Friday, September 2, 2016

"Tailored" Top Grade Items Only for me, i.e. Ms. Wong Hui Shin, a dried Vanilla Fruit: "Plain", "Boring" and "Ugly", a favorite of Rich and Powerful.

I am a simple and ordinary Malaysian with the votes to become the "Miss World" in London after registration. I AM NOT BEAUTIFUL among all my girl/ female friends as I said always, however, I am able to be compatible like them by using a lot of excellent "tailored" Top Grade ITEMS like top grade shampoo, top grade tooth brush, top grade comb, top grade slippers, top grade flats, to grade lipstick, top grade hand bag, top grade dresses, top grade shoes and high heels, top grade trousers, top grade hair decorative items, top grade ear rings and many others. ALL my girl/ female friends NEED NOT top grade items like me because they are NATURALLY BORN BEAUTIFUL with GOOD ETHICAL and MORAL. Are you my girl/ female friend? My GIRL/ FEMALE FRIENDS WILL NOT STEAL or EXCHANGE my TOP GRADE ITEM or ITEMS because they are very understanding as I, Wong Hui Shin or Hui-Shin Wong am only a simple and ordinary woman as well as a dried Vanilla Fruit: "Plain", "Boring", "Ugly", a favourite of Rich and Powerful who must have the top grade items to perform and work hard or attract my man, i.e. Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong.


With Top Grade Item like Chanel, you can attract "Chanel" level of people at Marini's On 57 in Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), Malaysia and Marble 8, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If you are able to spend money with your credit card(s) at Marini's On 57 and Marble 8, you are VERY RICH. By spending RM 100 and above or RM 1000 and above a meal is considered very rich and luxurious in Malaysia.

VERY RICH women match VERY RICH Men.


You can take GRAB Car Premium to Marini's On 57 and Mable 8, that would be great because you are hardly find a parking space. Download GRAB from Google FLAY or PLAY Store.

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