Monday, May 8, 2017


I published my book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen" and recruited a lot of jealousy mainly because a lot of people are aiming to buy luxurious houses and enjoying luxurious lifestyle without thinking of traveling to other countries.  I am a very thrifty person while my job as a lecturer in Multimedia University ensure me to have all those luxurious lifestyle in all those five star hotels because I am teaching more than 10,000 students with the ability to mark on their final year projects with the best guides.  I am their English teacher as well since my English and all the language usage are extremely good because when I was a child I was trained to be a speaker and a debater.  I was a singer as well because I like music.  In Malaysia, if you are going through or study in the government universities, you will not be able to choose your area of study.  The universities talent acquisition will choose the subject to you.  I want to study music and fine arts while I was chosen to do a medical degree.  Thus a lot of people will choose to go for private college or university if they are not getting the subject which they want to.  In year 1997-2002, the economy in Malaysia is not good.  Thus, a lot of people are not able to go overseas.  My younger sister, Eunice is very lucky because my father allow her to study in United Kingdom.  She know how to play piano since she is a kid because my father send her for that.  I did my ballet and I never know how to ask, however, I am joining a band in school to become a drummer.  My best friend, Ng Lee Ping is chosen to play the trumpet in school.  Just last year, about 20 of them in the family have the fantastic trip to Los Angeles for holiday.  To be a vegetables seller in a market are still doing well in this economy down turn period.  His husband is the whole seller of vegetables in the market in east peninsular Malaysia.  They visited Universal Studio in Los Angeles.  After they come back from holiday and posting a lot of photos in the facebook, the family got a lot of trouble mainly because of the jealousy from medical doctors.

How could the medical doctors' family are not able to have the holidays in Los Angeles while a family in street market will be able to travel so far.  Oh my god!  Educate all these dentists and medical doctors!  Be a dentist or a doctor is to help people who are sick and not aiming to get rich,  If you want to become rich, then, become a hawker stall owner by earning cents by cents with sweats.

Same thing go to me!  These medical doctors and dentists are jealous about my good construction of teeth and she purposely creating some gaps between my teeth after washing my teeth.  Oh my GOD.  My mother is well known with good construction of teeth and while she met a dentist in a government clinic, the dentist took out her good teeth forcefully by giving her a lot of nonsense advice.

If you are saying something which is destroying one, you will be claimed to have a brain tumor and receiving treatments to lead you to death struggely and let you spend all your money to do the treatment.  Of course, if you are good enough, you will shout for human right for not getting treatments.

Yes, respect my human rights.  Firstly, I do not want to take prescribed medication since your justification of my sickness is not strong enough.  Medical doctors, how can you get rich since you are not convincing enough?  Just be a professional employees, medical doctors and dentists!!

Of course, I am not saying all medical doctors should be poor, however, I am pretty sure that there are some really skillful medical doctors in the world.  For your information, my ex-boy friend is an internal medicine specialist in a United Kingdom hospital while we are eating sandwiches most of the time when we date in United Kingdom.  We save all our money for traveling and buying a house.  Well, it is a history.  He is around my age.  Do not posh even though you are thinking of marrying a medical doctor because medical doctors are doing community service and they never think about getting rich.  It is just a stable job.  Stable! Stable! and Stable!  Job! Job! and Job!  


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