Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Innovation and trendy design!

Not long ago when I went for lunch, I met two Panasonic employees and we started the conversation.  They said, "In order to sustain a business in electronic manufacturing, the engineers should design the gadgets to end its lifespan within two years.  Same thing goes to any other business so that it can sustain long"  Of course, I disagree on what they have said, however, I did not response to them because I was having my lunch and I normally do not like to argue by having the mindset of respecting personal opinions and views.  To me, producing quality products are very important.  These products should be used and working forever.  The way how a business should sustain in the fast moving economy, it should promote innovation and trendy design.  It means the customers are attracted to your new products and willing to buy new one by appreciating their innovation and trendy design or new features.  Thus, research team is really important in manufacturing industry to ensure that you will produce tip-top quality products and at the same time you are able to sustain by producing innovation and trendy design products.  Of course, the jobs of the celebrities are important.  They are the people who are promoting the new products with innovation and trendy design.  We are promoting we will have the ability to own more than one set of the product and keeping it as collection if the old product still working well.  We also promote rich people will buy more while we are encounter the concept of each ordinary people while in the latest generation we will not have poor people anymore.  We have majority middle class or we call them as ordinary people.  If you are extraordinary, then, you will be super rich or rich.        

Innovation and trendy design business strategy applied to many other industry such as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Fashion and Beauty,  Food and Beverage (F&B) and many others.

For example, Ted Baker, Louis Vuitton (LV), Burberry and many other designer brands choose the best materials for their fashion and ensure that all their products are extra ordinary and the outstanding from the ordinary fashion brands.  Their quality control is really tight and they will ensure you wear the comfort and proud of owning their products.

KDK fan is really good.  It is working well for more than 30 years.  Bravo, KDK fan inventors and engineers!

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