Thursday, April 11, 2019

Photo Editing or Superimposing Photo Competition

To whom who are interested to win a free traveling package,

                 I am glad to inform you that is going to organize a local competition called  "Photo Editing or Superimposing Photo Competition" to win a free traveling package.  We wish to invite all people who reside in Malaysia now until 30th September 2019 to join the competition.  The management is finalizing the Assessment and Evaluation Panels, as well as the rules and regulation of the competition.  One of the rules is that you need to edit or superimpose your photo using a photo editor in our website, and export to the image file or you can use Adobe Photoshop to work on that.   

To be announced in the media for the official launch.

Keep you posted. 

Your's sincerely,
Ms. Wong Hui Shin
Founder and CEO of

Friday, March 15, 2019

My expectation from all my associates, collaborators, "students" or any people from all Chinese from around the world especially the Chinese from mainland China!

I wrote these in one of my email accounts and I copy and paste with some editing.  

"My anger came after she said, "If I have questions on IT, I will not want to ask you because the voice tone which you had talking to me shown your reluctance in telling me the solution of my questions."  With what she said, she had indicated that she is not a Chinese because she does not apply what she must learn and know as a Chinese especially she is born and bread in mainland China with all the Chinese Proverbs (中国谚语 or ) such as "不耻问" meaning "If you don't understand something, please ask people with no shameful feeling."; "尊师" meaning "Respect your teacher, i.e. the one who can teach you with the highest morality."; "" meaning "To have the ability and attitude to learn without any borders and any excuses." and etc.  That's why I said to her that she is not matched or fit to be a Chinese and she is a shameful example in the Chinese community due to she can't apply the stated 3 Chinese Proverbs above.  I said I am not wrong due to my personal opinion to her that as a Chinese, we must have these qualities and values.  I have all these qualities and values as a Malaysian Chinese.  I choose to work in a Chinese environment because I believe all Chinese from China will have these qualities and values especially employees from Siemens China."      

Basic highlighted values you must have as one of my "students" or Chinese:

1)  "不耻问" meaning "If you don't understand something, please ask people with no shameful feeling."; 
2) "尊师" meaning "Respect your teacher, i.e. the one who can teach you with the highest morality."; 
3) "" meaning "To have the ability and attitude to learn without any borders and any excuses." and etc.

If you want to learn the Chinese language, learn the Chinese Proverbs and apply them in your daily life.  I am confident that this is the main reason why the richest man of Malaysia, Robert Kuok gave her children to study in Chinese school when they were young.  

Dear Robert Kuok and family, hope that I can meet at least one of you tomorrow evening at a ball (I am at the waiting list while I am getting ready to attend the ball), I want to pitch my business ideas to your family.  I want to ask money from Kuok family to start all my businesses with my well-defined mission.  I have planned them well and I would welcome your questions on how to make profits from these business ventures and the most important that all my businesses are leading to my life mission: "To bring all world citizens to international level especially among Chinese and Indian communities around the world and of course, worldwide Muslim communities too".    

The name of my businesses as listed below:

1. " (SoLemMi适旅迷)"
2. "The-Joy", 
3. "Angel's Breakfast", 
4. "Why? Fair?", 
5. Sunshine Little Kitchen Fine Dining Restaurant, 
6. Sunshine Little Kitchen Food Court 
7.  My book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen" - a non-fiction    
8.  My book, "Amore: The Indication of Civilization in 22nd Century" - an imaginative novel (in the progress) 
9.  Dr. Wong Foundation and Dr. Wong Foundation Fellowship
10. Malaysian Footprint Magazine with the initiated efforts after this blog writing with a very clear mission and scope of news, write-up and publication for more than 10 years  

The ideas and details of my businesses are written in my Linkedin profile and my facebook profile.  I am planning to have all these done since year 2014 after I attended the Founder Institute Malaysia Chapter training or briefing.

Of course, I submitted my pitch deck to many Venture Capitalists.  I am waiting for their reply too.  In order to make a success in " (SoLemMi适旅迷)" worldwide.  I need USD 1 billion. 

I am keen to explore a relationship with Kuok Khoon Hua and at the same time, I am exploring Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong and Joel Neoh.  I am confident that I am a gifted and talented individual with GOD's wills to provide a better place for people to live worldwide.  Of course, I welcome worldwide candidates to explore a relationship with me.  I want a marriage as soon as I have matched to the right man.   

I pray to the GOD to give me the best arrangement of my worldwide life mission.


Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Amore ...... says Episode 10

"Replace "I" to Wendy or Grace!"

In 22nd century, Food Science is doing a great job and it leads to most of the medical doctors lost their jobs and their lucrative income, drugs and medicine manufacturing/ research and development, medical instruments research and development are facing bankruptcy or total sales can't afford to cover the operational cost.  These people are smart brain, 1st Class Honest Degree graduates are facing a lot of problems to survive in this century because all their talents are not appreciated and their patents or intellectual properties are aside like garnish.

Malaysia is stated as a developed country in year 2020 and it gained a lot of attention from the "genius" to move their headquaters, research and development centers, manufacturing branches in Malaysia.  Rolls Royce are made and brand in Malaysia too.

I am doing extremely well with an Information Technology degree graduated from a local university, Multimedia University in Malaysia.  These jealous smart brain people who are not getting well paid even though they have patents in drugs and medicine manufacturing ingredients and research plan to "KILL" me slowly by using their knowledge.  In order to let me die slowly, a long term "murdering" actions and let-I-lost-trust-in-public-and-become-a-stupid-slowly are being done by Drugs and Medicine Manufacturers in Malaysia, Medical Instruments Manufacturers in Malaysia and a group of Mental Health or Psychiatric doctors by diagnosing me as one of the Mental Health patient by going through more than 10 times ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy) which caused my brain function and brain cells dead tremendously with a permanent effects of LOST MEMORY and REDUCE LEVEL OF MY INTELLIGENT.  I become less verbal, not well versed in communication, forget most of the vocabulary of the languages, unable to read effectively as before with the ECT treatments.

They are also putting the rejected or excess dosage of Drugs and Medicine manufacturing ingredients into my Food Supplements, Weight Management Supplements and etc. to ensure that I will get into the Kidney problem, Liver problem, Heart problem, obesity (I become a fat girl), drowsiness every day after consuming the Food Supplements daily, infertility (no more menstrual period at the age of 30) and etc.

They change AMWAY EPA (Fish Oil) to lower grade of cooking oil with the capsules, an action after the jobs of Drugs and Medicine Manufacturing being done locally in Malaysia.  They also change the milk powder to lower grade of ingredients for babies and adults in order to earn more from what they have studied with a First Class Honest Degree.  Can you find an Olazaphine or Lithium Carbonate patent owner, a Forbes listed billionaire?

With Food Science, no need doctors and medicines!!  With these both or you should murder FOOD SCIENCE founder and not me, i.e. an IT graduate, the richest human being in 22nd Century.  If you want to become a richest person in the world, STUDY IT (Information Technology).

Also, the printing technology, paper manufacturing and editing ability with Photoshop in Malaysia is at a mature stage.  These jealous people gang with the locksmith, entering my room to change all my certificates from my achievements to lower grade of paper quality, INK quality and certificates contents and results and many more.

They change the content of my certificates.  I achieved 100% attendance in my primary school study, secondary school study, degree level study, master degree level study, all my career tracks and also without any Medical Certificates presented.  This is also another good point of mine that I deserve a master degree scholarship collaborating with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

I have a Ted Baker handbag and a pair of pink colour shoes from Ted Baker which I bought from Singapore.  They changed them the pink shoes to white colour and with the lowest grade of manufacturing quality or also known as good copycats.  I bought a pair of pink Sneakers and a pair of white with black stripes Nike shoes from United States of America, they took them away.  Also, I have a pair of blue Timberland hiking shoes, they took away.  I bought a Burberry black handbag from Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.  They scratched my leather Burberry black handbag, changed my handbag gold colour metals with lowest grade metals, used the suitable chemical to make my handbag dirty.  The metals are dirty and my Loius Vuitton handbag is dirty.  My father bought me a Loius Vuitton handbag which I used it everyday when I go to work.  Also, my dresses and clothes were being washed with chemical or being rubbed to more unpresentable and make them look old and messy.  

These jealous chemical (one of the Science Subject, i.e. the chemistry) genius, use the chemical to let my CAR BOOT went rusty and destroy.

Information Technology genius cum jealous people edited and changed my photos on facebook and some websites, parts of my blog contents and etc ......

My pieces of jewellery which I bought them from all over the world were modified to lower grade of qualities.  

I have many watches.  All my watches were missing and being spoiled.    

