Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How ENTJ woman fall in love?

"How ENTJ woman fall in love?" is imagination.

"How ENTJ woman fall in love?" is a book which illustrates all my infatuations until my marriage.  I met numerous charming men in my life.  He loves me the most and I bring him the most joy.  When he first penetrated his penis to my vagina on 12nd or 13rd October 2012 (I was not sure.  Was the sex after 12.00 mid night?), he announced it to the world that he has taken my virginity.  I was happily attended Great British Ball 2013 in Shangri-la Hotel, Kuala Lumpur after the "sex" on 13rd October 2012.  If you want to know more about him, please read my book, "The Lamborghini".  It is coming soon!  "The Lamborghini"  illustrates the core values in my husband and the ways how he impressed me, so that I am happily marrying him eventually.  My husband is the one and the only one.  My husband holds 1 patent.  He is the main import of Opium, Morphine and Cocaine to manufacture pain killers, i.e. the Paracetamol and Narcotic drugs for surgery.      

Some excerpts of my book:

I first met Loong during my undergraduate (year 2000-2002).  He did his first degree in United Kingdom.  We communicated through MSN Messenger and long distant calls while I was an undergraduate student.  He likes gambling.  He told me that gambling is rich man's hobby.  He worked very hard in United Kingdom.  He told me a lot about his jobs and his roles in United Kingdom.  He told me that I must go after a man with a Bentley.  He never tell me about his study.          

I met Wong I-Ching when I was 22 years old.  He is a scholar who knows German.  I learned German as well.  He is good in Wushu.  We loves sport cars.  We writes blogs.  We stopped communicate after he went to Germany.  I went to Germany once to visit him many years later.  We communicated through MSN Messenger.  My MSN messenger id ( is not working many years ago.  It said wrong password.  When I tried to retrieve my password, I can't recall any of my MSN Messenger friends list ID.  I jotted down somewhere, but, my contact book was missing when I kept it in my office.

I went to Tokyo in year 2002/ 2003, I met Fung.  He received a President Award and a scholarship.  He based in Tokyo.  We studied Japanese.  He loves animes and he is a tech-kie.  We communicated through Yahoo Messenger.  I was in Japan to meet him once during a Chinese New Year.

I met Jack Hii in year 2004 in Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) lecture hall.  He is the most charming lecturer I ever met in my life.  He is very handsome.  He taught me Strategy Management.  We discussed Michael E. Porter's strategies.  He is a Cambridge graduate.  He told me a lot stories.  He is a good story teller.

I met Kim in Portland, Oregon when I was in United States in year 2005.  I visited his start-up company and sooner he was awarded as "40 Innovative Entrepreneur Under The Age Of 40".  We chatted through ICQ for many years and later, we met in Portland, Oregon, United States of America.
After I came back from United States of America in October 2005, I met Kee Chai in Gunung Irau, Cameron Highlands.  He is a luxury properties developer.  He said he wanted to give me one bungalow.  I waited until now and the bungalow key is not with me now.  He said, I am an advertisement platform.  After he gives me one bungalow, he will sell all.

I met Samuel Tay in year 2006 Christmas Eve.  He said that he wanted to become my boy friend when he first met me.  I was so surprise.  Later, he dated me to The Apartment and The Zouk.  He is an Oxford graduate.  He was a Vice President in Khazanah Nasional when he dated me.

I met Sir Sugar in London, United Kingdom in year 2007.  He has a helicopter.

I met Francis Ives when I was in London, United Kingdom in year 2008.  He has a Roll Royce.  He told me that I am Datuk Wong Hui Shin.  I asked, "Which Sultan will grant me the Datukship honorary?"

In year March 2010, I met a charming and handsome man in Saint Patrick's Society of Selangor Annual Ball.  He first introduced himself as Louis.  He said, he would like to become my husband.  He sent me back to my condominium in Petaling Jaya using his Ferarri Enzo.                    


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