Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hui Shin! Such a common name!

My name is Wong Hui Shin.  My friends call me Hui Shin.  And, mostly of my students call me Ms. Wong.  There is a Ang Hui Shin who is an insurance agent and Janice Ling Hui Shin who is a young talented golfer.  Majority of Janice's friends and family call her Janice.

I am sure there are more Hui Shin around the world.  When you are hearing some good news about Hui Shin, be sure that she is Wong Hui Shin, i.e. me.

Janice and I are golfers while she is a champion in gold with metals, I am only a casual golf player.  My golfing buddy are my primary school teacher, Poon, Kenneth Soh from Luan Heng F&B and their friends.  Kenneth is my primary school teacher's close friend.  The last trip when I play golf, it was at the KLGCC which I was with a group of students from Shah Alam.  Their parents are the key persons in the army.           

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