Friday, May 26, 2017

Valentina Tereshkova: How a factory worker get a doctorate in Engineering and become the first woman in the space?

She is elected as a cosmonaut as her skills of sky diving is excellent.  She started her career as a factory worker and slowly and sooner, she has a doctorate in Engineering.  This is a big step for a woman representative and she gain respects and supports from all over the world.  She is an iron lady.

I am much lucky than her since I am started my official carrier as a Software Development Engineering after my official graduate from a Software Engineering major degree.  I am surprise that why some of the "iron women" in Malaysia are not being protected, respected and supported.

I only ran two full marathons (42 KM) in my life.  I used to dive in the sea to observe the corals and sea creatures especially turtle when I was a student.  I traveled around the world with friends, societies and family's supports.  I traveled to many places and explored to many domain knowledge for the reason to get a supervisor to guide me along my doctorate degree with the dream of achieving a Nobel Prize one day.  I started to write books and novels when I did not have much to do which all my writing ideas are coming from all my enthusiasm about my life, human relationship and good life all over the world especially in Malaysia as my born and childhood growing up country until recently last year with my strong affirmation with worldwide announcement that I were going to marry Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong, i.e. a Malaysian with his first degree and master degree from Oxford University.  I started to have nightmare and a lot of cursing and hurts.  I can't move to any places while I am continuing to flourish with all my creative, innovation and the ability to solve all my problems.  The Malaysian man whom I love the most is Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong.  I guess it should be a history since he is no longer available according to his best friends in United Kingdom.  Of course, I am sad while I am quickly equipped and going after by a "Russian" Scientist and a Spanish Engineer.

I did not know what wrong with me because I am only a small body in the worldwide recognition as an honorary of Linda Latham Scholar which I was awarded when I was in California a few years ago.  I did not apply it and I did not know what was it as I received an email with the invitation to Monterrey, California to receive the award as I am certain and confident that I deserve it with my efforts in volunteerism and environmental saving cum protection activities through technology.  Of course, I am willing to take up the challenges while I pray to the GOD that I need the protection from GENDER DISCRIMINATION, JEALOUSY, EQUALITY and MAJORITY HUMAN INNOCENT IN ONE's ABILITY.  I was assigned to work on my doctorate degree under the Ailment Analysis of Heart Beats and Brain Waves with the supports of Johns Hopkins University and Stanford University in Malaysia.  My Ph.D supervisor, Professor Dr. Ho Chin Kuan asked me to stop since he said that I am more focus on my entrepreneurship and start-up rather than my research and study.  I would say that he should be able to deal with Multi-Tasking Woman just like me while I am only one of the examples in this world.  

I am happy to know Valentina Tereshkova this morning.  She is the first lady who is in the SPACE.  She started her career as a factory worker and she managed to climb up the social ladder by extending her ability who is giving by the GOD.  I am sure I am one like her too.

