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The Post-Mortem of RISE Hong Kong 2016

In year 2014, with the help of Founder Institute (FI), I have started a company called with the projected yearly revenue of USD 10 Trillion worldwide. is a big fan of internet users and these internet users would be able to travel to any destination of the world with a very minimum budget.  

Since I have my international studies and worldwide traveling experience in many countries especially in Europe, United Kingdom, United States of America, Egypt and Malaysia since I was a child until now, I have established a lot of connection worldwide and all my friends from all around the world are willing to help me to create a better world and better economy in all the involving countries for worldwide expansion.    

As you all know that I was in Hong Kong since a few days ago to acquire investors, collaborators and potential working team.  According to the Hong Kong International Airport statistics, RISE Hong Kong 2016 has attracted 1000 private jets worldwide to land in Hong Kong for this event.  

About a year ago, I was contacted by an American Mutual Investment Fund.  They are very amazed about my creativity and invention for and their intention to invest with 99% acquiring shares from me.  The first question which an American asked me was "How much money do you think it would be enough for you within a year and where do you wish to relocate when you are rich?"  I told them that I wish to have lifestyle with the freedom to spend money and traveling around like what I am having now worldwide.  

Let me illustrate some activities which I have been doing so far before I start in year 2014.  

1.  Access to all famous chefs and worldwide wine & champagne makers gathering and dining.  I was invited to Pastry and Fine Dining cooking classes with Spanish chef, French chef, English chef, Malay chef and American chef so far with one of them is a graduate from Culinary Arts, Cambridge University.  In order to lock your husband, as a house wife, you can enroll to Culinary Arts.  Besides western food, I know how to cook Asian food like Malaysian style, Chinese style, Thai style, Korean style and Japanese style.  I am very particular about the ingredients of the food.

2.  Access to all international auction for luxury properties, jewelries, bags, shoes and garments.  Check and more!    

3.  Access to all PGA Tour worldwide, FIFA World Cup, Formula 1, Olympics Game, Worldwide Philharmonic Orchestra, Arts Galleries and etc.  

4.  Access to all business, research and education conferences, events, workshops and courses worldwide. 

5.  Buy a Ferrari first!  Sport car, sport car and sport car!  Aston Martin, McLaren, ....... A wet market car, Proton Suprima S.  A high-tea car, Mercedes Benz or BMWi.  When I was 16 years old, I knew about Defensive Driving.  When I was 18 years old, I knew about Private Jet Flying.  When I was 20 years old, I knew about Deep Sea Diving.  Later, I would consider to have a GulfStream G650, an AgustaWestland AW139 and a Lady Moura.  I would want a Lamborghini from my husband.  I do not mind to have it when I am 80 years old.  If I can get it early, it would be a blessing for me.

I am still single and I have a few candidates in mind.  These a, b, c, d, e and f are my most eligible husband list.  Who will be my best match?  Who should I engage, marry and have children with him?

a) Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong- Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer of Alpha Goal International and Vice President (Strategic Investments) of Genting Berhad, a Harrow School and Oxford graduate,
b) Mr. Joel Neoh - Founder of KFIT, a Harvard and Monash graduate,
c) Prince Henry, Activist of Raleigh International and British Red Cross,
d) He said his name was Daniel, a Business Administrative student when I was in a training for Pool Diving and Synchronize Swimming at an Olympic size swimming pool in Pennsylvania, United States of America in year 2005,
e) Prince Alwaleed, a supporter of Oil and Gas Journal.  I knew him in year 2000 with a golf set.  Oh yes!  I am a golfer.  My golf buddies are my primary school teacher, Poon and his good friend, Mr. Soh (Kenneth) Chee Whye, an Oxford graduate, a few ambassadors from foreign countries, a few of them from Royal Police Diraja Malaysia, ......
f) Mr. Eric Lim, a Consultant Thoracic Surgeon at Royal Brompton Hospital and a Reader in Thoracic Surgery at the National Heart and Lung Institute of Imperial College London.  Eric and I are having same study interest and major.  We teach degree and masters students in the universities.    
g) Shaw Vee Meng, Run Run Shaw's eldest son, an Oxford graduate, i.e. a big fan of my good friend's mother, Wena Poon (, a practiced Lawyer in United States of America who is a graduate from Harvard Law School, and I, Wong Hui Shin's novels and writings.  Caesar Loong, a Lawyer who is a graduate from Cambridge University is appointed as my legal advisor and representative lawyer in my business and my personal life.  

