Friday, May 26, 2017

Mystery ->Wonder -> Desire to Understand

If you want to know more about me because you are wondering why am I so crazy to have so many business/ writing ideas and dream, then, you must look at the international figures and important person such as Neil Armstrong, Martin Luther King and many others. Many of then inspired me to work hard for my life and create a better world for everyone to live. I believe that my contribution is crucial and I deserve to have a good life. I am confident. Mystery will let you wonder and later, it will lead to the desire to understand a knowledge, an organization, a business or a person. Welcome to my world! Welcome to the world of Wong Hui Shin/ Hui-Shin Wong/ Shyan H. Wong. My world is full of hopes and learning spaces. I was attacked and bullied, later, I understood that a lot of people are suffering and they were bullied too due to their "extra-ordinary" or special in this world while no one care about them because they never voice up or do not have the ability to voice up or do not know how to voice up to the GOD or state their problems in their blog or tell their parents or friends about their struggles. Thus, do not be shy and voice up what you think to the GOD as what I have done. I believe in GOD since I was young under the Buddhism/ Taoism family until recently I have experienced the power of GOD and swear that I am a Christian. I used to claim that I am a perfectionist with no sin until recently I am no longer perfect since I am sinful too. Just that my environment and growing up process have no space for imperfection. Thus, I want Jesus die for my sin and I hope that I can be a better person to save the world by not repeating my sinful act. I am sinful because I was very angry about my over confident affirmation by announcing the world with no correct actions and helps from others to achieve it while I cursed for no ways. Cursing is a type of sin. By cursing on others, I am no longer a perfectionist. Well, I might be jealous one day like you do, however, I need time to explore who am I jealous to and in which area and domain am I jealous to. Keep you posted! Keep in touch!

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