Thursday, May 11, 2017

Accept your mistake, change and tell the world! Don't be shy!

Well, my job here in this blog is to bridge the gap.  You may read the introduction or objective of my blog at the side column and the top bar.  Thus, you will read something prestige and knowing the rich or poor here and more.

Of course, I tell you that in this world, we have perfectionists.  I met many of them when I was in some parts of the countries.  If perfectionists are not exist, then, why should it be stated or written in a dictionary.  Every word in the dictionary is exist in this world.  Just that you might not have chances to know or meet it or them.  Thus, I am here to create a channel or a website soon,, this channel is to let you have the opportunity to experience the words in the dictionary.  For example, you have no chance to meet a perfectionist in your life, you just have to go to this channel, send me an email with an email subject title, "I have a dream".  After that state it in your email what you wish to experience or see in your life.  If the website is ready, then, you may go through there requests by logging in the website after registration, we will arrange for you about what you want to experience and see by quoting how much will that cost for you to experience it or see it in any part of the world.  You might need to travel in a destination which has it or them.  

You might call people insane or having mental health problem.  However, through this website or channel, you are going to know that we have such things and such people or such cases or such environment in the world.

I am the founder and CEO of  If you meet the people who have the mental health problem, you must empathy and not criticizing by bully them.  A lot of mental health people in Malaysia are bullied due to their words and perspective are so different from others.  They have the right to choose not receiving treatment since they are not harming people and themselves.  It could be an accuse to these so called mental health people or patients because some bad or powerful or influential people just want to degrade and lower down these "highly intelligent" people's self confident and capability by asking them to receive mental health related treatments.  Also, by calling people a mental health patient or asking the innocent to see the psychiatric doctor or psychiatrist, you will scare a lot of people away from him or her else we will have 99.99% of billionaire and not 0.001% of billionaire in the world.

In developing countries or poor countries, those are good are easily being trained to become a billionaire.  For example, Jack Ma from Alibaba Group is not well verse in English previously while he is able to be trained as a good in English and able to give public talk in English.

Since Malaysia has a vision to become a developed country, all the citizens must be trained as wise individuals.  A lot of billionaire or millionaire in the poor country or developed countries, they might not wise while it is the opportunity they have as the pioneer in the country to help in economy grow and job opportunities providing by starting as business or venture.

Let's voice up your dream or what you want to hear or see or experience since you are shouting people as insane or a mental health individual, let this channel, i.e. to train you to become a better person or a wise individual.

I do not have extra money to register a domain now since all my money go for priorities.  I hope that will be reserved for me.  Email me at this moment.  It is working now.

You must let go your ego to accept your mistake by shouting people as insane or a mental health person.  Later, you need to change your behaviour to treat them better if they are really a mental health person.  Mental health is a type of sickness, just like fever or cough. It can be cured naturally by eating more fruits and rest or seeking doctors' consultation and medication supply.  I am sure mental health individual can choose to have naturally cure by eating more nutritious food if they choose not to eat prescribed medication.  For example, they can choose to eat 10 eggs in the morning to replenish the lack of OMEGA and PROTEIN in their brain since they are talking nonsense.

Let's respect human rights and choices which one has chosen.

Do not angry because of your choice to have a BMW and a luxury condo in Month Kiara while you do not have extra money to travel the world.  I met a lot of them shouting at me because they read my book and I have traveled to many places in the world when I was a "student" in United Kingdom and many other countries.  Your parents only give you enough money for you to study overseas while you do not have extra money to travel to Europe when you are a student in United Kingdom.  I understand it while you can not shout at me like that just because you all think that I am born from a very poor family.  Parents, if you are not loaded or rich, then, let your children study in Malaysia.  Do not let them to be seen as a jealous person and uncontrolled of their anger to me and many other people.  Study in Monash University, Nottingham University, Reading University and many others whoich have a campus in Malaysia or you may choose to send your children to local private universities if you think that all these will give quality education.

Trust me!  Monash University Malaysia Campus's teaching methodology and teaching materials are much higher standard than those universities which I worked previously like Multimedia University and Lincoln University College.  I am teaching ENG1003 Mobile Engineering Application in Monash University now and we are in week 10 now.

Safe some money for your children to travel during their undergraduate since you choose the right budget university for your children.


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