I have many boy friends.  All my boy friends are educated and in the high rank of societies in the world.  None of my boy friends buy me single piece of gift.  I bought all and what I like myself with my own money.  I travelled to many part of the world using my own money too.  Only 1 or 1 trips were sponsored, i.e. the 1 week Washington DC sightseeing trip and United Nations in Thailand trip was sponsored.  

My skin care was modified too, so that I had more pimples and scars in my face.  One of my best friends is a dentist.  I visited her to clean my teeth.  After that, I have bad arrangement of teeth with small gaps between my teeth after she watched my teeth with a machine.  You see!  European and USA old and rejected medical machines are selling hot in ASIA.  It is time to invoke Medical and Healthcare Machine Quality evaluation and quality and ensure that no more damages are going to happen in these new years.

With the history that I have so many boy friends from all over the world, these jealous people can not accept that I am still a virgin.  Thus, they use the latest technology for vagina tightening to make it losing the elasticity of my vagina or cut the circumference of my vagina when I was forced with the admission to the hospital.  They had broken my hymen too.  I swear that I never have SEX and any ROMANCE in my life.  These people want to do that because they wanted that I face a divorce case after my legally married husband have sex with me at the first night of our marriage if I have a chance to get married one day.  I stressed that no SEX before married and the case later, they are making my health and body performance as a weak, a lot of sickness with drugs and medicines because they want to sell their drugs and medicines as well as the medical or healthcare instruments in this FOOD SCIENCE world by using me as the celebrity to brand their products.

Also, they used the chemical to tighten my nipples and make my nipples turned black.  They don't believe that I never have any romance with my so many white men boy friends.  They are making my body situation and appearance that I had sex for years daily.  I swear that I never have sex and any romance with anyone in this world.

I met a prostitute who had claimed that she is an Oxford University graduate during one of my travelling trips.  I talked to her for a very long time and I am thinking of doing something to help the prostitutes.  I want to help her, an Oxford University graduate.

I also want to help disabled folks because I used to work in United States of America among the disabled folks and also, I met a disabled folk who had claimed that he is an Oxford University graduate.   

I want to help Oxford graduates, i.e. the prostitute and the disabled folk.

To be continued.

"MURDERING" in 22nd century!  Watch up!  "Amore: The Indication of Civilization in 22nd Century"


  • Amore: The Indication of Civilization in 22nd Century - An Imaginative Novel

    In the progress .......
    The story illustrates that mankind had made significant scientific and technological advances in the 22nd century. Buildings and machines are growing like mushrooms in the Earth. It is rare to find any part of the Earth that doesn't show signs of development. The advancement of Information Technology is surprisingly stable and mature. The Earth is monitoring by the AhKleh Planet Savier Society (APSS). APSS is an elite group of human beings with special talents and highly intelligence. They are the chosen members to ensure the Earth is safe for all human beings to live. They carry out the mission to protect the Earth and guarantee that human beings will live happily ever after on the Earth. Of course, they also train human beings to operate and run the Earth.

    Ve-Eng Saw is an American born Chinese. He is a well-known computing prodigy. He was recruited by the APPS when he was 10 years old. His first assignment was a job working with World Sound Monitoring Task Force on the Earth. He monitored the babies crying sound every day and night. He needed to analyse the baby crying sound frequency to identify talented babies. He is an expert in sine curve, cosine curve, parabolic graph and quadratic graph of babies crying sounds.

    One fine day, he was eating his Sesame Supreme while monitoring the babies crying activities. Sesame Supreme is pretty famous in 22nd century. It is a type of fast food with 3 main ingredients: grilled chicken, minced sesame paste and water spinach (kangkung). Ve-Eng was shocked. He zoomed in the magnifying lenses to justify the sound. It was from a small little wood house in a Chinese New Village in Black Water (Air Hitam), Teluk Anson, Perak, Malaysia. The crying sound was 200 desibels (dB).

    The baby girl was named as Ru Xia (卢霞) or Wendy. It means the beautiful clouds group in the sky. Wendy is a gift from the God to Ru couple. Wendy’s family members are farmers.

    It is a love story of prodigy and talented human beings in 22nd century.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Why was I awarded a scholarship to study my Master degree and my Ph.D? Why am I deserve a good life?

We are talking about team work here.  We need different talents people to form a team in order to success in at least one undertaking.

In an orchestra musical concert, there are a team of people who are playing multiple types of musical instruments to make the show go life in a hall.  Of course, there might be some of the individuals who can play or are trained to play more than one musical instruments, however, within a life show each of the musician will only play the type of musical instrument which he or she excel in or best suite for him/ her meaning if you are the best musician who can play violin, then, you will be selected to join one of the musical teams.  Of course, personal characters are very important.  You must be able to mingle and communicate with the team besides your talent skill.