Why should I be treated as a "slave" forever in Malaysia and being degraded my ability by technology such as Pharmaceutical, Medical and Engineering with a lot of efforts by some nonsense to manipulate my trust in technology as well as education qualification after they know that I am in love with Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong?  Why should I be discriminated and being shouted that I shouldn't have such achievements in my life since I am not an OX-BRIDGE graduate or an IVY-LEAGUE UNIVERSITY graduate as a result of I did not know what is appeal and I did not care about my academic results as long as I pass them one by one?  I am sure the DEFINITION of OX-BRIDGE and IVY-LEAGUE UNIVERSITIES graduates should be redefined and their career achievements should be define too in this century.  It should be a big deal when you are one those days while definitely not now because the establishment and widely use of INTERNET and the OPEN COURSES freely available to every part of the world such as and Khan Academy.  Why should I be treated and looked strange or "Alien", just because my ability is slightly higher than most of the people in Malaysia especially majority of the pre-said strong women and strong men in this little country by having multiple careers, passion and hobbies in different domain knowledge?  Why should I be treated as a "PROSTITUTE" while my personality and character are extremely charming and OVER/ EXTREMELY friendly with the abilities to make friends with all level of the individuals in this world as well as the worldwide recognition that I am a virgin?  I am definitely a VIRGIN with no recognized relationship until now and why should I be shouted that I had multiple sex partners?  If you say that I am no longer a virgin, can you tell me who are the one who has taken my virginity?  It is not that I am not willing to let go my virginity, it is just the timing, principle and my level of understanding about my target sex partner is not up to a level of confident yet.  I told one of my friends, Wong Mei Lin who is still a virgin at her 60's now.  I might loss my virginity to Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong if I meet him because I know him and his family a lot through the technology, i.e. the INTERNET and MEDIA and their achievements reach my basic requirements with the instant attraction.  I am not saying that those men whom I have met those days were not charming enough, however, it is the factor of TIMING, MATURITY and NEED.  Find out more who are those charming men whom I have met in my life in one of my book preview in this blog, "How ENTJ woman fall in love?"  Those were not imagination while it is a form of protection by stated it as an imaginative writing and no longer a virgin.  Some "low end" people think that I can attract so many rich and powerful men in my life mainly because I am good in sex, seducing, sexy, gorgeous, smooth body complexion, tight vagina and attractive breasts?  Of course, I am confident that I have all these features and qualities while I never purposely show a single man about all these features and qualities because I have not meet the one yet at the right timing, i.e. meeting one with the desire of SEX by having children.  Muslim countries especially Malaysia, are you aware of people can have divorce in their life?  Of course, I am not saying that one must divorce in their life, however, when you choose a relationship or you decide to let go your virginity or having a sexual relationship with one, you must be certain that you need to be responsible for any consequences after that with no regrets, cursing or doing anything which will be harmful to your so called ex-love or ex-sex partner's new life or new partner.  If you are not confident about yourself, then, wait until the wedding night.  People will improve day by day and people will have latest requirements and requests in their life mainly because the advance technology, abilities to meet new people and travel to many places in this world as well as the availability of the reading materials.  That's why my first criteria of my life partner is that he must has a good communication skill and he is able to voice up her level of unsatisfactory on me, so that I can work hard to improve myself and be a perfectionist for him.  The moment I met Ricci through a social media platform, I am amazed because he is honest and telling me exactly what he is looking for as her wife quality and I am sure that I can be a good wife at his perspective.  Again, it is the factor about TIMING, MATURITY and NEED.  Why should I have purposely created sickness on me while Malaysia is a very clean and healthy country since I have born until just recently when I shouted that I want to marry Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong?  Who are all these nonsense or jealous bad people with no knowledge of FAIR COMPETITION?  Should we add a subject called Social Science in Primary School and Secondary School, so that people will be educated as a civilize individuals with the ability to have empathy to those who are unfortunate or involve in social problem and being supportive to those who have high goals and dream as well as the study of the achievement and track records from all level of international recognized figures.  I am recovering for sure while I am speechless when I know about the dark side of the society and the community, i.e. using all the bad tricks to "KILL" your competitors.  Why should I be treated as one of the mental health patients while I am never into any symptoms of any categories of the mental health.  Should all qualify Psychiatrists excel in Thesaurus and words?  Of course, I believe that Psychiatrists must be able to form reasoning, analyse and make the best conclusion for each and any individuals.

