Monday, May 8, 2017


You can get information from various resources.  You might get some information in my blog.  Well, when you are getting the information from any where, you must be having the ability to find out the truthness of the information and how well can you handle it.  If you have any losses after you use the information, you may always look for a lawyer to sue the information source.  This is the art of business being a Magazine and Newspapers business owner.

Spread the news!  Trust the good leaders.  If he is an inferior leader and trying to kill, then, avoid him.  A lot of cases people will look at the rich people.  They will look down and bully poor people.  All the people who like to bully must die.  The art of sickness for these bullies.

Why should I be sick while I am a good person all the while just until recently after I watch porn and sex videos in the internet.  I started to have the intention to have sex with anyone who come to me because my sex urge is there.  My ex-boy friend, the medical doctor insisted not to have sex with me even though I beg him recently when I am in London and he is in Philippines because he is a a good Christian.  Eventually, we broke up yesterday after he know that a Spanish propose a marriage to me.  For your information, my ex-boy friend is a White.  He is a UK citizen.  I am not sure why am I related to Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong and I am pretty sure that he is my friend since more than 10 years ago especially in facebook.  Of course, I am attracted to him and he wanted to marry me since I was the super model and "Miss World London".  Well, I do not know how to say about our schedules.  We were extremely busy, thus, we never meet each other in these 10 years.  I am kind of a business woman since he is very into all kind of business.  My ex-boy friend, Daniel is his good friend.  While Daniel definitely not rich and he is a community service doctor as an employee in the hospital even though he is a internal medicine specialist.  In UK, doctors earn small money.  You need to know about the net gain or net salary after TAX.  Taxation is crazy in United Kingdom.  You can not judge about their wealth by simply look at their pay slip.  My ex-boy friend is Daniel T.  We are together for more than 10 years, long distant relationship.  Thus, I always go to London and spend time in London.  He said he will want to move to Malaysia because Malaysia will be the leader of Asia one day.  He would want to accumulate his medical experience and later, become a chief in Malaysia hospital, Prince Court.

Oh yes, I know Daniel from, a dating website.  The reason why I am not informing my parents and friends about my status of having a boy friend mainly because we never kiss, never hold hands, never have sex even though we are being together for more than 10 years, however, we are planning for marriage by buying a house and get ready our children education fund.  Is this boy-girl relationship?  I am wonder and I am a bit naughty by having the thinking of getting another option.  We never go for a Rolex watch.  We go for Fosil watch.  I asked him to buy me one after my best friend told me that his boy friend bought her a Rolex.  I want one too since my best friend's boy friend is a Ph.D graduate from Malaysia and he has the ability to buy one for her.  The Rolex is really pretty.  My ex-boy friend showed me his pay slip and letting me know it is impossible for him to buy me a Rolex and I am totally an understanding girl friend by not demanding so much while he promised to save money to buy for me one day.  When you say about how many friends are called Daniel, I would say, I have more than 20 friends are called Daniel.  Daniel is such a common name.

If you find that my information is wrong, then, find a lawyer to sue me.  Do not claim that I have a mental illness and need to seek for doctor's help.  I looked down at one of my friends, Lilian Danielle Khoo because she shouted at me as a mental health patient and need to see doctors when he read the information in my facebook and blog.  I am so disappointed.  Also, another friend, Ling is acting as such.  I am learning the art of privacy and the difficulties to bring Malaysian to developed nation even though Malaysia might be developed as a developed country one day while the nation is still in such low thinking skill.  Also, you might be thinking that the blog is hacked or many reasons.  Why should you ask people a mental health patient since you are not having a fair trial with her or him yet.

Today, I want you to learn about new words, fair trials.  Fair trials must be there when people are not sick or being protected else, people will not dare to speak the truth mainly because powerful people kill the cats and dogs.  Is these the reason why you want to get rich?  After you become rich, you use your words to kill one!!  Am I right??    

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