Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Are you my soul mate? I am looking for you.

I just had a conversation with a good friend, Mr. Lee Jin Song, a Great Eastern Insurance agent yesterday. He asked me about my soul mate criteria and the type of man I am looking for. I thought about the criterias of my soul mate or my man for a day, later, I had decided to write them into a list below.

My soul mate must be a man with values and intelligence. He must believe

1. There is always a solution for any single problem. It depends on how long you need to solve the problem. It is mainly base on the efforts given and the intention to solve the problem with all parties involved.

2. Everything is possible. Man can create, alter and delete rules, regulations and law for a better living environment for majority people in a society; 99% of individuals in a community. It is not wrong to categorize individuals, but, it is a must to have a safe environment for all mankind.

3. Team work is essential for a successful project. Each of members has a role. Each role is important in a team. A perfectionist is welcome. It is not a must to have a perfectionist in a team.

4. All human beings are useful. Disabilities and special folks shouldn't be neglected by the societies. They can earn a living with the necessary trainings provided. Call the welfare unit/ agent if you are one of them. Call the Telekom Malaysia directory, 103 if you are in Malaysia to find out the welfare related phone number.

5. There is no child in this world will have an ambition to become a killer, a drug addict, a stupid child, a lazy boy/girl and ...... He/she might be in a trouble especially those at a growing up stage. These people need our helps. They might be the unfortunate groups without parents or without any good mentors to guide them to a better path. For example: If they met drug addicts, they will be influenced by drug addicts to become drug addicts. They are the unfortunate group. We need to help the unfortunate group of people. We hope that we always have the healthy mind and body to help them. Sick people need quality time to rest for recovery as the cell needs time to grow to become an organ for some body systems. When one is injured, he/ she needs time and good nutrition for recovery.

6. Intelligence is the ability to view a situation or an object from difference angles and perspectives. We shouldn't judge a person's intelligence level based on any paper qualification.

7. Friendship is a forever thing. Even though we are busy, seldom keep in touch, yet, the connection is still there.

8. "Strive to be first: frist to nod, first to smile, first to compliment, and first to forgive." I like the quote very much. I got it from "The Foundation for a Better Life".

9. Healthy lifestyle with balance diet and sufficient exercises (effective breathing hours).

10. Being a globally competent individual for a better lifestyle.

11. Sense of humour, honest and trustworthy.

12. Do not hate musics, movies, arts, Geography and History. I love them very much.

If you have the same believes, I would like to congratulate you that you find me as a compatible individual. I am happy to get to know you too.

Please contact me at huishin2020@gmail.com or call me at +6 013 390 1399.

Thank you.


Jonathan said...

Well said! You sound like a wonderful person :)

Malizah said...

my dear, you really got me thinking there