Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I am not an advertisement platform anymore!

Please read until you finish and do no stop half way else you will be categorized as non critical thinker.

I am no longer Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong's prospect wife or coming wife since he already gave a wedding ring to a Thai girl.  You should look for the Thai girl and work on her.  She can be the advertisement platform for medical doctors, facial centre, massage centre, slimming centre and many more.  Thus, she is going to have an autism first child to proof that she is one of the best mothers in the world, later, she will have a down syndrome child to proof further that she is the best of the best among all the candidates like Yen Kuok and etc..  Also, Dato' Justin's wife will have heart attack or asthma to proof that she is believing in medical doctors and medicine are the best of the best.    

I am only marrying a professional since he already proposed to me unless he run away during the wedding day, thus, do not give me special children like austism or down syndrome since I am definitely not free because I need to work and as a professional prospect husband, we can not afford to give our children to receive special education.  Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong is rich as you all said and you all want to marrying him madly.  Are you ready to be one of the best mothers in the world by having an austism child or a down syndrome child or many more.  If you are, please go after him.  He might choose you because you are capable.  I am definitely not one of the best mothers in the world since I have done a lot of activities and volunteering works related to special children.

I was a member of Kiwanis Club Kuala Lumpur since year 2005 which is emphasizing in helping down syndrome children.

GOD, I pray to you, I need good food and good beverage for natural healthy.  I do not deserve a special child because I am no longer perfect.  I used to be a perfect lady until I was selected and later, he did not want me after I told him about my history of sexual experience and those men who abused me to trigger my sex drive without my permission when I was younger, however, I am definitely a virgin until now.    The man who select and deselect me is Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong.

Since I am no longer his coming wife, sickness, please do not come to me.  Jealousy attacks from other women who want madly to become Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong's coming wife, please walk away from me.  I do not know you all and I am definitely not his wife because he said he want to marry a rich lady, i.e. the Thai girl.

I might be rich one day while please I do not want all these blessing since someone told me that all these given by GOD are blessing which include disability.  I deny that.  I am so sorry.  I am not the best of the best anymore because I was bullied mainly because I do not have a high pay job which can pay all my housing loan and credit card spending.  If you are truely in love with me, please do not ask your family members and you to stop me keep on spending.  Remember I am a highly capable woman with 9 years and 3 months working experience with Multimedia University as a lecturer and being selected by Johns Hopkins University to join their heart beats and brain waves analysis research as my Ph.D. thesis (well!  I am a drop-out now because it is a tough job for me).  I am an independent woman by traveling to so many countries in the world alone.  It is not because I do not have friends while most of my friends are busy with their career or they have married good men or rich men.  One day if I am married, I must have a husband who will give me extremely high freedom to do what ever I wish to do while what I want to do must have an objective and the objective will never harm our family and children and definitely give a lot of benefits to all these.  I am sure.

Teresa Teng, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teresa_Teng die in Thailand.  Can a singer being diagnosed as an asthma attack individual.  I doubt so.  Thailand is a very good country.  Only good people will die.  Welcome to Thailand!  I am sure Teresa Teng is a good person because she has a lot of boy friends and relationship.  If one is not nice, how can you become so famous and attractive to so many men in her life.  Why should her die at young age, i.e. 42 years old.  I am going to be 38 years old this year.  If I am a "Teresa Teng", I still have 4 more years of living.  Thus, let me enjoy my life and die with a lot of wealth and not debts since I am a highly independent and highly qualified individuals.

I am so sad that people are degrading me.  I did not know what were wrong.  I only have sin because this is my first time being rejected by a man.  He is Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong.  I can not accept that I am rejected because I am a highly confident individual with a lot of achievements.  I am tackling him by helping him a lot in his career and family business by words.  He should help me to fulfill my dream i.e. to grow all my start-up to a working business since he said he will thank me.

I am a Christian now because I accept that I have sin now because I want Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong's coming wife to be the advertisement platform for medical doctors and pharmaceutical research output.  I want her to suffer what I have been suffered so far for years.  GOD, help me!  How can I let go my anger for not being selected and being bullied for so many years without knowing that I was bullied because I was selected to become Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong's wife.  I am sure Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong's mother is believing that every sickness can be cured like what I did previously since she is a Pharmacy degree graduate.  Welcome to rich and famous family and let's share the secret of being rich and powerful by helping the social economy and the world.  

