Friday, May 19, 2017

How to compare?

When you are in a competition, you must be invited or having the equal ability or training, so that you will be able be compete in a competition fairly.  If you are a badminton enthusiast, you will not able to have a chance even though you think that you are good and you wish to compete by playing a badminton games with Datuk Lee Chong Wei, because he is an international player and he is a country representative, i.e. Malaysia.  You must be a country representative such as representing Singapore as well as having the luck in the competition partners arrangement, so that you are able to meet and compete in the same and fair platform.

A lot of people are comparing themselves with my physical ability, mental ability, social ability, emotional ability and lifestyle.  I would say that it is not fair to do so since we have different education background and growing up process.  You have the right to be angry that I can run two full marathon in my life, i.e more than 42 KM each when I was younger while you find it difficult to run even a 10 KM run, however, you can not release your anger to me mainly because you can not do that now.  I am sure with proper diet, nutrients and training, you are able to run a marathon soon.  As I always said, do it step-by-step.  Do a fair comparison!  Be fair to me and everyone in this world!  You can not shout at me just like that because you do not have the initiative to do a marathon running when you are younger.  I have a lot of followers, I would say I have 3 billion followers because they want to grow as attractive as me by having good lifestyle, read a lot and travel the world.  Of course, I might move on to other domain of interests when I am getting older, thus, do not ask me or force me to join you a marathon running now because I might not fit with no suitable diet and training with personal priority, constraint or choice.  Those days, when you score 5 A's in your high school, you are extremely good.  Now a days, your children might score straight A's, i.e. all A's in the high school, however, they might not able to climb to the top because they need to compete with those who are extremely good as well.  This is a fair comparison or competition.  You can not compare yourself with a 5A's or 1A's individual by giving him or her some hard time when you find out that they have a very fruitful, contented and happy life.  You must see anything with a big picture or the whole picture.  DO NOT ENVY OR JEALOUS.  A lot of Harvard Ph.D graduates might be able to become a professor in Asia while due to social economic balancing and allocation, he or she only a lecturer while a Multimedia University (MMU) Ph.D graduate is able to be promoted as a professor.  Of course, it is a fair comparison again!!  A Harvard graduate must not compare with a MMU graduate unless you give the MMU graduate a equal training platform and excellent growing up process and environment.  Just like Multimedia University (MMU) and Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) gave me the Massachusetts Institute Technology (MIT) training platform so that I have the ability and passion to work on the business ideas and research works which I can change the world.  All of us are aiming to receive the Nobel Prize Award.  You may contact my Master Degree thesis supervisor, Dr. Daniel Wong KS.  He is a graduate from Princeton University and a Ph.D from Stanford University.  His role and research motivation and direction are much harder than Professor Lee Chern Sing while Professor Lee is getting much higher pay in the education industry just because she is working on e-commerce or e-business research while Dr. Daniel Wong and I are working on WIRELESS SECURITY, ENCRYPTION and MANY OTHERS.  Dr. Daniel Wong, Professor Lee and I are Malaysian while the world is fair because higher intelligence people will have highly load of responsibilities.  I shouted unfair a while ago because I am sure that I am better than Professor Lee no matter which domain and knowledge perspective, however, the Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University and an Emeritus Professor from Stanford University let me know that, Malaysia is a developing country and Multimedia University (MMU) is a newly build university in the country.  Thus, gender equality and social economy factors will ensure that Malaysia need to train a female professor fast by promoting Ph.D research among female individuals.  They told me to watch up her age and I am much younger and I am much intelligence than she is with so much of knowledge perspective and traveling experience which include LAW, MEDICAL RESEARCH, IT, ENGINEERING, HISTORY, ART, MUSIC, LIFESTYLE and HEALTHCARE.  As a result of my goal is to get a NOBEL PRIZE Award, thus, my research direction must be unique and change the world.  Of course, I must be trained to have the ability and mentally ready for failure and challenge with the ability to work in a team with the highly intelligence people such as graduates/ researchers/ professors in Harvard University, MIT, Carnegie Mellon University, Cambridge University and Oxford University.  I am the one who is extremely friendly to talk to everyone in the world while I straightly think that they are only talk to those people who are having same intelligence with them or they feel comfortable with.  Of course, I talked to every one because I was curious and I was doing a research, i.e. communication and miscommunication.  The research is ended since year 2012 with a publication, "Sunshine Little Kitchen".  You may get a copy directly from me or you can buy it from  Thank you for your support.  
Of course, a lot of straight A's students or graduates might be very good, however, we are aiming to be train professionals.  Thus, you might see some non straight A's students or graduates work in your team or a team mainly because they have something you might be able to learn from him or her or them, or they, he or she might contribute in some ways.  When you judge one, you must consider the history and the achievements which they have much younger too.  Not to simply judge one with their presence performance only because these people might be hurt by bad people intentionally, manipulated or sabotouched, so that some younger people with bad behavior and attitude like jealousy with evil mindsets with no respect and awareness of fair comparison will replace him, her or them after you evaluate them when they are not healthy or in good condition very recently.