6. I flew back from United States of America to Malaysia on 2nd October 2005, later, I reported to work on the next day at an university to work as a lecturer and an industry consultant with a graduate status of a Master Degree program from Massachusetts Institute Technology (MIT), Boston, United States of America as a carrying scholar of Ehsan Foundation Scholarship and Linda Latham Scholarship with the highest GPA of 3.82/ 4.00 with the highest honest in Computer Architecture (98%), Chemistry (100%), Biology (98%), History (100%) and Ethics, Morals and Professional Conduct (100%).  The university is a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia, thus, I was offered a very minimal shares allocation from Telekom Malaysia with immediately purchase commitment of a 1.8 L GXE Nissan Sentral and a 1,055 sqft unit of 6 blocks condominium, i.e. Kelana Puteri Condominium just next to Paradigm Mall with a cafeteria, mini market, gymnasium, tennis court, swimming pool, squash court, beauty salon, jogging track, playground, barbeque area and 24 hours security in Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.  Not long later, I bought a condominium at Pangaea, Cyberjaya and another unit at Kampar, Perak.  Within my almost 10 years service in Multimedia University (Cyberjaya), I was traveling around with the collaborative works and training from University of London, Royal Holloway, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Carnegie Mellon University, Newcastle University, John Hopkins University, Stanford University, Harvard University, Yale University, Hult University, ISEAD, University Technology Petronas Malaysia, University Malaya, Sunway College, INTI College, SEGI College, India Government, British Telecom (BT) Multimedia, Iwate Medical University, some government bodies/ departments in Malaysia, Worldwide Anti Corruption Research Agency, Worldwide Prescribed Drugs and Pharmaceutical Research Agency, Worldwide Juvenile Crime Research Agency, Worldwide Polyethylene and Pollution Research Agency, Worldwide Mental Health and Neurosurgery Science Research Agency, Worldwide Rape Precaution and Healthy Sex Research Agency, Worldwide Jealousy and Defamation Research Agency, Worldwide Political Advisory Board and many others by focusing in various domains especially in Policy, Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Through my experience, I have came out with a few didactic quotes below.

"There were not miscommunications, in fact, there were communications broke down due to public perception and people perceive situation differently. ~ Wong Hui Shin"

My research areas in self-help:
a) Public Perceptions on Public Figures, Celebrities and Billionaires
b) How people perceive situation differently and how many types of people are involving?  For example, when you receive messages, "I love you!" from a girl or messages from a girl which are indicating that she would like to marry you because she likes/ loves you very much or forever, what would you perceive and how would you react on this?  Will you be perceiving that she is ready for sex on the next meeting since she tells you that "I love you!" for more than 10 times? Or, you will send her some flowers and date her at classy restaurants or maybe invite her to visit your condominium or any other possibilities.  Perhaps you may choose to keep quiet since you do not know her.  Have you wonder all those messages might not be sending from her?  Perhaps some kind people would want to help in expedite or match making a couple because they know that she is in love with you and she is not good or being shy in expressing her love feeling to you, thus, these kind people just do some small actions to help like sending messages through her phone to you when she is not with her phone or many other possibilities.  How about you call her to ask for a verification or telling her that you would want to know her more instead of your personal perception on her?    
c) How to manipulate people' perception and immediate thinking in Marketing, Businesses and Image Building?
d) The brothers and sisters within a big family will share a room and sleeping side by side in a small house.  During a budget traveling trip, a group of friends/ classmates especially in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics domain, normally, we will see minority of girls within a group of boys or maybe 1 girl among 5 boys.  Boys and girls are sharing in a room for sleeping only to save money for food, shopping and activities.  A busy/ low income boy friend and a busy/ low income girl friend are sharing an apartment and enjoying sleeping side by side and hugging on a twin bed.  I mentioned all the above is to indicate that if a woman is happily and willingly sleeping side by side with you with no any other actions besides sleeping, you are very lucky because she trusts you as a friend/ boy friend.  As a man, you shouldn't take any advantage or sexual move without asking her directly and clearly on your intention to have sex with her mainly because you are judging her that she is ready for sex or any further steps in a relationship.  I do not mind to sleep side-by-side in a bed with a gentleman if we are going for a budget traveling while no any sexual activities involved but only sleeping, however, the frequency of sleeping side-by-side on a bed might create some chemistry of love between 2 parties.  If you are saying that I love or like you since I agree to sleep side-by-side with you, then, how many time of sleeping side-by-side on a bed would I willing to spend with you to justify your statement?  What will the public think and perceive if one man and one woman staying together?  Majority of the people will think that this girl and this boy must have sex because they are sharing a room!  However, we must openly and accept the gap between rich and poor people and their respective daily behaviors and thinking.  Verification and how to ask the right questions are extremely important to minimize any miscommunication.  I do not against a boy friend and a girl friend or a man and a woman in a relationship staying together or in another word, co-habitation due to budget issue or any other concerns.  If I have spent enough time (about 3-6 months) to know and understand a lovely, smart, intelligent and capable man, and I am sure that he would be the one, i.e. a very high potential to be my husband, I will change my mind to stay together with him by not having any sexual activities including kissing mouth to mouth.  Kissing my chick or forehead is OK.  Holding hands and hugging are OK.  If I find that you are really lovely and you are deeply in love with me, I will kiss on your lips gently first.  From that moment on, you will get a license from me to kiss me mouth to mouth forever.  It would be a very memorable moment between you and me because it would be my First Kiss in my life!  My definition of First Kiss means kissing willingly mouth to mouth from a man and a woman romantically and slowly.  No matter what is the result of our relationship; is that going to lead to a marriage or a separation; I will not hide and I will announce to the world that I have given you my First Kiss.  Remember!  Let me kiss on your lips first, then, you may slowly react to me and kissing me back.  When I give you a license to kiss my mouth forever, it doesn't mean that I am ready and looking forward for any sexual activities.  If one day, I have decided to waive/ cancel my policy of not having any sexual activities or intercourse with you before a marriage, I will let you know and talk to you directly and clearly.  I understand that I am not a romantic person with so much of rules and regulations in a relationship and I understand that as a man, you would want to take the first move or lead all the sexual activities, however, I would hope that you can express your huge understanding to me since I am born and growing with majority of quality people with very strong religion believe.  I will only kiss your lips gently and you will get a license to kiss me forever, immediately you may lead the kissing.  I am learning on how to kiss a man mouth to mouth intimately and romantically through YouTube at 36 years old.  And, I am watching a lot of useful videos on sex with orgasm and feeling hot on my body with full of satisfaction.  Previously, I will not arouse or feel hot when I watch all these sex videos.  I always think that I have sexual deficiency and waiting for doctors' consultation.  Now, I can announce that I am completely healthy in sex and I accept that I am just a late sexual maturity girl.  I met many charming guys in my life before this blog post, however, no any love chemistry is sparkling between us until a marriage stage.  Perhaps starting today, we may arrange a suitable time to meet to check on our compatibility and our wills to spend more time together, hopefully, our time spending together will lead to a marriage.