I am no longer a good woman with a lot of jealousy like you all do because I am marrying an IT professional who is a Spanish and not Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong.  Contact me!  Let's be friends if you are jealous about Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong's coming wife.  My phone number is +6 012 298 2298 or +6 013 390 1399.  I just know about sex recently.  A lot of my new friends sent me sex videos.  After I watched them, I want SEX.  Thus, I must get married fast because I am not able to wait any longer.  Spanish!  Are you truly marrying me?  I am waiting for you.

Let's pray to the GOD to forgive my sin since I am no longer a GOOD woman because I want SEX and I curse on others when I did not achieve my goal or what I want in life.  First time, I failed in my life, i.e. Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong rejected my LOVE to marry a Thai girl.  I am so sad.

It is my choice to marry the Spanish because he is so focus and sharp by giving me a marriage proposal after we have talked through the phone and communicating in whatapps.  He is definitely a busy man because we still not having any time to meet yet.  He gave me an instant spark because he asked me to marry him straight away Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong rejected me as his wife candidate.  Due to his wife is also a not perfect and jealous woman, thus, he will choose to stop communicating with me for life, I guess.  Proof me wrong!

I did a lot of imaginative writing previously was to tackle him and showing my highly confident attitude.  I do not think that I have a psychiatric problem.  Thus, stop manipulating my family members by asking me to see a psychiatric and eating my medicine.  If you are accusing me, I will have a group of my good friends who are good in programming skill and they are working as the satelite world monitoring group to help me.  Once I found that you are simply creating stories to hurt me, I will ensure that your family ASSETS will be frozen.  It could be Genting Berhad's ASSETs and business are suspended and being FROZEN or welcome the joy of WannaCry attack.  I am definitely a virgin while Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong claimed that I am not.  Of course, when bad people who worked on my vagina when I was sleeping or I was admitted to the hospital or I was raped, I am still a virgin because breaking virginity is BY LOVE and not force.

Friends, if you are raped!  Don't worry!  GOD know that you are a good girl and you are still a virgin.  If your vagina is broken, you can seek for help.  Dr. Terry Lee Lean Hiap in Ipoh is able to help you.  Again, I am not the advertisement platform.  Just give him a call that you would want to tighten your vagina.  It is not expensive.  His clinic is running a promotion now.

If you are into me, please trust me that I am a virgin.  If my vagina is no longer tight mainly because someone bad were working on me because they wanted Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong shouted at me a bitch by having lose vagina after we have sex during the wedding night.  I am applying no sex before marriage thus, I want to marry fast.  As I told you, after I watch the sex videos, I WANT SEX.  
I am just a fast learner.  Malaysia was extremely safe because I only have chances to watch the sex video until recently.  When I was younger, I watched a porn for less than 1 minute.  I was shy when I was a child.

GOD help me!  Please!  I am definitely a virgin just that I am extremely and too friendly to everyone one.  I never look down at anyone in any social ranking status with any disabilities because I am a GOOD WOMAN.  Well, I deserve a good life with wealth in Malaysia or any part of the world because I used to be a very capable lady before I receive the attacks.  All these attacks are mainly came from jealously.  People are jealous on lecturers like me because we have a lot of free time to walk around and we only work less than 10 hours a week.  I am going to be jobless soon and I am not qualify to work as a lecturer because I might choose to have sex before a marriage because I WANT SEX after I watch the sex videos.  Proof me wrong that a non virgin can be a lecturer or professor in the university.  This time, no one force me to have sex while I am getting ready to give my virginity to Ricci, i.e. the Spanish if I suddenly want sex or my sex urge is really there.  I can't wait.  I want to marry fast.  Is there some drinks or traditional herbs which can kill sex urge!  I am wonder.  I do not want to trust medicine because one of Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong's admirers might be a highly qualify pharmacist or researcher who is working in Pharmaceatical Manufacturing.  I am so sorry that Amway Nutrilite are no longer unique and safe to eat, personally I think.  I faced some problems after I have consuming Amway Nutrilite.

Oh my GOD!  It is time for some RICH and POWERFUL to die.  I am definitely not since I am poor and I will go bankrupt even though I have two studio condominium, a car and some cash because all my start-up are not working well or moving and no one is offering a job which is good enough for me to have a good life like what I did.  As I said I spend more than RM 300,000 for my lifestyle and also with my monthly salary of not more than RM 6000.  Averagely, my previous monthly expenses is RM 18,000.  It is calculated and this is what I ask for.  I do not mind to work on smaller salary while I am definitely not able to become an advertising platform any more even though I like it very much because I do not have money now.  Or, you may give me good sales items and any items in the flea market with good price.  I like it!  I like shopping.  For medical research and pharmaceutical research,   do not work on me mainly because I will shout at you a stupid since I was involved in all these research and I know that all these all TOO EASY.  You must know any individual's living lifestyle and you must know the important of nutrient supplements.

