Sunday, May 7, 2017

A good leader

When you are a good leader, it mean you are rich.


Be decisive and firm.  Like my father, Mr. Wong Sam AMP.  He is very decisive and firm because he is a naturally born leader.  When he first met my mother, he said, "Hi, can I be your husband?"  After a few months, my mother and my father got married.  A lot of white men and white women, only minor of them choose to have sex before marriage while they are very decisive and firm, they got married eventually mostly 99% of them.  I got the statistic online.  White people never playful about relationship and they only have sex with the people whom they want to marry to.  Of course, their demand of living together as a husband and wife are pretty high else, it will lead to divorce.

If you are not firm and decisive and wanna to become a good leader with a lot of money earning money.  Dare to dream!  I do not think you can make it.  GOD will not allow so.  Proof me wrong!  If you are sleeping with so many women or a woman and not decisive and firm to marry him with only playful attitude.  You will be forever poor.  I am not annoying you while these are my observation from all my friends around me.  If one day, he is being chosen as a leader or become rich, one party is trying to do some bad stuff to press down another party's ability and talents.  No such a talent acquisition parties will allow so.  They protect talents and they must be rich just like me.  I am definitely a talent and a firm as well as a decisive leader.

Walk the talk!  If you are promising to meet and you want to buy her or him a lunch, be reading and walk the talk.  Of course, when you might have your priority like your work, then, you are excused for that.  You must not lie and be truthful about a relationship.            

When you are a leader and of course you are a follower of another greater leader.  Learn to be a globalized person.  For example, you are a leader of Sunway group and you might be humble enough to be the followers of Mark Zukerberg, the facebook founder cum CEO and many other worldwide billionaires in the world.

Be confident you are better than some individuals who might have a better education qualification or family background than you.  You are not them mainly because GOD is letting you being born in a poor family.  You are not wrong while you must remember, you need to work hard and being helpful to climb the social and corporate ladders to become rich.

Being contented and not doing unfair comparison.  You can not compare your salary if you are working with a different rank of agencies or companies.

Be honest!  Do not cheat to harm others.  You can do a lot of things to help people to become better while not doing something harmful to them.  Words might be harmful to certain parties while you must be getting ready to be sue to court and go to jail just because you simply talk with no facts.

You might be a story teller while you must an official sites and evidence that you are a book author like me.  I can tell everything under the sun while I am helping people to become better and achieves their goals and objective in their life.  My words are worth to read and of course, it might be argumentative or debatable.

Welcome!  Let's argue when we have free time.

Be fair!  You can not have a common or one system of look or judge people.  You must consider their growing up process and their life style.  Like me, since I was a child, I am already an invited VVIP to very important function.  I represented my busy father to attend "cut the ribbon" ceremonies.  Well, you might think that I have a very rich father while you must consider a geographical factor.  Let me give you an example.  A rich child in India and a rich child in United Kingdom or USA.  Of course, you can not compare dollar to dollar however, they are good friends because they are born rich with such daily activities in their life.  I am from a very small town and my father is a very small town leader.  Thus, all my siblings must be matched with leaders' children else my siblings will be forever single.  The attitude and personality will not able to match.  My siblings could be marrying a small town leaders' sons or daughters while they might have chance to marry big city tycoon's next generation since they have the growing up experience of never say no father.  Most of my siblings and I are studying far away from home and we are cooking and doing our laundry yourself since young or as a child until adulthood.  They are really good and concerning family members while a bit too obedient to listen to medical doctors since medical doctors are well claimed super intelligence individuals while it might not true.  I am definitely smarter than a lot of medical doctors since my high school results are better than them or my extra curriculum activities are better than them.

Ability to handle challenges and difficulties.  As a leader, he is very creative and innovative.  They can solve problems without degrading other people.  Of course, bad people should be degraded and killed.  For example, bad people are the employee who have taken the acts to take over their employers' business by killing their employers to bankruptcy.  You should be thankful to get a job for so many years with your employers and train you to be a better person.  Are you smarter when you join the company or after years of joining the company?  Your companies train you to be better.  I am sure.  Why should you be a greedy men and claiming that you were the one who were doing all the hard work and you are supposed to be richer than your employers by cheating them?  If you are better, do not cheat!!!!  Highly intelligence and making sense people are deserving to be rich because they are the resources in research and development by leading or joining in a very important discussion or knowledge.  I am sure you are not a thankful person because you never feel thankful to your employers or the educational institution who have given you such knowledge.  If you think that you are smarter than all those, then, you should quit immediately and not attach to them or related to them anymore.  Be your ownself and establish your wealth.  Do not use your educational networks and employers' network because you claimed that they are stupid since you are smarter as you said.  
Why should you use all the network to become rich since you said that they are useless?  Why?  The legal term could be able to sue you to take over your wealth and you are just being stupid or worker for not knowing the LAW or LEGAL.  Cheating and steal other people's network to get rich.  How dare you?  Don't work else we will be laughing at you being such a most stupid people in the world by deserving the bad luck of not being thankful and greedy.  

Respect to pioneer!  You are getting rich mainly because you are followers of successful business idea.  Thus, respect pioneer or giving jobs to them if one day your business managed to take over their business or their business is bankrupt.  In this case, it is not cheating while just following.  You create your own business segmentation.

Do not to be inferior when you see your employees are smarter or more talented to you.  You must be glad that they are willing to work for you and be confident that they are very thankful individuals.  When you read to be more enlighten, thus, you have to spread the word around so that all people in your network will buy her or his books so that she or he can learn a living by writing books too.  

To be continued!    

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