Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A good catch!

Definitely I am hot and a good catch for a lot of men who had been claimed that I was their girl friend since I am extremely friendly to everyone who came to me.  I would declare that I bought all my clothes, foot wear, bags, traveling trips and golf set using my own money.  NO MEN ARE PAYING WHAT I HAVE.  My monthly pay is low while I was lucky to buy a condominium with RM 150,000 in year 2005 and I sold it at the price of RM 430,000.  Almost RM 300,000 which I spent for a lot of things.  Before, I sell my condominium, I was refinance and I withdrawn all my Account TWO money from EPF.  Of course, I spent RM 5 a day for meal also in my destiny when I was a student.  My highest price of 1 meal is RM 1200 for a dish which is a sea crab from Korea.  I like luxurious because their quality is there.  I like quality!

Definitely, you must respect me that I will not go after any married men.  COMPENSATION is needed if you destroy my belongings due to you trust some STUPID by saying that I was their women before and they have spent a lot on me while we have the relationship.

When you buy something for me, it should be going together to the shop and but it, else, you just bought a lot of goods and put them together in my house if you are so happy to have the keys from the developers to open the door for you to enter my property by saying that you are a wireman.

If you are a married man and you said that you used to buy goods to me, then, you will make your women jealous on me and I have so much of problems by having all these people who are not compatible on your treatment.

DO NOT SAY THAT you buy a DKNY High Heels and a BurBurry Handbag for me since I am rich enough to buy such goods.  I am RICH since I used to have RM 300,000 cash.  I need COMPENSATION if you purposely destroy the quality of my belongings.  DO LET YOUR WOMEN KNOW THAT I AM SO RICH and do not bluff that I was your woman since I never have a long lasting man who bought me goods.  If you have the problem to read my post, check each of the word from www.dictionary.com.  Thank you!

I am extremely friendly and I mix with all kind of people to do research.  Buy my book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen".

Also, I have traveled to so many places without any expenses claims from Multimedia University (MMU) during my service with MMU which include the award ceremony, Linda Latham Scholarship in California, USA by first time boarding on a Gulfstream and knowing it as a private jet after I posted it to Facebook.com after Daniel letting me know Maxis big boss has one as well.
When I have money, I will buy all the quality goods and services.  Now, I am poor because I am in a business and looking for investor(s).  At the same time, I am without a permanent job.          

"A good catch!" is written by Ms. Wong Hui Shin or Hui-Shin Wong.  I am writing this statement to ensure that the hacker do not do anything funny again.  Of course, I would say 99% of the blog posts are written by me.  

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