Wednesday, April 27, 2016 is no longer accessible since year 2006 was a website which I did for an assignment during the entrance month of my postgraduate degree.  I am no longer able to log in and correct my English within the website even though I found some minor grammar mistakes.  I did not do the grammar checking before I uploaded the web pages more than 10 years ago.  After my study in MUST, I am trained to become more details and towards to an arena of perfectionist.     

I would like to take this chance to update all my friends within mailing list about my current email address:  I would like to apologize for not doing any email update announcement since 10 years ago.  I am so sorry for not able to read your emails during these 10 years because I forget my password and I am no longer able to do the password recovery due to an inaccessible recovery email address.  If you did send me an email to my yahoo mailbox within last 10 years, kindly send me an email to my latest mailbox with the subject title: Long Lost Buddy.  

In this post, I would like to rectify all the minor grammar mistakes page by page.


Welcome to Wong Hui Shin's Homepage

Good day! My name is Wong Hui Shin. And, I am a master student in Malaysia University of Science and Technology . I am currently pursuing a Master in Information Technology.

The main purpose of this personnel web pages is to let me have the opportunity to group my friends or the people who can share our common interests. If you are one of them, please mail me!
It is my pleasure to be your friend or your research partner.

Find out more about me!  

About Me

Wong Hui Shin
Tel: 6 013-390 1399
Latest Education Level :
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) Major in Software Engineering from Multimedia University ,Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Professional Profile :

  • Success oriented and outgoing with a positive attitude.
  • Communication effectively with all levels of management in a highly professional and diplomatic manner.
  • Team Player with proven leadership qualities.
Self - Comments :
  • I like to learn, search and try something might be very useful in my life and community.
Personality :
  • Friendly
  • Hard Working
  • Enthusiastic
  • Active

Languages :

  • Malay
  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Japanese (fair)

 Education Background :

Education Level

Institution Name


My Interests

I love to travel either back-packing style or luxury style. I have visited a few foreign countries and many local tourist areas.

I hope to visit Europe after I graduate from my master course. After that, I want to visit South Africa, South America, Nepal, Tibet, Istanbul and ......

I have a dream since I was contacted to a book called "Round the World in 80 days". I wish to round the world by using the itinerary from the book with my "Mr. Right" when I achieve the financial independent status.

Mountain trekking is my favorite. I like the nature. I had conquered some of the famous mountains in the world.

I enjoy the "silent" moments when I am inside the sea and up to the sky. The sea creatures make me relax. Turtle is my lucky sea creature. I saw it most of my underwater time.

Food is part of my life and I am very creative in cooking.

I like to read and sing as my leisure hobbies. I like to read magazines.

My interest keywords are adventure and outdoor.

Research Areas

My research interests are listed as following:

1.  The cheapest and effective way for human beings to communicate and obtain the latest information from any part of the world.  And, at the same time, mobile operators, WLAN service providers and those pioneers who are involved in telecommunication industry will continue to flourish and sustain.
Action:  I am working on some policies for Cellular-WLAN Integration as my master thesis.

2.  Minimization of human communication conflicts and misunderstanding and the key factors of human communication conflicts and misunderstanding. 

Action:  I am mixing with people regardless of race, age, gender, status and background.  

3.  To improve the information exchange based on industry needs via wireless mobile devices.


Life is a journey and not a guided tour!

To handle yourself, use your head!  To handle others, use your heart!

Now is the most important key!  Definitely not just now and later!  Now!

No matter how hard it is!  No matter how difficult it is!  Deeply believe there is a solution behind!


I hope that I will have the ability to publish some conference papers, local journals and international journals.  I am glad that I have published a conference paper in an oversea conference.
  • Wong Hui Shin and Daniel Wong Kuok Shoong; "Re-authentication Policy for Cellular-WLAN Integration",  in IEEE ICENCO 2004, Cairo, December 2004

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