I was awarded a full scholarship with monthly stipend for 18 months to study a Master of Science in Information Technology in year 2003 because I was the best i.e. scoring full marks (98%) in many difficult Bachelor of Information Technology major Software Engineering subjects in university level.  Although I am a Second Class Upper (Hons) Degree graduate, however, I did score a GPA of 3.82/ 4.00 in one of the semesters in my four years degree program, i.e. with the highest GPA of 3.83/ 4.00 in my degree with the GPA defination is the score of the semester meaning I scored 3.82/ 4.00 which is the highgest GPA among all the semester.  In my resume, I never mention that I am a First Class Honest Degree Graduate, however, I am applying one of my studies in Marketing Strategy and Branding to convey the message that I can score a CGPA of 4.00/ 4.00 with the best teachers, the best teaching style/ technique, the best teaching materials and etc..  Of course, an early score target must be told before the semesters so that I can reduce my movie time, jogging time, hiking time, singing time, shopping time, traveling trips and etc. within a semester.

These are what I wrote in my resume: "Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) Software Engineering with the highest GPA of 3.82/ 4.00. I scored all A’s in programming related subjects, A+ in PME0015/ PML1010 Moral & Ethics (100%) and TCE1221 Computer Systems Architecture (98%).".  In this world, we seldom see people who are exceling in "PME0015/ PML1010 Moral & Ethics" like what I have been practicing since I was a baby until now.  I scored full mark in this subject in university level.  TCE1221 Computer System Architecture is a very difficult subject, I scored 98%.  From these two subjects means I am talented, I am chosen and I am a top scorer just like a musician who is excel in playing Violin in a orchestra musical concert.  I deserved a a scholarship to form a team to do research and development as well as the next generation best example and leader who is exceling in Moral and Ethics.  I am one of the best Moral and Ethics practitioner in the best.  Again, I shout loud that I deserve a scholarship, a good career and a life in every part of the world especially in Malaysia, i.e. my home country.

Also, I highlighted these in my resume to about my high school academic achievements: "Straight-A (12 A’s) student in Academic Achievement, Conduct & Etiquette, Initiative, Trustworthiness, Leadership, Cooperation, Adaptability, Maturity of Thoughts, Determination, Diligence, Outlook and Tidiness. I scored 100%, i.e. full marks in Geography, History, Moral Knowledge, Biology and Chemistry.".

I deserved a scholarship to study my Ph.D as well and I was awarded a scholarship to pursue my Ph.D study in year 2012 due to my excellent achievements in community service, career track records and my academic results.  During my Master degree level, I finished my Master Degree Thesis with the best track record in research ability, analytical skill and the ability to make the best conclusion within a master research thesis.       
Due to one of my Ph.D supervisors, Professor Y.P. Singh left Malaysia, I was no longer having a capable supervior who can oversee my Ph.D study.  Thus, Professor Ho Chin Kuan, my another Ph.D. supervisor advised me to drop my Ph.D study in year 2015.  At that time, he was only a Dr. Ho Chin Kuan and not a professor yet.

I am not a "Kaki Penipu" or a cheater/ lier.  Please ask yourself, how good is your reading skill and understanding/ comprehension skill.  Do you know what is the different between GPA and CGPA?  Do you know how to use the word "highest"?  Among all the GPA from all semesters in a degree problem, I highlighted the "highest GPA".  Do you know what is Marketing Strategy and Branding?

Another justification why should an international organization give me the scholarship for my Ph.D study and the Venture Capital Fund for all my businesses because I have written a book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen" and list down a list of my finding after all my traveling trips experiences until year 2012.  These self-help finding and research output in my book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen" ensure that I am a capable person and I can diversify on what ever I see, I talk, I do and I think.  All these are the qualities and values we must have as successful individuals or a potential successful individuals.  I created a few "quotes" and I looked for a few "quotes: from famous people to concluded and summarized my traveling trips until year 2012.       

I wish that I can get another Ph.D study scholarship soon since my previous Ph.D scholarship was dropped due to the supervisors' capability.  Of course, I am looking forward to work well in my entrepreneurial journey since a lot of entrepreneurs are choosing to further their studies in Ph.D level and at the same time they are doing great in their business world.

