Thursday, April 27, 2017

How to ask questions?

When you read this article, ensure that you finish the whole article.  Do not stop half way and run!  This is extremely important.

Book Title: "How to ask questions?"

"How to ask questions?" is a bible to ensure that you will have an easy life no matter where you go.  I will talk about how to ask questions in lifestyle, relationship, traveling, during school days or lecture times, during summer holiday activities, during daily life, when you are on job and etc.    

When you hear about a message such as he sucked on my breast, what should you ask to verify and identify who is right and who is wrong.  This is to justify who should go to the jail for sexual harassment.  Of course, you might say that you are not a judge, thus, you need not to know who is right and who is wrong, you just don't care about other people's activities and daily life since you have busy working schedules and lifestyle.  You are right to say so while when you are free, let's read my books to ensure that innocent people or those victims will have good life and far away from prejudice.

In general, we are going to ask about the questions from left to right; top to bottom.  It means we have two objects here. We are going to ask all questions about the woman first and then, we move on the questions about the man.

List of questions you may ask are as following:

1.  Was the woman seducing the man with sexy clothes?  If yes, what are those action and conversation or speech they had before they had the so called romance if both agreed on the sucking?
2.  Was the woman volunteerly naked at the time the man suck the woman's breast?
3.  Was the man taking the initiative to take off the woman's clothes in a very fast way without the woman's permission and at the same time, his mouth was moving to her breast and sucked it?
4.  Was the man trying to suck the woman's breast to initiate sexual activities as he said sex should be define in such way?
5.  Was the woman volunteerly taking off her pants to let the man penetrating her vagina?
6.  Was the woman wearing sexy lingerie to seduce the man to have sex with her?  Sex is defined as the penetrating the penis into the vagina.
7.  Is the woman going to win the trial?  If yes, how?  If the woman win the trial, the man will go to the jail meaning the man was conducting sexual harassment on the woman while the woman had no clue about the law or how to protect herself.  Or, the woman do not know what should a new couple do since Asian parents do not teach their children about relationship knowledge and do's as well as don't.
8.  Is the man going to win the trial?  If yes, how?  If the man win the trial meaning the woman is sexually seducing the man to conduct the intimate action, the trial on the sexual harassment from a man on a woman will not be a case.  The woman purposely seduce the man to initiate the sexual activities or sex.  They could be a lovely couple with romance if the man agree to have such woman in action.  
9.  After a nonsense sucked on your breast(s), you can clean it with soap, scrub or even you can put a mask on your breast(s), so that the skin rejuvenation will take place meaning the new skin cells are growing and the old skin cells will die and go away during your cleaning time everyday.  Don't worry!  You need not to cry because definitely it was not your mistakes due to your innocent mind and curiosity.  It is a process of growing up.  You just had bad luck to meet such bad guy(s)!  Remember, not all men all bad.  Do not say that you are not going to get married because men are bad after you had experienced such case.      

Of course, the topic of how to ask questions will involve critical thinking skill.  Revise the methods of critical thinking skill and we can discuss further.      

To be continued, my book, "How to ask questions?"

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