If you are keep saying that I must consume psychiatric medicine because I am a mental health patient, then, look at my recent passport photo in my passport with my latest passport number, A37728003.  Why am I looking weird, weak and ugly if you are saying that eating psychiatric medicine is good for me and good for my health?  Proof me wrong!  I started to look down all these qualified doctors who shouted at me to consume psychiatric medicine.  Well, I am a very curious and like to learn individual.  If one ask me to go for a psychiatric, I will go definitely previously because one, I want to peace one's life or mind or speech; two, I want to see what is going on since I trust doctors and medication since I was a child until recently.  All these doctors will be poor forever or just a decent life.  I am so sad.  Doctors and lawyers used to be a very good earning money professional and not now anymore because the quality of education is no longer there.  Too many people want to become a lecturer while these people are not well qualified.  They can be one because they married a rich husband.  Trust me!  Most of the rich and powerful's wife is lecturer.  

If you want to do any research or testing on manufacturing medicine or devices, please do not work on me.  Just let me know the drugs or medicines and the device name.  I am able to check because I am involved in all these research with a lot of friends worldwide.  I have many friends are medical doctors worldwide as I said my brain structure is a heart surgeon and brain surgeon combination.  The satelite and the evaluation machine in the immigrasen department is able to know if you are a virgin with a hymen or you are a brainy.  I started to travel around the world since I was 20 years old.  Thus, a lot of people know that I am a genius with highly medical field research qualified individual.  Check www.justanswer.com for second opinion.  You are no longer need to fly to overseas to seek for a doctor or any consultation.  Everything is online now.

If you are doubt with my writing, then, do some search in infrared analysis and highly medical machine research.  If you can not understand, it is fine.  I just know that only 30% of people are science students while only 1% of the science educated population are good.

Human being construction or plastic surgery.  I am not sure how it will work while I am sure that the plastic surgeon will not duplicate a woman exactly with my face since I want to get a NOBEL PRICE and being shouted as MAD, CRAZY and STUPID.  When one can not understand what I or you have said and he or she think that he or she is highly intelligence than you or me because they are medical doctors or straight A students or PhD graduates, they will shout at you MAD, CRAZY and STUPID.  I have met a lot of these people in Malaysia.  Oh my!  Developed country!  Vision 2020!  With so much of jealous and stupid people who never read a lot and travel the world.  Buy books and magazines.  We have variety or magazines while I used to be the subscriber of Computing related Journals, Engineering related Journals, Medical related Journals and etc..  Of course, you must be a Science graduate with research background else you are not able to understand what are those written in the Journals or Magazines.  Read, read, read and read.  Ask my students on what I have read for my leisure.  I have so many technical journals.  Medical doctors!!  Time to be wise and read more!  Start to do a Ph.D in medicine and you will know what are the best Journals you should read.

I am very useful in bridging the gap for various domain and also to educate people to become wise and smart with critical thinking skill and empathy.  If you are rich and intelligent, do gambling.  You will never lose a cent if you have a mathematical or statistic computational with analysis skill.  I am not against gambling while I am not that smart like all my friends who are good in GAMBLING.  They are mostly the professors in Engineering and Science.  If you lose money means you are not that smart like me.  Then, choose not to GAMBLE.  Just download games from GOOGLE PLAY and play that.  Do not shout at people who like to GAMBLE if these people told you that they won money before or continuously.  Trust me!  GAMBLING is for rich and powerful.  GAMBLING is for SMARTEST and GENIUS.  I am a genius in Malaysia while I am not a genius internationally.  I am pretty humble when I am having my international friends' accompany.  If you are a genius, then, go to gamble to proof that you are smarter than me.  Please look for a job or work in Genting Highland if you lose a lot of money after you gamble or did gambling.
Genting Highland has a lot of vacancy.  Just tell the people in Genting Highland that you need a job.  I am sure they can help you.  Do not choose your job first until you get a higher pay job.  This is my advice.

If you are saying that you are smarter than me or you are a genius as you said then, go to do GAMBLING to proof that you are one.  Do not simply shout at me as STUPID because I support that GAMBLING is for RICH people only.

If you want to to be the advertisement platform again, please pay me accordingly or fund me to start a magazine, i.e. Malaysian Footprint Magazine.  

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