I deserve a good life, a good pay and good rewards since I have done numerous of services to the communities and the world and also I am one of the top scorers.  I need a team.  Welcome to join my team and if you need me as your team member, you are welcome to look for me and discuss with me.

Thank you!   

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

My 2019 Valentine's Day Worldwide Life Mission Declaration

My worldwide life mission is to raise the standard of the world citizens to the international level.  I am working on this worldwide life mission by starting and planning my entrepreneurial dreams journey with all the efforts as the Founder & CEO at Fair? Why?, The-JOY!, SoLemMi 适旅迷, Dr. Wong Foundation Fellowship, Malaysian Footprint Magazine, Sunshine Little Kitchen Food Court, Sunshine Little Kitchen Fine Dining Restaurant and Angel's Breakfast. 

If you wish to know more about my entrepreneurial journey in helping the world citizens to raise their living standard to the international level, kindly add me in my facebook,  

I hope that my potential legal marrying husband can support me all the ways to make all my dreams come true.  He can be one of my investors, my working partners or my working buddies or my admirers.  I am waiting for you.  Call me!  Today is the Valentine's Day in year 2019.  

I want to do all these because I want all the world citizens can live like what I have experienced in a luxury way for at least once in life.  One of the luxuries is traveling to a foreign country, such as London, New York, Japan, Korea, Republic of Maldives and many others. can help the world citizens to chase for their dream to travel to a foreign country at least once in their life. 

I will not give a single cent for donation to any sectors because I believe that all human beings are GOD's creation and there must be a purpose or a reason from GOD to create them.  I will provide job opportunities and training for all people in the world to earn a living through  Disable children and orphans can work too.  Everyone must work to earn a living.  Of course, there are exceptions, however, I will not donate money to people in general if their needs are not in my working market segment i.e. to raise the standard of the world citizens to the international level. 

"A surprise: a dumb, a deaf, a disabled will feel angry because they are human beings."     
~Ms. Wong Hui Shin            

When I was in United States of America, I worked with special folks or disabled folks for almost 3 months.  It was a surprise when a disable folk threw her anger to me when I told her that I were a Marathon runner.  That's why, I came out for the quote above. "Fair? Why?" is another business venture and research center of my entrepreneurial journey after this quote.  This business element will work with researchers, humanities scientists and professors from well-known universities to work on Anger Management, English Literature & Comparative Literature (Columbia University), Theory & Methods of Comparative Literature, World Literature, Arts & Sciences of Comparative Literature (Harvard University), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anger, Managing Anger & confrontation, Human Sciences, Psychology & Theories of Mind, Psychoanalytic Revolution, Erotic Gratification, Personality Development, Science & Technology Studies (Ways to bridge the gaps between IT Savvy & Non-IT Savvy Individuals), Human Ambition, Creativity & Empathy and History of Science.  

Part of my wealth coming from will be contributing to Research & Development (R&D) organization and universities.  I stress one more time, I will not contribute my wealth to charity.  I hope all the charity organization can stop your efforts on approaching me to donate money on the charity.         

"If you are born poor, it is not your mistake, but, if you die poor, it's your mistake."
~ Bill Gates

With this quote, promises or guarantees everyone a chance to travel to a foreign country or a dream holiday destination.  You are no longer being categorized as a poor individual because you fly before and you have a beautiful memory of your traveling trip(s) in your life through the easy way, i.e.

"Rome wasn't built overnight.  Thousand miles of journey starts with a single step."

"I am a slow walker, but I never walk back." 
~ Abraham Lincoln (16th President of United States)

With the encouragement of these two quotes, I am no longer fear.  I am building my mission step-by-step, day-after-day.  I am the richest woman in this world, an affirmation.  I hope to get all supports from all over the world to bring my mission comes true.  Gender discrimination is over and no more in the world; I strictly believe that.  I have decided to continue my entrepreneurial journey with great supports.  

I will quit my job after I get the investors to work on my mission.  

I am here to work hard to bring a better tomorrow for the world.  I believe "Tomorrow Is Always Better"!  

"There is no absolutely right or wrong for every situation and any information.  It is always a grey area because we are human beings.  This is the knowledge about Ethics, Professionalism, Economics, Politics and Law."

~ Ms. Wong Hui Shin        

Sunshine Little Kitchen Food Court, Sunshine Little Kitchen Fine Dining Restaurant and Angel's Breakfast are the Food & Beverage chain to bring the taste or the food of international to all the world citizens and the importance of taking breakfast in every morning.  "Sunshine Little Kitchen" is my book which published under two publishers in year 2012 and later.  The book is talking about my traveling experiences inside and outside my country, Malaysia.  I have tasted many food all around the world and I believe it is good for world citizens to taste the worldwide food at their home country.       

