Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Rise 2017

I was at RISE Hong Kong 2016, last year.

It said in a local newspaper that it was more than 1000 private jets were landing in Hong Kong for the event.  It is time for you to know one of the rich and powerful with a private jet since you are envy or you think that you are better than me and you deserve to have at least one friend with a private jet.

Good luck!  I am not going this year because I am lacking of fund.  I do not have extra money to spend on that.  If all the private jets have decided not to come, then, it is my charm to attract so many private jets to Hong Kong last year.  I am pretty confident that I am super gorgeous and more beautiful than Deborah Henry Priya, and Meghan Markle,

Well, I am sure that Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong and Prince Henry choose the best wife for themselves.  Let's wait for the official announcement or news about their legal and official wedding.  It must be announced in The Star, Bangkok Post, CNN or BBC since they are a leader of the world, I believe so.

Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong's coming wife is a Thailand Tycoon's or Billionaire's daughter.  Thus, it is extremely important to announce to the world that they are getting married in Bangkok Post,  Stay tune!  It would be the dreamland wedding ceremony with more than 4000 guests since they are rich according to Forbes.  If their wedding is not announced in the public domain or media then, I do not think that a billionaire's daughter is a gorgeous or presentable like a Miss Universe or Miss Malaysia, Deborah Henry Priya who had sex with Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong.  I am saying so and telling the world that their relationship because a lot of people are telling me that virginity is not important and pre-marital sex is very common.  Well, I agree so.  Let's everyone know that Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong's ex-girl friend is Deborah Henry Priya.  I am sure that all Thailand citizen must know.

I do not think that a Thai billionaire can accept a son in law with such record.  Thus, let's promote no sex before a marriage.  Do not listen to nonsense or simply give away your virginity.  Virginity is important if you want to marry a rich and powerful.  If you are no longer a virgin, do not dream high because you will be sad eventually because he will leave you one day even though you are married meaning he will divorce you.  If you are saying that virginity is not important, then, let's see who am I going to get married to.  I am definitely never have sex willingly with anyone with no children records unless I was raped without my knowledge.  I do not understand why my vagina is so big recently.  Maybe it was because I am falling in love.  My vagina open and wet for my lovely man.  I am not sure.  If your boy friend like Ricci would like to see your private part or vagina, then, let's go to a hospital to seek for a Gynaecologist to examine your private part or vagina.  The Gynaecologist is able to tell if one is a virgin or a healthy none virgin with the ability to have sex for children.

Visit Dr. Paul Tay in Prince Court.  Prince Court is a hospital in Kuala Lumpur.  Multiple consultation or advise are recommendable.  One of my best friends is a Gynaecologist who is certified and a graduate from The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG),  I attended his/ her convocation in London many years back with Daniel T.'s consent.  As I told you, Daniel T. is my ex-boy friend.  He is a medical doctor specialist too.  Is Ricci going to keep his promise to marry me since he is not free to meet me after he propose a marriage to me through phone?  I am sure Ricci is confident that he is in love with me, I fly like a baby and attracted to his focus, sharp and will to marry me by only looking at my facebook profile photo.  I am very happy about Ricci with the instant forget about Justin, Boris and Daniel T.  I told Ricci that I am a bit fat now while I promise that I can get back to my sexy and thin body soon.  And, he said he like a woman who is not too thin.  For your information, Ricci is a Network Engineer who is an expatriate in Malaysia by having a contract for 3 years in an international company in Malaysia.  My major focus now is marriage and children while my start-up can be running parallel if I manage to have a team and investors else I wish to form my own family first.  Well, if you are one of my admirers, then, please wait for Ricci.  If he is not turning up or decide not to marry me, then, I must go for another admirer.  Thank you for being so protective, appreciate talent and save the world.  Let's promote world peace.      


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