Oh my GOD!  Should the relevant parties evaluate and redefine Psychology education tracks in Malaysia?  Should you spread the words that becoming a medical doctor, dentist, lawyer are meant for helping the community?  By choosing to become a professional medical doctor, dentist, pharmacist, accountant and lawyer is not a way to become EXTREMELY RICH, it is a form of community service with good heart and it is definitely NOT CREATING PROBLEM for your patients and later, asking her to be treated by you with a big compensation or payment to you.  For example, a while ago, my teeth had some dirt.  I went to see a known dentist, Ng Shiau Wai (if I am not spell her name wrongly) who is a graduate from University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in Klang.  I got to know her when I joined an activity which is organised by WWF or Malaysia Nature Society (MNS).  After she washed my teeth, my teeth have significant seen gaps.  I asked her why they are such, she told me that I need to do teeth braces in order to close all the gaps of the teeth.  What a nonsense dentist?  I reported her unprofessional and unskillful applied dentistry to Malaysia Dentistry Association.  I hope that they can take action and let go her medical dentistry qualification as a dentist because I am sure that I am not the only victim.  I am so sad that she is no longer a good woman after getting married and having children.  I am having my studies in government schools during my elementary education, and, I am able to climb up the social ladder by knowing a lot of OX-BRIDGE and IVY-LEAGUE UNIVERSITIES graduates mainly because of my personality, characters, personal principle as well as my ability in creativity, innotivity and the ability to solve problems with highly ethics and professionalism.  As a billionaire, millionaire or a businessman/ business woman, you must be able to give training to your staff/ employee, so that they can carry forward your desire goals.  Of course, scolding people are not the ways to release your anger.  You should enroll to ANGER MANAGEMENT COURSE, Mr. Lai Chee Hoe, i.e. a lawyer who are not able to excel in his English usage and writing yet while he is charging RM 1200 as his so called professional legal consultation.  If he is in technology and engineering, he has the right of not excelling in language usage while as a lawyer, he must be able to reason, analyse, read in detail as well as talk professionally.  I am well verse in LAW, TECHNOLOGY and MEDICAL RESEARCH by a profession by only collecting RM 200 per hour of professional lecturing.  If you are asking about the ENVY and JEALOUSY issues, it is definitely not applying to me while I am only voice up my ability which I feel that I am better than him.  I never do anything to harm him while he is still has his good health to continue his learning journey who knows he will be the best of the best lawyer one day in this nation; definitely not now.  Not like some nonsense who wants to win a game or a man, use his power to influence a group of people to kidnap me and use the technology to work on my breasts, my vagina and my brain so that I will be no longer as attractive as before to RICH and POWERFUL MEN especially your love or your husband by emphasizing and manipulating in SOCIAL STIGMA.    
It is definitely not a form of self protection and fair competition else, it will not have DIVORCE in the dictionary.  You must know that every word in the dictionary has its meaning, history and reason.  That's why I have started a start-up called "I have a dream".  This is an event organizer who will arrange the events to meet your desire and curiosity to know about some words in the dictionary such as JEALOUSY, PERFECTIONIST, DIVORCE and many others.

No marriage is a guarantee since the LAW has such a way to exit in a marriage.  Thus, if you want to protect yourself being divorced from your man, what you need to do is to change the LAW, i.e. eliminate or discard the DIVORCE LAW since you claim that you are rich and powerful?  Also, if you can not accept the separation after a sexual relationship in a boy-girl relationship with full of frustration and revenge, then, DO NOT LET GO YOUR VIRGINITY OR COMMIT INTO ANY SEXUAL ACTIVITIES before a marriage.      

If you are going after MONEY, be an entrepreneur, be a businessman, be a business woman!  Of course, you must be ethical and treat your employees good as well as knowing deeply that a billionaire, a millionaire, a business woman, a businessman or a boss is a JOB too by having more heavy responsibilities to solve SOCIAL PROBLEM and involve actively in TALENT ACQUISITION and APPRECIATION.            

Due to more than 10 times of the treatment of ECTs which the doctors did that to me without asking my permission, my long term and short term memory as well as my learning capability are no longer there.  I wonder why should the "REJECTED" technology and machines are being imported to a developing country like Malaysia since it will only degrade one's ability and the side effects are not bringing any good benefits to the patients.  It is stated in the medical documentation that ECT is going after the patients who have depression.  May I ask when did I have a depression since I never fall in love to date?  May I ask when did I have a depression since I am a highly achiever in my life with the ability to excel in swimming in less than 5 days swimming lesson?  

I want to know who is Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong's wife eventually and I want to know in what background, network and ability she has, so that she can degrade me and make me a "STUPID" in this unfair competition.  I am so frustrated that my health is being harm and I might not be able to have a healthy child or production ability after I received the ECT's treatments and prescribed medicine consumption due to my innocent trust to the technology, medical doctors and pharmaceutical.  I regret to inform some strangers that I am willing to accept a divorce if I can not have children with my life partner.  I need to do the correction now.  As long as the professional technology research, medical research and pharmaceutical research are there, you are able to conceive and have children.  Of course, you are able to be healthy again with the advance technology of FOOD SCIENCE.

