Thursday, April 27, 2017

The differences between Casual Relationship (Western thinking) and Committed Relationship (Eastern thinking)

I think I should not categorize as eastern and western thinking relationship and I should categorize them as Casual Relationship and Committed Relationship.

As I have mentioned in my blog posts earlier, my good friend in America, Adeline Jenkins has a Committed Relationship with sex since they are planning to get married if there were no other accident cases happen in their life.  All their friends around them know that they are a couple.  Their parents agree on their relationship and this is how a committed relationship is.  People in the west have really good communication skill, they will talk about their intimate border lines or the ways how they are going to have sex.  Perhaps they will talk about the position of sex, the frequency of sex and the ways how should they live together as a couple and ensure that all people around them will know about their relationship.  They will plan to have children in future after they got married.  

Casual Relationship will not lead to a marriage.  It is something like you are going to a pub or a disco to know a pretty girl and you are naughty to initiate sex in your place or her place.  No one will know about your relationship or we can categorize it as one night stand.  Of course, some couples are started from a Casual Relationship while DO NOT TAKE RISK.

Always know about a man or a woman by dating her to some good restaurants or having fast food; dating her or him to hypermarkets to buy some vegetables and meats so that you can do some cooking together.  Having some activities together like swimming, tennis, badminton, traveling to some overseas tourists destination or some short driving trips.  Watching movies together and do some debate and discussion about the quality of the content of the movies or the production of the movies.  Attend some concerts and etc.  The introducing of their parents to know each other and having regular dinners and vacation together.  All these activities you must be done before you commit to a Committed Relationship and you wish to choose to say yes for his request of sex if you are comfortable with him and you are thinking of he is your good husband and companion for life.  Of course, before you choose to have sex in a relationship, you must discuss about the number of children and when are you going to have children and your financial status just in case that you are pregnant coincidentally.  Of course, you can do all these mentioned activities above with your boy friend or girl friend while you are not involve in any sexual activities or sex.    

I am not asking you to have sex with your boy friend, however, I am here to tell you about the perception of east and west while they are not what you have thoughts in general.  It should be Casual Relationship and Committed Relationship.  A lot of western people are committed to a relationship means once they have sex, they announced to the world that they are committed and they bring the girl or boy into their daily life.              

Of course, Asian are very different.  Our thinking is like once my hands are hold, I am announcing to the world that I am going to get married while in fact, the relationship is just started.  There are many cases about Asian women.  Asian women will feel angry or shy about the poor communication skill which the Asian men is having all the time.  The Asian men will not talk to the women about the borderlines which they are going to have and most of them will not have sex because pre-marital sex is not a common topic in Asia.  The ways how the Asian men scared the Asian women off is that the men are trying to touch or grab the women's breasts or buttocks without asking.  The Asian men are also trying to take off the Asian women's clothes without asking.  After they had all those mentioned or either one, they will categorize men as BAD.  The Asian women will not get into any relationship again unless they really meet the VERY GOOD MAN with perfect communication skill.  Trying to kiss an Asian woman without asking will end a relationship as well in Asia.  Watch up if you are dating an Asian woman!

Take it slow and ask before you act!  Do not walk away when the Asian Women rejected to have sex with you.  You should continue to date her with fully understanding of she is not into pre-marital sex and try to use other methods to know her better instead of sex because in a marriage SEX is not all unless you are into Casual Relationship which you are being categorized as a BAD MAN Asia.

Of course, some exceptions are there while DO NOT TAKE RISK.
Western people have a lot of exposure due to their movies are freely distributed without screening by the government.  Thus, they have a lot of sex videos and they are educated in such a way that a relationship must be growing as such.  How?  When I am free, I will write more.

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