If you have any other suggestion, just let me know.  We can have a debate or a constructive discussion to reach the best benefits and consensus for both parties.  Let's talk!  Be open for a conversation!  Don't be shy!                                                              

"See, Think, Enlighten, then Follow (S.T.E.F.)! ~ Wong Hui Shin"     

My research areas in self-help:
a) Human beings' nature and learning ability
b) How to SEE, what to SEE, when to SEE, which to focus and observe/ SEE in more detail, why do you want to SEE ......
c) How to THINK?  Brain Taxonomy and Functionality Reflection/ Reaction to various types of food ingredients versus various generations, age groups and sex differentiation
d) In what situations and circumstances, you may ENLIGHTEN with various types of knowledge categories, pre-learned knowledge, self-assurance, self-confidence and .......
e) Information Evaluation Processes and the possible simple steps to guide you with an effective listening skills, evaluation skills and diplomatic response skills.  FOLLOW or not to FOLLOW??    

"Everyone can dream, nothing is impossible! ~ Wong Hui Shin"

My research areas in self-help:
a) Shout out loud and write down what are you going to do and achieve within a certain timeline.  Valuation on the effectiveness and the positive energy attractiveness with Google Search Algorithm and Predictive Analytics

"A surprise: a dumb, a deaf, a disabled will feel angry because they are human beings. ~ Wong Hui Shin"

My research areas in self-help:
a) Angry??  Why??  What is your border line??

"There is no absolutely right or wrong for every situation and any information.  It is always a grey area because we are human beings.  This is the knowledge about Ethics, Professionalism, Economics, Politic and Law. ~ Wong Hui Shin"

