Monday, April 10, 2017

Great people I have been working with so far!

Due to economical down turn in year 1998-2002, all the JPA scholars are studying locally especially in Multimedia University (MMU).  It was my study period for a degree of Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) Software Engineering.  After I graduated, I work in Portrade Dotcom with my boss was an employee of Accenture.  After that I got a scholarship to study in Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) with all the scholars.  Soon, I was in United States to work with all compatible intelligence people and later, I am employed by Multimedia University as lecturer who has given the ideas to all people that lecturers are extremely start and intelligence.  I am working with groups of smart and intelligence people which includes all my volunteering activities partners.  After I left Multimedia University due to my start-up,  In between, I seek for works because I am not able to fund the company.  I never meet with such low quality people when I was in all the above.  I was in Lincoln University College, I met the most jealous bosses.  I was in as a part-time CTO, I met the mathematics failed boss.  He scolded me loud and saying that it was 15 days of work instead the truth is only 6 days since I am a part-time staff.  When I was in Eduspec Holdings Berhad, I have low quality and incapable higher ranking people than me and the HR manager is jealous about my ability to travel to so many countries and shouted at me loud when I sell her my book.  I met the most annoying bosses and they can't stand me as I am not intelligence compatible to them like what I had previously when I was in all those previous organization.  The most happy time was when I am in MUST and MMU.  They can not stand me to have a chance to self-sponsored to travel around the world and at the same time I was working for more than 15 years to date.  They should be impressed about my exploration about the world with a book written.  The book is named, "Sunshine Little Kitchen".  Recently, I accepted to become a member in Amway direct selling because I want to buy discounted supplements.

Not compatible people are good for social chatting and not for forever of my man meaning not my boy friend or husband or even my good friends.  Take note!      

I hope to get more better and compatible intelligence job colleagues.  Recently, I am in Monash, The lady lecturer is not even know what is she teaching and I asked her, she shouted at me, "Do you know Java Script?"  I was not sure, that's why I am asking.  I am sharing my book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen" to them.  Hope that they can buy my book from  A complaint is worked on me that I shouldn't sell my book during the class.  If your lecturer has good things to share with you, will you appreciate?  I would think that they should appreciate my sharing to them and not complaining due to jealousy!!  I am surprise that in Monash, they are accepting all ranking of students who are giving a lot of the hard work to the tutor and lecturer to ensure all are understand about a topic of lecturer or practical.    

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