Respect history!!  Respect track records!! Respect equality!!  Respect fair comparison!!  Respect logic!!  Respect rules and regulation in a game, project, deal, between individuals, group, country, world and etc!!

Fair means having the same achievements.  Give you a real life example.  I scored 100% marks when I was in primary school until I was in university level.  I am extremely good in Moral Knowledge Study, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Architecture.  With these combination, I can be a very ethical and professional researchers who is emphasizing quality research and finding, originality ideas and pioneer-ship.  Thus, the people whom I am tagging along most of the time would be the people with same intelligence and achievements.

Of course, I am a bit special.  As a "child labor" with such an achievements, I am extremely smart, focus and extra-ordinary.
I started another start-up today, i.e. now.  It is called, "FAIR? WHY?".  This is a consultancy company to let you seek for consultation when you think that life is not fair and you are not being treated or being paid equally.  Stay tune!  I will register the domain when I have extra money to spare on it.  We will justify our consultation base on social economy and social science theory, law and latest policy in the countries and the world.  Meanwhile, you can email me to seek for consultation with the email subject title: Fair? Why?.  My email address is         
When you are saying that you are smarter than me and you must have a better life than me, well, you have the human right to say that, however, you can not do anything funny to harm me or jeopardize my image by simply create some bad stories to manipulate the poor thinking skill of the developing countries or poor countries citizens.  You must work hard to be equally good like me with fair scale.  Of course, I might not be fair to say that only developing and poor countries people are acting so because a lot of people from developed countries like Singapore are thinking "nuts" with poor thinking skill and easily being manipulated.  They are good worker though.  I am not saying that all people in a country are acting and thinking like "nuts", however, I am talking as a general.  Thus, a lot of people are professional and having a skill and they can earn a good life in a country by only practicing the skill such as a construction worker, a lawyer, a teacher and etc.  The fair scale of how much money one should earn in a country is recorded and some people are rich forever because they are excel in business methodology and they know about how to create a sustainable business environment and earning with initiative, i.e. the pioneer and creativity with INNOVATION.  People management is extremely important in a successful business too.  Thus, talent acquisition, appreciation and promotion must be there to ensure that a talented person will be continuously to be trained as a successful individual base on their ability and creativity with innovation.  Of course, the ability to solve the economy problem, such as providing more jobs or earning scale with a pioneer idea with innovation.
I am good in history.  I learned about Christopher Columbus, in my history study in Malaysia.  My first love in year 1995 is Chris Com, i.e. the short name of Christopher Columbus (哥伦布) from my history book when I was a student in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.  I am traveling around the world because I love his enthusiasm to explore the world and I want to be like him.  I started to travel the world when I was in my undergraduate study in year 2001.  I started to explore Malaysia since I was a child, perhaps 4 years old.

Remember when you want to win in the industry, you must be the pioneer.  If you are not the pioneer, then, you must be creative with innovation or having the ability to solve the worldwide economy problem.  Watch up!, The-JOY!, I have a DREAM and many more.  All these are my start-up and I need good and committed individuals to work with me as a team.  Contact me, or +6 012 298 2298.

I am in love with Spanish when I bought a SWATCH watch in Penang.  The watch has such a quote, "Amore, Dinero, Salute: 24 horas positivas un día!".  I love it so much.  It was missing somewhere when I move my house.  I sold my house in Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya for my business venture and traveling.  I still need to pay 2 more studios.  Thus, I need a job now.  All my research and business will be on a hold until I get investors.  

Ricci, a Spanish!  Are you going to keep your promise to marry me?  I am wonder and waiting.  Thank you for being so focus and firm to choose me as your wife even though we have not meet each other yet.  I am looking forward.  

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