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Score 100% for each subject or examination paper, yes or no?

I was a Science class student and I scored 100% (100 marks) in my high school Chemistry subject.  Also, I scored 100% in a few subjects in my undergraduate degree.  If someone tell me that I must score 100% for all subjects, I am sure that I can make it.  Just that my parents are farmers and they do not know much about the relationship of their children's career and educational background/ achievements.  They never tell me that I should score 100% for all subjects when I were young until now.  If I were scoring the level of such achievements, I would be a Professor in Oxford University, Cambridge University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology,  Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University or John Hopkins University.  To be a Professor in one of these universities is one of my dreams too.  Hopefully, my track records in my entrepreneurial journey can give me the alerts and ideas to form a new research area in one of these universities.  Although I am the richest woman in the world, I will not forget my investment in Research & Development (R&D) institutions and universities.   

I am going to tell my nieces and nephews that we must try to score all 100% in all subjects.  We must aim to become a perfectionist, however, if we are not able to score perfect, then, we can work in a group to gather all the talents from each field or subject to work on a project or business.  Looking for a good working group is a challenging task.

When I was a Science student, I learned that we as the human beings are formed by a groups of cells, tisues, organs and finally, a system.  The cells will die after 30 days or more.  Our body has the ability to create new cells after the old cells die.  I learned these in my Biology class.  Thus, we have no problem after we touched or being touched by the dirty hands or mouth because we can clean them and at the same time, we wash away the dirty and the dead cells eventually.  We can do SPA, SCRAB and SAUNA to improve the blood circulation for new cells or new tissues growing.  Yet, I only want to choose to kiss and to have sex with my legally married husband only if I am going to have one very soon.

I did not have sex or any romance with any men.  I am still a virgin, however, I had slept side by side with many male friends due to friendship gathering and budget traveling purposes.  Of course, if you want to sleep side-by-side with your male friends for budget traveling purposes, then, you must choose the good male friend(s) and tell them in advance that you are a loyal fan of GOD.  Secondly, you are not hoping that you are touched, kissed or raped during the room sharing or bed sharing duration.  Sleeping side-by-side by no kissing, no touching and no sex with my male friends is definitely different from having sex or romance with your love one.  State your border lines for your relationship if you are going to start any relationship.  Of course, it is not wrong to kiss, touch or having sex with your love one if you are very sure that she or he is the best for you ever since you have met them.  I am a fan of GOD even though I am not a Christian yet.  I am following GOD's words to set a clear line between a man and a woman as a couple that no touching, no kissing and no sex before a marriage.

If I am not a virgin now, I must be raped without my notice during the time when I was aslept with my male friends.  Please mind your words and the way you talk about me after you read my blog posts.  I will sue you to courts of justice if you bridge the defamation law against me.  If those who have sexual harrassed me found guilty, I will bring them to jail.  I want to punish them.  It is my mistake to be a fan of this quote, "Strive to be the first:  the first to nod, the first to smile, the first to forgive and the first to forget".  I am still a fan of to be the first, yet, only the first to nod, the first to smile, definitely not the first to forgive and the first to forget.  If you have done something to harm me and the people around me, I will show you the power of LAW.  I want you to be jailed and being punished.     

I am the eldest in a humble and innocent family with two younger brothers and three younger sisters.  We used to share a room when we were younger because we only have an extra room in my home in a small village in Perak, Malaysia.  Thus, I treated all my male friends as my brothers and we had no problems to share a room when we traveled in order to save our traveling budget.  Those male friends who have shared rooms with me by no touching, no kissing, no sex and never disturbing me while I was sleeping were definitely good men.  Somehow, if he had sexual harrassed me after the night we have shared a room together once, he must found guilty and being jailed.  I shared a hotel room with a male friend (Dr. Peter Lim Boon Lum) when I was in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia for a conference many years ago.  After a few days, he had sexual harrassed me.  At that time, I was educated by Chinese Philosopy that if I am not hurt or loose anything big, just forgive and forget.  After years of western educated and with work experiences, who ever had harm me or hurt me or plan to hurt me and harm me must be jailed and punished by LAW. 

