Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Latest Trend of Computer and Database Security - a coming Nobel Prize Award

I would say it is secure to use the internet.  Why?  In year 2007, I submitted a grant application to Oracle R&D for the USD 2 billion research grant.  No news was replied after I have submitted that.  I am suggesting that the diversify computer security of the database storage in Oracle Database must combine the network "0" and "1" transmission and the electron traveling from one destination to another destination.  It is a piece of work for the diversify computer and database security with the combination knowledge from Nicola Tesla, the invention of networking and wireless network and database.  Once the database administrator amend the content of the local database or the multiple duplication of the database, the networking flow of the "0" and "1" will know about the content is being changed and also, the electron speed and transfer in the electricity cables worth to be considered into the security system as well.  This is the idea on how I achieve or receive a NOBEL PRIZE award in Science soon.  Of course, you can say that I am crazy or mad or a mental health patient while it should be this way to safe the world!  A potential NOBEL PRIZE Award recipient is like this, she or he is mad like what you said.  Yes, I am crazy because I have so many ideas to safe the world.  We need to stop the bad behaviour of the database administrators to amend the database contents to kill the worldwide talents.

If you are a professor and you would like to recruit me and guide me for a Nobel Prize designated thesis and research on this piece of ideas, then, kindly contact me at and +6 012 298 2298.  I am ready to relocate.  Currently, I am based in Malaysia with a few start-up while all these start-up can be wait and no big deal since the world has enough jobs for the worldwide citizens now.

Professor Peter Wild know about the Database Administrator's tricks when I voiced up to him when I was in University of London, Royal Holloway in year 2007 as an Academic Visitor to know more about the research in Information Security.

Look!  I will be the Nobel Prize recipient in Science as well as Literature.  Stay tune about my book, "Amore: The Indication of Civilization in 22nd Century".

The coming BBC and CNN news title, "Malaysia's Pride: The Nobel Prize Award Recipient, Wong Hui Shin".

My legal name is Wong Hui Shin.  I am a Malaysian.  Thus, I started this blog, Malaysian Footprint,  A lot of people in London thought that I am a Thai or a Vietnamese because of the way how I act and behave when I am traveling around with a public transport in United Kingdom for a legal stay of 2 years with the permission of my Dean, Professor Dr. Ewe Hong Tat as the unpaid or paid leave from Multimedia University, Cyberjaya when I was a lecturer there.  I was there for 9 years and 3 months.

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