Friday, May 5, 2017

My last drawn salary

My last drawn salary is not more than RM 6000 a month which is the job position as a lecturer in Multimedia University.  As a lecturer, I have a lot of opportunities to have free meals in five star hotels because beside teaching, I am involved in research.  When you are taking about research, once you have any finding, you will write it into papers and present it the public.  It can not denied that my presentation skill is fabulous because I am a lecturer and at the same time an outstanding researcher.  Thus, I save a lot of money while I can enjoy food in five star hotels.  I invested my salary in properties which ensure me to gain RM 300,000 for my first property.  I sold it and I spent it all.  Now, I am urgently looking for a job since all my start-up need to be waited to the right timing to be launched.  My job is very relax since I can go to the university at any time and I can sleep at home at anytime during the 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. period as long as I am not clashing with my teaching and consultation assignments.  When I am working full time, I wish to have higher salary unless my job is going to serve me five star hotel food for free too.  Looking forward to hear from you soon.  I need a job in any location and I am willing to relocate!  

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