Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Be responsible! It is important!

When you decide to work on something or you decide to engage into a relationship, be responsible and knowing how, why, when, which and what should you work on that and take good care of any consequences which you have to meet them.  For example, you have decided to have sex before a marriage, then, you must be responsible if one day your girl friend is pregnant.  Also, if you are into gambling, you must know how to adjust and manage your wealth status which you have gained from gambling.

"See, Think, Enlighten, then, Follow!" ~ Ms. Wong Hui Shin

Do not follow other people or friends blindly when you never go through any deep thinking of about what, how, why, which and when does the new ideas coming into you.  After you reach the enlighten stage, then, you follow.  Be responsible on what you have done or follow if anything go wrong, you must seek help from the people around you to solve it or you solve it yourself.

Do not condemn or talk bad about one when you follow wrongly.

Be responsible!  It is important!

Be a good leader!  Do not give the wrong following ideas to your followers or fans.           

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