Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Amway Distributor or any direct selling business

Dear all direct selling individual business owners,

                   I hope that my rejection to you on my decision for not joining you is not a hardship for you while I am still supporting your inspiration to become wealthy through direct selling individual business model.  Only that I have my own thinking and my planning such as my venture into www.solemmi.com.  You might think that my idea is crazy and not making sense to you while you must always be reminded that be respectful to other people's decision, ideas and opinions.  Of course, we can debate on the topic while I choose not to due to a lot of good ventures for me ahead.  I paid less than RM 100 to be a Amway direct selling member as I told you that I need to buy supplements with discounts.  My support to those who have decided to be the direct selling individual business owners is that you are earning cents like Tesco for each of the products in the selling list.  I hope that one day, you will have your poll of customers and you are building the group of working team members and aiming to become a "Tesco" owner one day.  Keep it up if you are already in the team and enjoy what you are doing.  In Monash, my teaching colleague is a part-time Amway distributor and he is enjoying the people who have met so far and he told me that he learn a lot of new things, hopefully, a day he will achieve financial independent.

Chu Tzu Ming voiced up about his sharing on his business goals to direct selling distributors.  We all aim to work and contribute our best to the world.  

Best wishes,
Ms. Wong Hui Shin or Hui-Shin Wong           

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