extremely good quality service and products are well recognized.  Do not suddenly increase the fees of the service or the selling price of the products to rich people because you are going to lost a lot of business in future once the rich people find out that they are being cut throat.  Normally rich people are very influential and they are well connected to many people.  Once they say something bad about your service and the way how you treated them, you are finish.  Your business is not last forever and you are deserving to become poor.  Do not listen to bad leaders, listen to me!  Am I making sense?        

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