Thank you, GOD!  Thank you, MUST!  Thank you, Malaysia!  Thank's for the professionalism around the world who make me a somebody in research and entrepreneurship.  I am strong, wise and dedicated with the mission to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich, the intelligence and the ordinary, the masters and the slaves, the local graduates and the overseas graduates, the easterners and the westerners, the IT-savvy and non IT-savvy individuals in all my research, career and entrepreneurship tracks.  I am aiming for two Nobel Prize Awards for the good reasons of serving the world better by equipping myself to be influential to change the world.  The world is "Sick"!!  People are bullying the unfortunates, poor and low capabilities individuals.  People are going after RICH and POWERFUL to achieve their dreams to be able to have the luxury life.  They never know that it is a JOB as the wife of Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong.  It is a JOB as the wife of Prince Harry or Henry.  FAIR COMPETITION!  I am recovering fast with the blessing of GOD.  I hope that I am as smart as previous, as sexy and gorgeous as previous.

What do I want to do if I am super rich one day?  

I want to use my trained skills from Founder Institute, MIT, MMU, MUST, MONASH University, University of London, Royal Holloway, Cambridge University, Carnegie Mellon University, Newcastle University, Oxford University, Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, Harvard Business School and many others to work on part of my jobs in solving worldwide social problem, talent acquisition and talent appreciation by bridging the GAPs to enhance the level of understanding among individuals in this world.  I am a Christian now while I will also keep my promise to donate a lot of money to Scientology because Scientology did contribute in building up my strong characters and personality.  I used to be a cry "baby" due to my confusing of my role, my goal and my principle of life as a result of the social stigma manipulation by people who are not good and want to win in an unfair competition.  After I was having a section with Scientology Church in Berlin many years ago, I am no longer crying due to my firm and certain about my rights and my principles.  Read my book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen"!  You can get it from

What is your plan now?

I need investors now to move my business ideas to the next level.  I need a job now since I am no longer wealthy as previous after the nonsense "attacks" for the reason to gain money to further my research, writing and entrepreneurer tracks/ business ideas.  I hope to gather a group of good people who can help me to work for a better world.

Do you think you are a very strong woman?

I would say I am a woman who has a very strong mental and social skill.  I am definitely not strong physically if I am comparing to men.  Men are meant to be stronger and they are created by the GOD to protect weak folks such as women, teenagers and children.  I am a very happy that I have such protective friends, family and community.  A big thank you to all who have been involving to make me a somebody.

How are you going to differentiate naturally good and trained skills?

Some people are extremely good.  They have the ability to learn new skills by themselves.  Some people are lucky because they are the selected groups of the people who will lead the nation such as JPA scholars in Malaysia.  Due to my fair, strong personality & characters, strong analytical & reasoning skill, creativity, innotivity, ability to solve social problems, ethical and professionalism, I am trained to become a RICH and INFLUENTIAL woman by worldwide organization.  Of course, I am a naturally good woman with the intensive training in entrepreneurship and technology by education.  Now, it is time to do hands on.  I need to work on the fields now.

How do you feel today?

I feel extremely good because I have the instincts that my night mare and the ending of the problems which created by the feeling of others jealousy, unable to understand me, social economic, fair competition, the role of RICH and POWERFUL people and the shout of the equality.  Of course, I would like to thanks all the people who involved in solving all my problems.  I hope that I am recovering fast.  Some people will look down at FAT people because to them, fat people are not disciplined.  Through my experience, research and conversation to some people, I know that obesity might caused by in-disciplinary however, it is also caused by the side effects of the treatments like cancer, psychiatric and many others.  I was shouted and being treated with unfair scale mainly because I am fat now.  I hope that I can reduce my weight to who I was previously, i.e. 52 KG.  It is more convincing when you are healthy, slim and sexy.  Let's appreciate the ART of FOOD SCIENCE.  Let's put an eye on the type of food which you are going to consume.

Let's support High-Protein Breakfast, Angel's Breakfast which I have started in June last year.  Let's support my book, Sunshine Little Kitchen, so that I am able to form the Dr. Wong Foundation with the initiative to form the Dr. Wong Foundation Fellowship in Malaysia.  Also, with your support in Sunshine Little Kitchen, the Sunshine Little Kitchen Food Court and Sunshine Little Kitchen Fine Dining are on my ways.  I have drafted the blueprint and healthy concern about the promoting of the consumption of quality food by the basic start of a High-Protein Breakfast a day.

What would be the strong point he must have as your life partner or husband?

He must be supportive enough in all my life goals.  If he is able to contribute in my life goals, that would be great.  I am not emphasizing on his participation because he might have his own life goals and dreams.  For sure, I would want to support him all the ways on his goals and what he is doing now.  Of course, he must love children and he wants our children.   

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