I slept side-by-side with my high school male classmate (Dr. Terry Lee Lean Hiap) and another 5 medical doctors for almost a week in Gunung Angsi under a cave.  Gunung means mountain.  I slept side-by-side with my friends from Egypt (Sameeh) and Slovenia (Rok) when we visited Fun Island in Republic of Maldives in year 2004.  We were good friends when we met in Korea in year 2002.  I spent some times in Korea for a youth camp.  I slept side-by-side with Dr. Arman Toussi in his condominium when I was late after some nightlife activities of the day.  He put his hand on my tummy when the moment I woke up.  I quickly left his place and never call him again.  After that I never hear from him until now.

"Dr. Arman Toussi, were you expecting sex activities when we slept side by side?", said Ms. Wong Hui Shin or Ms. Hui-Shin Wong.  If you contact me after our night together, we might be husband and wife now.  Definitely, I liked you, however, I was never expecting your hand putting on my tummy when the moment I woke up.  You are a Muslim, however, you are having body contact with me by putting your hand on my tummy.

Such an innocent child right?  I am one.

Now, I wish to pass a message to the youth and the younger generation that if we can afford it, no room sharing because we need to avoid any communication break down due to public perception and people perceive situation differently about the real meaning of relationship for a newly couple or friendship.

"There were not miscommunication, in fact, there were communications broke down due to public perception and people perceive situation differently."     ~ Ms. Wong Hui Shin           

I am a PhD or a Doctorate of Philosophy study dropped out in year 2015 meaning if I am a graduate of this study, my name will carry a Dr. title in front of me, i.e. Dr. Wong Hui Shin.  I was very confident that I can finish and being a graduate of my PhD study when the moment I started Dr. Wong Foundation and Dr. Wong Foundation Fellowship.  Dr. Wong whom I have mentioned in my community service start-up ventures is me.  I am Dr. Wong if I have a chance to graduate a PhD study.  Part of my business fortune from will go to these two ventures too.

When I was a little child until I was a master degree graduate, my parents and the people around me never tell me that I should score all 100% (100 marks) in all subjects or examination papers.  I just received a lot of championships and 100%, i.e. full marks in some of my undertaking without any pressure.  Yes, I am a CHAMPION with the highest confident since I was born until I have started in year 2014.  I never failed to work on what I said and what I wanted to do.  I always said what I wanted to do first and later, I could execute them correctly, successfully and smoothly.  I declared my feeling of love first ever in a social media, i.e. the facebook that I was in love with Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong in year 2010 after I heard and watched his video about the youth direction in YouTube.  I shouted loud that I was marrying him and later, I failed.  He never approaches me and we never start any relationship or even a friendship until now.  I also failed to secure a few pre-seed funding application since 2014.  I failed my PhD study.  Soon, I lost my permanent job and I hardly get a permanent job after I have no more money to continue my start-up, and other ventures.  I declared in my blog post that I will let go my entrepreneurial journey and, soon, I got a contract job in October last year with a very small pay.

Recently, I am revamping my start-up website ( now after I know about Cradle Seed Ventures Fund and I am very confident again that I am going to get the funding.  It is RM 1-3 millions fund allocation for my pre-commercialize business idea.  I hope that I can get it to expand my team to work close to my worldwide life mission.  I will resign immediately and work full time on my mission after I get the funding or investors.  I need to earn a living now by working for people because I had spent all my money on the research and market validation for my business ideas and ventures.  I sold my first condominium in life to fund my research and business venture.  I am in debts now too by borrowing money from family members and loan institutions.  Hi there!  This is part of the entrepreneurial journey!             

After I got to know Joel Neoh (, the founder of after my Hong Kong trip a few years ago, I knew that he scored almost perfect in his Pre-U study under his both teachers profession parents.  I am not a perfectionist also and yet I am almost perfect, thus, I need a team like what Joel Neoh did.  I know his co-founder, Yeoh Chen Chow. When I was in Hong Kong, I was very scared to be closed to Joel Neoh at that time.  Main reasons were that I had bad experiences that those men who came very near to me had sexually harassed me by 1st man: put his hand on my lap when we were sitting side by side and chit-chatting on a bus - he is a disable folk; 2nd man: pushed me to the wall and force kissed me - he is a very famous Chinese traditional medicine medical doctor in Klang Valley; 3rd man: rolled up my T-Shirt together with my bra by sucking my nipple using his mouth when we were chit-chatting and sitting on the floor - he is carrying a Dr. title in front of his name with the highest honest of graduation from National University Singapore (NUS).  Yes, he is a Singaporean; 4th man: he held my hand without asking for my permission and he has indicated his feelings of love on me, I rejected his love - he is a disable folk and he claimed that he is an Oxford University graduate; 5th man: ......  When these men sexually harassed me for not more than 3 seconds, I quickly ran.  They never contacted me until now after they had sexually harassed me.  Thus, I shouted that these men who came near me only want SEX and not a relationship or a marriage because they stop contacted me after they had sexually harassed me or their so-called "romance" to start a relationship.

