Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Big sales!

For those who might miss Valiram Group big sales a while ago, you can go to these outlets now to enjoy the sales up to 50%.

Don't be jealous!  You can get a Micheal Kors handbag like I do with RM 350 to RM 500 a leather bag.  You might be able to buy a Burberry bag like me with less than RM 5000 in Premium Outlet or sales now in Pavilion if I am not wrong.  Burberry is part of the Valiram Group.  I got my Burberry bag since year 2012 if I am not wrong.  I bought it because it is designed as an unique lamb skin bag.  I got the big deal.  A lot of people from Europe and United States of America told me that, if you want to buy premium goods like a Burberry bag, choose Malaysia.  KLCC is one of your choice too.  If you are a very thrifty person, you will also spend your money to buy it because it is really beautiful and nice to own a lamb skill Burberry bag.  I only use it during some important function or events.  If I am not wrong, I only carry my Burberry bag out there for 4 times only.  Now, I am using it everyday because someone bad work on my bag.  I do not want to release how it was be here in my blog else, I will be categorized as a psychiatric patient after I told what was happen to a lady who was sitting next to me at the Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra, MPO (www.mpo.com.my), KLCC for the concert,  "an Evening with Mozart, Brahms and Beethoven", (http://mpo.com.my/60-an-evening-of-mozart-brahms-beethoven/) on last Sunday.  If you want to know an elegant man with high appreciation of music such as orchestra, then, you must come to each and every concert which you can't miss.  The lady told me that she is in her 70's and her name is Lily Lucas.  She used to be a school teacher and soon to be a lecturer in RIMA College before she retired.  She said she has a daughter who is a graduate from Adelaide University, Australia.  Lily asked me to add her in her facebook, when I was here back home, I tried to search her name in facebook while I can not get her.  She told that she is staying in Jalan Hang Jebat.  Lily Lucas told me that she is a Christian and I told her that GOD is blind because GOD let me die because of other's sin.  I am not Jesus and I do not think that I am SO GOOD to die for other's sin.  Lily told me that we will meet again.  If you want to meet elegant and rich men, welcome to www.mpo.com.my.  This is rich men's hobby.  Golf is rich men's hobby and rich men like elegant lady who know how to dress up for important events like attending MPO concert and enjoying fine dining.  Catch up good deals at "Valiram Group" sales.  Today is the last day.  Go to Pavilion, KL Sentral or KLCC.             


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