Thursday, April 6, 2017

Supply and Demand as well as Job Opportunities Provider

23% of the world population, i.e. 1.6 billion people are Muslim.  Muslim against GAMBLING.  While is a lucky draw portal to let the luck people to enjoy free traveling packages worldwide.  When I come out with this business idea, I do not know that it is actually under the GAMING industry while I am categorized it as Social and Traveling Industry.  If Malaysia government against to form it in the country, why Genting Casino and Berjaya 4D, TOTO and Magnum are still in business?  There must be a reason.  All these GAMING business are Job Opportunities Providers. is going to provide 2.2 billion job wordwide and it is a start-up now in Malaysia with the greatest hope to find a co-founder and the management team.  I sent my pitch-deck to Accel when I was in London recently.  Accel holds 10% of Facebook share to date and hopefully, Accel will be one of the investors in because SoLemMi needs a function from Facebook to export their photos to SoLemMi Virtual Tour Operator (VTO) accounts.  Besides Muslim, we have 77% of worldwide population will demand services and lucky draw chances.

Welcome to  Since we have the demand, then, SoLemMi will do the supply.  Supply and Demand, a knowledge of economic.  I learn this when I was a Bachelor degree student in one of the subjects even though I am a Software Engineering graduate.

If I am attending Echeleon in Penang next week, see you there!  If you are the right person to be the co-founder, let me know.  Call me! or SMS me!   

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