My research areas in self-help:
a) Science in Ethics, Science in Professionalism, Science in Economics, Political Science and Law Science
b) Healthy Sex definition/ Types of sexual activities versus the nature of reaction from majority worldwide female ranging from 10-60 years old on their first time experience/ exposure in any Sex / Sexual Harassment activities willingly or unwillingly with a man.  The possible ways for self-protection from the perspective of Law, i.e. How would the Law is able to protect an innocent woman who is not willing to have any sex activities with a man and at the same time, she has no idea what is sex due to the extremely low/ no exposure in Sex Education especially in Asia, Middle East and Africa.  How would the latest trend of Sex Education is able to educate the next generation especially female in these mentioned regions for Rape Precaution and Healthy Sex?  Even though no intercourse or penetration is involved in a case, however, the sexual intention on how minority men act on 90% of women like forced kissing, forced touching and many others activities without both agreement meaning those 90% of women are very reluctant to continue any sexual activities together, however, these women do not know how to response to the situation immediately at that time because these 90% of women need more time to process what is going on.  After the situation, the female can report to the Police and bring this to the court.  The Police/ Litigation Lawyer will ask a few questions on how the women react on men's behaviors or actions on their sexual intention and how the women's body/ muscles react.  Did the women say, "No"?  How many time did the women say, "No"?  If the men are telling lies, saying that they were having foreplay willingly, the Police or the Lawyer will add in additional questions to the men, i.e., "Do you have the exactly sexual activities on the next day or coming meeting?", "After your acts on that day, is that your last day meeting the woman?" and etc.  If the both listed questions to the man are all "No", how are you going to justify that the woman is involving in a foreplay willingly?  If the woman are very happy about the man's acts/ behaviors, why should the foreplay is only during 1 meeting or no more meeting(s) after that?  According to research statistics, majority of these being harassed women are holding a very strong religion believe and they are in an extremely low knowledge/ no exposure in Sexual Activities/ Education.  If the man found guilty, the man will be sending to the jail.  A man who wishes to have any sexual activities with any woman, he must ask the woman face-to-face first.  The messages must be clear and direct with no hints or any other small actions.  The man can't judge a woman's sexual needs or taking any advantages of the woman base on her friendliness and all her happiness facial expressions when she talks to you.  Those women who are relax, healthy, successful or easily contented, they will always have smiles on their face. Be respectful, ask before you act!  If you want sex in a relationship and having both consensuses and agreement, why not?  But, you must be able to take all the consequences and responsibilities after your sexual activities. Asia tycoon, Li Ka-Shing's youngest son, Richard Li is having 3 sons with a woman without marrying her mainly because his family and he are too rich and he is not willing to give away half of his belonging to the woman if their relationship goes to a divorce stage.  During their relationship period, Richard Li is helping this woman to build her career so that she is able to stand on her own feet what if they decide to separate and stop all the relationship one day.                                            

"Home is not where you live but where they understand you. ~ Christian Morganstern"      

7.  I love fashion, herbs, beef and seafood from all over the world especially United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Korea and main land China.  I buy, buy, buy, buy, buy and buy in various places in the world which including those stocks/ garments in "Pasar Malam" and "Pasar Pagi".  Just to highlight a few, currently, I have 2 pairs of Chanel, 1 pair of Prada, 1 pair of  DKNY, 1 pair of Christine Dior, 2 pairs of Ted Baker, 1 Burberry lamb skin handbag, 1 Louis Vuitton handbag, 1 Ted Baker handbag, 1 Chanel lamb skin handbag, about 10 pieces of Ted Baker garments, 1 piece of Dolce Donna and many others.  I ate Maine Lobster, Boston Lobster, Korea King Crabs, Japan King Crabs, Norwegian Salmon Sashimi Grade, Norwegian Salmon Trout Sashimi Grade, Sabah Tiger Prawns/ Giant Lobsters/ Giant Squids, Brussels Oysters/ Clams/ Mussels ......                       

The American Mutual Investment Fund have claimed that I would be the number 1 richest woman in the world using technology to help people to fulfill their dreams with a very minimum budget and at the same time, would be the major Tax contributor to the countries worldwide.  When I knew that I will be holding only 1% share in the company, my motivation to continue to do the start-up was down to the drain.  They also claimed that my knowledge was not in Management but only in Medical, Law, Engineering, Marketing and Imaginative Writing.  Thus, I will act as the Founder of, however, I will not be holding any management position in  They also stated that my business will not be taking over by any other copycat mainly because my business nature needs to have a very expensive license to operate in any single country worldwide.

Soon, I responded to them that if I must give away my 99% shares in, the 99% shares will go to my husband.  I shouted out loud that I want an intelligent, smart and capable husband last year and my husband will be the investor in  My husband and I would be able to move to the highest level in the business world.

If you are my potential investors with my company total shares acquiring less than 30%, we may talk more about the possible investments, collaborations and the total funding.  I understand that I am not a super model, the most beautiful and the most outstanding one, I might not getting anyone who will fall in love with me and marrying me within this short period of time, therefore, any suitable and like-minded investors and collaborators are welcome!  Thank you in advance!

After I have attended the RISE Hong Kong 2016, I managed to talk to many people and gather the information to move my business to another level with the lowest initial investment capital.  I have identified the possible working partners worldwide and I am looking for the best marketing strategy which enables to attract the most users/ subscribers in a very short time after an official launch.            

See you again in RISE Hong Kong 2017 if you wish to know all these private jet owners/ investors!

Stay tune!  Keep your eyes open on RISE related events!


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