Monday, May 8, 2017

The one beside you

When you are famous or a leader in an industry, a lot of your followers will want to have photos with you because they like you.  Just like me, I am a kind person.  I have a lot of students would like to have photos with me.  Sometime, I do not know the student while I am still willing to have photos with them mainly because I do not know the art of networking and exploitation.

Many years ago, I met our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir and wife.  I asked for their permission to have a photo with them.  It is my mistake not to introduce myself while I am asking for the permission to take a photo with them meaning I do not know me simply they are so famous and having the willingness to take photos with everyone in their event.

I am a well known volunteer.  I did a lot of volunteering jobs because I was free and my ability to complete my works fast.  I also did a lot of running and swimming at the same time.  Thus, I had a model look body with muscle.

Just recent these years, some jealous people are using their power to work on me mainly because they are jealous on me by not making friend with me and set the decision that I am not good enough to have good life and high pay.  They sent me to the hospital and diagnosed me as a mental health individual.  This is Malaysia.  If you are rich in Malaysia, you can kill a talent or anyone whom you are not happy with.  Same thing go to United States of America, you can kill one talent or one whom you are not happy with.  I learned this when I was in Cyberjaya and Las Vegas.

Be rich and powerful using facts and knowledge and not influence people to kill one by simply listen to one's complain or one party's complain without a fair trial or conversation.  The example of fair trial means attending the conversation, question and ask session, evidence finding and etc. like the scenarios in Court of Justice.

Welcome to a billionaire's world!  I am one of them for sure.  It could not be now while one day in my life!  My students said that I am a trillionaire attitude because some billionaires are jealous too.  They are jealous without justification and the sense of inferior because they do not want to hire me me as their employee.  Oh my god!  They have the connection with billionaires.

I am not as intelligence as before mainly because I am trying to peace some people by consuming some medicines which have huge side effects on me and my next generation.  I hope that GOD can help me and the medicine research is able to find out what is the best medication for me to recover my intelligence and produce good and inherited next generation.

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