Thursday, April 27, 2017

William Heinecke

Willian Heinecke is a United Kingdom citizen who is based in Thailand and being listed as one of the billionaires in the world.  When I read his profile in Forbes, it said so.  When I read his wikipedia write-up, it show the information of he is an American born Thai businessman.

In this writing, I am going to tell you that how are the market categorize you as a billionaire.  We use William Heinecke as the example.  He has so many hotels and Food shops as well as many sport cars.  The measurement of his total net worth is base on all these real estates properties and food shops as well as his sport cars.  He is being categorized as the worldwide billionaire rank number 1376 and Bill Gates is a billionaire rank number 1 in the world.    

Dare to dream and work hard!  Be a billionaire one day!

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