Friday, September 2, 2016


As a small investor in Genting Berhad for example years back. Your percentage of shares will become smaller and smaller due to no profit yearly. Thus, your shares or investment will be converted to cash to pay all the salary for staff in the company. Further explanation would be 1% for example from each share holder to cash out to pay salary or further expansion. No more shares from you or you are out if you can not top out the money anymore for further expansion and development. Do to agree?

Let's argue!

If you are a small investor by buying a lot of Genting Berhad share at Bursa Malaysia many years ago, the share price will drop dramatically if no profit yearly. Eventually, you are losing all your money if the share, Genting Berhad is not performing or losing money yearly. If you are claiming that you are a share holder of Genting Berhad, then, show the registered documents from Bursa Malaysia with a registered remisier or agent else you are a BIG CHEATER or LIER to public to gain TRUST.

If you have 50% shares in Genting Berhad, you will have the documents from Bursa Malaysia with a registered remisier or agent else, you are CHEAT and LIE to gain public TRUST.

To all my friends, report to POLICE if one is claimed that he is the share holder or investor in a company else, NO NO NO Trust to him. Even though they have the documents, you also need his payment to let you check in Bursa Malaysia about his company background and allocated shares. Bursa Malaysia will advise you according on how to check. Prepare RM 300,000, ask him to pay if he said he is an investor of Genting Berhad else, NEED NOT to TRUST HIM. He is only a CHEATER or LIER to gain PUBLIC TRUST to kill innocent or asking you to do FREE JOB for him.

Are you a free labor? If YES, I have plenty of JOB for you.  Just let me know your skill.

Why should he pay RM 300,000 for you to check?  The reason is your TRUST and your NETWORK can change the world.  This is why, it is so expensive.  When a lier or a cheater come to you, you are a useful, valuable and capable person.  If you are trusting his CHEAT and LIE, you are only indicating the manipulation of EVIL like him on you.  If you are a Christian or any other religion believer, pray to the GOD to say that you are CHEATED and TRUSTED wrong person because you are still learning on HOW to TRUST ONE.  If you are not able to, PRAY daily and wait for GOD's direction.  Perhaps need not to TRUST him to solve your problem.

Do you have a problem?  Just share to me.  I might be able to answer your questions and problem.  

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