Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My expectation in a boy-girl relationship!

Well!  I am very free now a days.  And, it is time to get a realistic boy friend, he is the man who is going to marry me.  I met a lot of charming men while at those moments I did not aware that is a need to get hitch.  Of course, they are married now.  One of them might be Dr. Terry Lee Lean Hiap.  I used to have an online boy friend from United States of America and he is my first boy friend in my life who have sent me a basket of flowers to my home in Petaling Jaya.  His name is Dr. Jonathan Maier.  To date, he should be married now.  As I mentioned, I want a more realistic boy friend, meaning I want a boy friend whom I can meet weekly or daily.  Of course, I have another online boy friend now and his name is Dr. Boris ZhXXXX.  He is an American as well.  We are very close to each other and we never plan to get married since his goal is to be a forever single man with a lot of good friends around him all over the world.  To him, a 10-miles run is better than SEX.  Boris and I are runners.  We traveled once from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and we have talked about sharing a room in a hotel by the seaside in Singapore when he was here not long ago.  Now, he is back to United States of America.

My expectation of a realistic boy friend cum leading to a husband is that we can meet many times to know more about each other especially the lifestyle compatibility.  If we feel hot, we can start to hold hands and later it come with a kiss on the face or on the lip.  French kissing is something which identify our confirmation of relationship as girl-boy friend relationship which is leading to a marriage.  When you want to kiss me, ask me first!!!  I am practicing no sex before marriage while I am not objecting we can have some private time together or we can have some good time overnight to some tourists places.  Watch up your hands, do not simply touch me!  I am aiming for more quality time being together especially quality communication and what are we planning to do as a lovely couple or talking about our time when we get married.

A lot of my friends told me that it is hard to stop the urge of sex when you love one even though you are not married.  Let's see!  If I am happen to join you as a pre-marital sex supporter, I will announce publicly.  Who is the lucky guy?                                  

As a conclusion, to be my boy friend, you must act step-by-step.

1.  Having meeting and meals time together or doing some activities in a gym together.  I am an invited member to their trial membership at True Fitness, Jaya 33 or Plaza 33.
2.  Start to laugh and debate while we talk to each others.
3.  Start to hold hands while we are walking together.
4.  Start to kiss on face or lips but, not French Kiss.
5.  Once we have decided we are a pair and we can live together, we can start to do French Kiss.  We can go for holiday in some tourist spots and sharing a room together to check out the compatibility and daily living lifestyle.
6.  We might be able to have sex or decide to get married after we have so many tours and being having the chances to be together!!  I do not know.  Let's see!  Should be have sex before marriage.
7.  Remember that I used to be a hot and sexy girl while I was very busy at work.  Now, I am a bit big size.  Don't worry!  I am able to get back to the sexy size again with a lot of hard work since I am a very dedicated and promising individual.  Let's have quality relationship rather than a physical focus relationship.  Let's talk about our career planning and advancement, so that we will not have any divorce possibility during our marriage life!  Let's spend more time together before we decide we want to get married.
8.  I might date a few men at the same time while do not worry since once I kiss you in your lips, I will be sending out the messages to all my dating partners that I choose you as my boy friend.  Be confident about yourself and not to limit yourself by dating me only.  My meaning of dating here is no touching to each other at all by simply having go conversation to know more about each other.
9.  Nice to meet you and happy to know more about you!

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