Saturday, May 20, 2017

How should you deal with Mental Health patients as the first class citizen?


In United Kingdom, the country and community will provide employment and financial support to mental health individuals or patients.  Let me copy and paste the section of "Employment and Financial Support" under this URL.  

Avoid too much stress, including work-related stress. If you're employed, you may be able to work shorter hours or in a more flexible way.
Under the Equality Act 2010, all employers must make reasonable adjustments for people with disabilities, including people diagnosed with schizophrenia or other mental illnesses.
Several organisations provide support, training and advice for people with schizophrenia who wish to continue working.
Your community mental health team is a good first point of contact to find out what services and support are available for you.
Mental health charities such as Mind or Rethink Mental Illness are also an excellent source of information on training and employment.
If you're unable to work as a result of your mental illness, you're entitled to financial support, such as Incapacity Benefit.

Want to know more?

Let's be the first class citizen since we have another 3 years to become a developed countries, i.e. VISION 2020!  Malaysia Boleh!  If you are hearing or listening to the so called "Rich and Powerful" about my health situation, i.e. according to her or him, I am a mental health patient.  Then, it is time for him or her to give back to the society and country since she or he is so rich and want to help me as a mental health patient as what he or she as prescribed.  We should learn from the west like United Kingdom by starting the financial support for not to allow the mental health patients to work by giving a monthly allowance as her incapability as a mental health individual.  Of course, training must be provided to let them back to the work force or environment.  Set all the campaign awareness for mental health and let people to understand that they must respect people's incapability and disability such as mental health and not to look down and keep on asking her or him to continue the treatments and medicine since the so called "Rich and Powerful" is or are capable enough to send these mental health patients to overseas or private hospitals to seek for second opinion.  Also,  Equality Act 2010 should be formed and being published to all major newspapers and media to let people know that disabilities and mental health people must be supported with the jail punishment who is or are looking down and degrade the so called "mental health" patients' confident and human rights to live in this world happily.  Datin, Dato', Datuk, Tan Sri, Tengku or your so called "Rich and Powerful", let's set up the charity organization to help the mental health individuals to have a better environment to live in Malaysia.  Of course, the charity organization can go to all the poor and developing countries since all these countries are looking at Malaysia as their leader.  

Let's provide a better place for everyone to live!  I am willing to receive the financial support if you stress that I am incapable and disable, i.e. a mental health patient.  

Let's be the first class citizen!  Let's learn how to behave and act as a Rich and Powerful and not avoiding.  If you are Rich and Powerful, then, you must support the people whom you have known that they are a mental health individuals by starting the charity organization by setting the fund to give financial support so that they need not to work.  Am I making sense?  Are you Rich and Powerful or you are trying to cure your inferior Rich because I will be richer and become more powerful than you one day, with my professional, hardworking and ethical attitude and personality, I will eliminate all your source of income from unknown or not coming from the proper channel such as putting all those premier GOODS which you got them or sourced them from Thailand or any good stitch and sew by having the similar materials and selling them to those people who only want the name of the premier products and do not know how to differentiate what is quality and what is design.  A lot of people do not buy premier GOODs because they have bought one which were not up to their standard and requirements after they use them for years.  Premier GOODS means lasting forever and keeping them for next generation.  A Chanel or a Burberry leather handbag can be used and last for more than 10 years because this is the objective of premier GOODS.     

A lot of people who are concerning about me were sad and cried mainly because they knew from some unreliable source that I am a mental health patient.  If I am really one, then, the proper entrepreneurship and book writer/ author training for mental health patients must be provided since I have so many business ideas with so many start-up such as, The-Joy!, I have a Dream, Fair? Why?, Sunshine Little Kitchen Food Court, Sunshine Little Kitchen Restaurant, Angel's Breakfast, Dr. Wong Foundation, a nominal Nobel Prize Award in Literature: Amore: The Indication of Civilization in 22nd Century and a nominal Nobel Prize Award in Science: The latest trend of computer and database security.  Support me!!  Support mental health patients with talents if you must stress that I am a mental health patient!!

If Malaysia can not provide a better place for me to continue my passion, my goals and my dream to become an international well known imaginative writer/ author and an international well known entrepreneur, then, I must need those so called "Rich and Powerful" to send me to United Kingdom since in United Kingdom, there are Disability and Equality ACT 2010.  Yes, I am ready to move if I am being treated and categorized as a disable individual, i.e. a mental health patient from your perspective.

Again I have a question in mind, are you rich and powerful?  Or, you are trying to act accordingly to kill the talents like me because your inferior, insecure and "poor" mindset.  Proof me wrong!  And, you are using your power to manipulate innocent and powerless minds and people by spreading the social stigma to kill me or talents.  The social stigma are financial problem such as credit card debts, education loan which portray a poor individual from a poor family, jobless which portray that he or she has attitude problem or can't work in a team, boy-girl relationship problem or a divorcee which portray that he or she is a rejected item and not perfect, a single at an old age which portray that she or he is a problematic and contented individual and many others.  

Come on!  "Rich and Powerful"!  Show me that you are one and a first class citizen since you have a lot of money and powerful as majority people said and you have claimed.  Let's provide a good place for disability individual which include mental health individuals.  Provide jobs, provide financial support, provide mentally, social, emotional as well as physical support!  I am so sad that you are my followers since you are no longer a leader by looking down and avoiding the poor, incapability and lower intelligence individuals as well as feeling inferior towards highly intelligence and capable individual especially women.  Gender discrimination, Social Status discrimination and many others issues are not exist in developed countries.  Let's find some good people to work on these manner or issues.  I can help one day if I am a listed billionaire, rich and powerful.  I am confident that I am one.  I need support, training and guide to achieve all my plans and goals in my life.

Is Ricci well verse in business as well since he is a Network Engineer?  Or, should I get a better candidate as my husband since I need guide, training and support to be a billionaire in business, science and literature?  Should my husband candidate an entrepreneur as well?  Of course, along my goals and entrepreneurial journey, I still can have children because I have three aunties and a few retired friends are willing to be my babies' baby sitters.  Of course, I trust them.  

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