Should I report all these sexual harrassment activities to the police?  I want to put these people who had sexually harassed me in the jail else explain why you had such actions and attitudes?  I never meet a white man who had sexually harassed me.  All my white men friends are so gentlemen.  They asked me to have sex with them, I disagreed with the highest rejection and they still remain friends with me.  This is the main different between the west and the east.  These westerners I have met are having better communication skills with the sense of highest respects to themselves and me.  Thank you very much.

I swear that I only want to have sex and close relationship with my legally married husband only, I repeated.  Thank you for your understanding.  I am looking for you, are you my soul mate or my potential legally marrying husband?  Contact me!

Dear Mr. Joel Neoh, a Malaysian, a Harvard University graduate, the founder of, can you contact me if you read my post here?  I need your help to guide me for my entrepreneurial journey.  You deserve a mentor position in Founder Institute.

Dear Mr. Kien Lee, a Singaporean, a Yale University graduate, the founder of, can you contact me if you read my post here?  I need your help too to guide me for my entrepreneurial journey.  Of course, you deserve a mentor position in Founder Institute too.

Dear Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong, a Malaysian, an Oxford University graduate, the further generation of Casino King in Malaysia.  Can you contact me after you read my post here?  I need to meet you and talk to you face to face because I had the feeling on you when I first met you in  Are you still single?  I heard that you married a Thai rich girl.  Can I have a chance to meet you for a tea or coffee?  We are not able to become a couple yet, we can become friends.  I am sure you can help me in my business venture.  I will tell you why I like you at the first sight when I watched your YouTube video.

Dear Mr. Samuel Tay, a Malaysian, an Oxford University graduate.  I want to contact you too.  I got to know more about you through your name card when we met in one of the events in the hotel in Kuala Lumpur.  I also heard that you are married and yet, I have lost all my name cards after a house cleaning.  The cleaning mate clear my stuff to the trash just like that without my notice.

Dear Madam Raja Azura, a Malaysian, the CEO of a government-linked organization.  Can you link me to the investors and Angels?  I tried to contact you, however, I failed.  Can you call me when you read my post?

Dear Mr. Ziad Razak, a Malaysian, a Cambridge University graduate and a Harvard University graduate.  Can you contact me after you read my post?  I am looking for business partners.  I am looking for opportunities for us to work together.

Dear Mr. Christopher Tock (Chris), a Malaysian, a Kolej Tunku Jaafar (KTJ) high school graduate.  Can you contact me when you read my post?  I need your help and partnership too in all my business and ventures.   

and many more ......

Amore ......

Due to Wendy Grace W. is the famous person or public figure in Malaysia and the world, it was hard to announce the news that W. Grace W. was kidnapped in Malaysia.  Malaysia is aiming to be the developed country in the world in year 2020.  Thus, the worry of the news will stop visitors or foreigners to visit Malaysia or to invest in Malaysia.  Later, the strengths have decided to announce that W. Grace W was under the Mental Health treatments, i.e. the ECT - Electroconvulsive therapy ( in the hospital for months.      

If you know that Malaysia is a place for kidnapping and crimes, will you come to Malaysia?  If you know that Malaysia is a place of kidnapping and crimes, will you continue to stay in Malaysia and invest in Malaysia?   

Watch up!  Why W. Grace W. was kidnapped with a lot of jealousy from the public who do not understand her or know her well?  At the age of 34 years old, she is holding the CEO position and representing Multimedia University, Cyberjaya as the opening ceremonies key person and the key person for MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) signing.  Is his family super rich or her husband or boyfriend is super rich.  How to you investigate the real situation?   After this case, will Malaysia become very famous with effective of police force in criminal solvers/ minimization?  Will Malaysia give more confidence for all people around the world that it is a crime safe country with a lot of good food showering the people and tourists cum investors?  Will W. Grace W. continue her life with her boy friend who is coming from United States of America and with the 16th Generation Rich family background?  Will W. Grace W.  kept thinking of her Malaysian boy friend and not able to fully concentrate her new life with new boy friend cum husband?            

To be continued ......