Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My personal view about the history of the act of stealing!

Steal is an act from the poor people; I agreed.  It depends on what are you stealing.  If a poor man steal some food because he is extremely hungry, he is forgiven because the society or country does not provide enough job opportunities for these poor men to fed themselves.  It is the country's mistake to have people to steal food.  It is not because he is lazy.  It is just that he does not have the luck to get a job since his level of education is low and he can not afford to have basic meals.  Thus, there were plenty of programs previously to give enough jobs to poor people in Malaysia and any part of the world.  MCA, UMNO and MIC in Malaysia play an important role to bring the poor to rich and ensure that all citizens will have at least a role and a job.  

If you are stealing or exchange the branded shoes, bags or clothes, then, you are deserving to go to jail mainly because all those are not basic needs and GOD will not forgive you if you are doing so.  A lot of imitation products in Thailand.  These unethical people exchanged a few items of my branded shoes, clothes and bags to the imitation products from Thailand, I guess.

Why????  Thailand tak boleh!!
Thailand, you should not have imitation products manufacturing at the first place.

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