Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A list of rich and powerful men in London

Rich and powerful in London!  Women!  Let's go to London.  A list of rich and powerful men in London.  Marry and tackle one of them because Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong and Prince Henry are no longer available.  I have a lot more of good men suggestion in my email.  I will let you all know soon.  I am going to sleep now and I will be busy tomorrow until this weekend.  It is a list of best friends' wedding.  Busy, busy and busy!  Palace of Golden Horses!  Berjaya Time Square!  Hilton Kuala Lumpur!  Sime Darby Convention Centre!  Genting Convention Centre, Genting Highlands!  So many friends are getting married in these days.

Friends from all over the world are coming to join the parties.  A lot of white men and white women are going to attend these weddings.  A group of good friends are getting married at the same time because they want their children to study at the same school or same year.  This is how you are going to connect and expand your network.     

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