Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Australia and New Zealand!

The new generation of Australian and New Zealand people are the migrants from many western countries particularly United Kingdom (UK).  UK is a developed country and has more than 900 years of history while Malaysia is only less than 60 years of history.  Thus, UK people are really smart and intelligence since they are experience people.  In UK, you rarely see rapid development.  Thus, those who are ambitious migrate to Australia and New Zealand.  Those migrants are doing really well in Australia and New Zealand just like Chinese and Indian who have migrated from China and India to Malaya.  Before we have the name of Malaysia, it is named as Malaya.  Of course, Australia and New Zealand are one time prisoners' destination old days while we must be acting good to understand that after punishment of a serious offence, they are giving chances to have new life with their strong willingness to let go the repeating of the serious offence.  What is serious offence?  Do some research on it.  Those prisoners' next generation are innocent and good.  They understand their grandparents' or ancestors' faults and ensure that they will not do the offence and faults again.  In Australia and New Zealand, they have army and policemen.  These people have good next generation and they deserve to have new life.      

Australian and New Zealand people, welcome to Malaysia!  I know that you all are fun and interesting people because I met some in my life so far.

I do not have the chances to visit Australia and New Zealand yet while I am sure one day I have chances to go there.  Flights to both of the destination are really expensive and the flying period is long.  I hope that one day, I can attend a conference or having holidays in Australia or New Zealand.     

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